Assistant Principal

Courses Taught

Introductory Course


Formal Education

George Mason University

Bachelors of Science In Psychology: Industrial/Organizational Specialization

Northern Virginia Community College

Associates of Applied Science Degree, Specialization in Psychology 2010

Career Studies Certificate in Massage Therapy 2011

Work Experience

I have worked at the same place for the past 5 years now, Pump It Up.  It was my first and basically only job since I could work.  I have climbed the corporate ladder there, so to speak.  I am currently the General Manager at our location. From this job, I’ve learned organizational skills, leadership, time management, customer service, and even how to grow as a Jedi. I hope to use this work experience to benefit the online community.

My Jedi Path

I have been on the path for almost 7 years now. The IJRS (and its predecessor’s names) has been my home this entire time. I’ve been both a student and an assistant teacher. This path has been my life line ever since I discovered it and continues to be so. I have learned how to face my fears, create my own spirituality, and developed what I believe to be the archetype of a Soul Warrior.  As a Soul Warrior, I’m very focused on expanding my own understanding of this path, while also helping to create a foundation for not only the IJRS, but for the community as a whole.  I’ve been a part of a couple Jedi Gatherings, where I have met, in person, many of the faculty and students that participate on these forums.  For much of the past few years, this has been my extended family.

I’ve been involved with teaching on this path, as well as a guidance counselor and kind of helping behind the scenes.  As of 2012 I took on the role as Assistant Principal to help with more of the leadership with in the IJRS.  I’m hoping to continue contributing to the foundation of this site so that we can create a brighter future for the Jedi Path.

Other Members