The Novice Rank is the first a student reaches with the Institute for Jedi Realist Studies. The examination process includes four areas: a written exam, a research project and essay, an interview with faculty in the chat room, and a review of the integrative practices logged. The written exam covers important concepts in the 101 level courses as well as general feedback on the student’s path to date. The research project includes interviewing another Jedi in the community. The interview allows the faculty to ask questions to help them determine the student’s readiness for Novice rank.  This can include questions about the course material, what is written in the exam, and the student’s experiences on the path. Finally, the Integrative Practice Requirements are explained in the Introductory Course workbook, with a template spreadsheet available for download on the website. Novice rank requires 50 hours of Integrative Practice.


The rank examination process can be done by anyone who has done the required training in each area. For Academy students this is the natural step after completing the 101 level courses. For non-academy students, each course on the site has a list of topics covered. If you have questions about your outside training, contact the faculty member in charge of the corresponding course, or the Principal or Vice Principal.

Requesting the Exam

To initialize the process, contact the Principal to request the written exam. The Principal may ask the student about their training background before granting the exam request. Once the written exam is received the student has 30 days to complete it. The exam is graded based on the quality of answers, not simply rightness or wrongness. If a student is found to lie on the exam about any of their answers, or if they answer with a consistent lack of detail and thought they will not pass the exam. That does not mean that each question will require paragraphs to answer, but depth of thought matters.

Subjects Tested

Jedi Studies 101

 Personal  101

Communication 101


Force 101

Creed 101 (Jedi Code)

Warrior 101 (Warrior Spirit)

Health (Health and Fitness)

Spirituality 101 (Jedi Mythology)

Situational Awareness 101 (survival)

After the Exam

After completion of the Novice Exam, the Faculty will carefully review all elements of the examination. If the student meets all requirements of abilities and skills, the initiate will be granted the rank of Novice. The Novice is then able to continue their studies towards the Adept rank. Novice students are expected to show an even higher level of integrity, both with their assignments and interaction amongst the community.

If the student does not pass, they will meet with a faculty member to discuss their areas of weakness and create a training plan to meet the requirements of the Novice rank and prepare to retake the failed aspects of the exam. 

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The Novice rank is the first utilized at the Institute for Jedi Realist Studies. This rank signifies a Jedi with a basic understanding of the breadth of the Jedi path. The information is gained through the 101 level of courses or in equivalent independent study. It also includes 50 hours of Integrative Practice which is training outside the course work, primarily offline such as fitness, volunteer work, healing training, etc.

At this level we look primarily at knowledge which the student is beginning to apply in their daily life. In addition the student should have a positive training attitude with the intent to act as a Jedi to the best of their abilities.

Tag: Ranks

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