Interested in our training system? We’ve been training Jedi hopefuls for more than a decade, including our time as the Academy at Over the years courses and methodology have changed, but our goal has not. We train Jedi to have a firm foundation in a variety of areas so they have the tools needed to walk their path with courage and integrity. 

Please explore the information in these tabs for a brief overview. Follow the links to more detailed information. 

Getting Familiar

If you are new to the Jedi path, or at least the online elements of it, knowing how and where to start can be confusing. A few minutes of reading will hopefully clear up your confusion. If it doesn't, post on the forum once you have an account, or contact Jax.

The first thing you should do is create an account to become a member. This allows you access to the forum only. For trainingemail Jax and include your username, email address used here, and what interests you about the Jedi path. Once your registration is processed you will receive an email with further instructions. Then you will begin the introductory course which provides greater detail on our training program as well as exercises to get a taste of the Jedi path.

Training takes many forms at the Institute for Jedi Realist Studies, with varying levels of structure. The most structured is the Academy which offers self-paced training through the use of workbooks on individual topics.  Each class has an assigned instructor  who monitors your assignments and is available to answer your questions. 

What if you aren't interested in taking classes at this time? There are also independent study options. On the discussion forum you will find many lessons and discussions with a wealth of information. If you don't find a topic that covers what you want to know, start your own! Much can be learned through the informal interaction that takes place on the forum and in the chat room. If you have had bad experiences elsewhere with discussions, you shouldn't experience that here. Drama is kept to a minimum by encouraging common courtesy and enforcing our code of conduct.

Finally, the library houses material written by Jedi across the years. Explore topics and discover how different perspectives can be over time. Keep in mind, nothing in the library or your training should be taken as absolute Truth. Focus on your feelings and thoughts as you read. Sometimes the greatest learning comes when we disagree with something. If you find you want to discuss any of the articles, start a thread on the forum. Also, the library is always taking submissions. If you have something you wrote or that you read that you think belongs in the library, contact the librarian or a faculty member.

If, for any reason, you aren't taking classes at the moment, you can still read the Introductory Course online. Please read it so you understand our training system in the event you are interested in the future. If you do not see the document, make sure you are logged in and then return to the Introductory Course page.

More information on these methods of training can be found here.

Academy Training is the most common training. Since it can be overwhelming at times, we've created a step by step explanation of what your path will look like, from beginning to Novice Rank. All necessary links have been provided.

Step 0: If you haven't yet, create an account to become a member. You cannot train without it. 

Step 1: Submit your Student Registration FormYou will receive an email back, within 48 hours, with further instructions. If you do not receive an email, check your spam folder. If it isn't there, post in the Guidance Counselor's Office, stating you have not received your registration confirmation email yet.

Step 2: Create an account on at the IJRS Campus and enroll yourself in the Intro Course. You can use the exact same login information as you used for the forum.

Step 2.5: To fully complete the Intro course, you need to begin filling out your Personal Learning Plan, or PLP. We provide a template for you to follow which can be downloaded at the bottom of the page here

Step 3: Your first two classes after the Intro course will be Creed 101 - The Jedi Code and Jedi Studies 101. This will provide you a strong foundation for your remaining studies. 

Step 4: We are writing a course which will cover the Jedi Trials and how you can begin thinking about them now, at the beginning of your journey. When it is available this section will be updated.

We expect an average student to take between 3 and 6 months to complete these first four steps. You may work a little faster or you may need more time. We offer this estimate for those who are curious. 

Step 5: At this point in your training you can choose from the remaining courses available as you train toward your Novice Rank. As of June 2014 there are 7 remaining courses in the Novice Training level. You may work on them individually or two at a time. The list of courses can always be seen, along with an outline of what is covered, through the Course Catalog

Step 6: The Novice Trials come at the end of your Novice training. The trials come in multiple parts. You can read an overview here. Basically, you will begin with the written exam. Following the exam there will be an interview. Finally we will verify your Integrated Practice documentation, as discussed in the intro course. Once you pass you will be awarded the rank of Novice. 

In total, this could take as little as a year to complete, or as much as three years. It is entirely up to you, your schedule, your goals, etc. Faster is not better, rather we hope you learn to focus on quality by this point. 

Following the Novice Rank you will begin work on your Adept training, and then onward to Knighthood. 

It is common for individuals coming to the Jedi path to immediately wonder about rank. There is an appeal to the idea of becoming a Jedi Knight, emulating our source of inspiration. When ranks are the focus, they can become a distraction and a source of ego based conflict. We recognize that ranks have their place, but we don't focus on them. What matters is the process of training, not a checklist to complete to gain a rank.  At the Institute, learning is the focus. Sharing our experiences. Growing. 

That is why we have focused on curriculum rather than rank over the years. Your first focus will be the Novice rank requirements, where you'll become a well rounded, basically trained Jedi student. You'll learn more about this in the Introductory Course. 

The ranks you can earn include: Novice, Adept, Jedi Knight Savant, Jedi Knight and Jedi Specialist titles. More information can be found in the intro course.

We are always developing more courses for students. Our goal is to provide all of the information and skills we expect a Jedi to have with courses. Until that day arrives, these are our current courses. Much of this training is supplemented by training information on the forum and library. To access the courses for an outline of topics within each course and to download the workbook, explore the main course page.

Introductory Course
Communication 101
Creed 101 - The Jedi Code
Force 101 (Currently undergoing revisions, expected late summer 2014)
Introduction to Aiding Emergency Services
Jedi Studies 101
Personal 101
Situational Awareness 101 (currently undergoing revisions, expected summer 2014)
Spirituality 101 - Mythology of Jedi
Warrior Principles 101 - Warrior Spirit
Warrior Principles 102