Instructor: Andy

Prerequisites: Introductory Course, Creed 101, Jedi Studies 101

Situational Awareness 101 is available for students who have completed the Introductory Course.  Contact Jax for access to the workbook, then contact Andy so he knows you are working on the course.

Outline for the Situational Awareness course

Lecture 1 – Survival Situations: How do they start?.
Lecture 2 – Survival Psychology and the Importance of Proper Prior Training
Lecture 3 – Why Fear Sucks
Lecture 5 – What it takes to stay alive
Lecture 6 – The difference between survival and primitive living
Lecture 7 – Reducing the Threat of the Survival Situation: The Seven P’s
Lecture 8 – The Most Common Way to Push Up Daisies in the Outdoors
Lecture 9 – How your body loses and gains heat
Lecture 10 – Your first line of defense
Lecture 11 – About your rescuers and helping them to help you