Courses I teach

Introductory Course

Jedi Studies 101

Personal 101

Formal Education

The University of Wisconsin – River Falls
Bachelor of Science – Liberal Arts in Physics       2004

The University of Texas at Austin
Master of Science in Applied Physics         2007

I’m currently a geophysicist with Schlumberger. There I combine logical and creative thinking to process seismic data.  It’s a challenge in time management, stress management, creativity, and focus.

Teaching Experience

1.5 years teaching astronauts and flight controllers in the thermal and electrical systems on the International Space Station
2.5 years experience teaching experimental physics to engineering students
3 months experience teaching physical science concepts to non-science students in a logical and easily reproducible manner
3 months experience mentoring and training physics tutors in effective tutoring methods
9 months tutoring physics to students online from grades 9 to college freshman.

Other Work Experience

Before returning to finish my education I spent just under 2 years in the Marine Corps where I was an Aviation Ground Support Equipment electrician.  While my time in the Corps didn’t work out as I expected, I’m still very proud of being a Marine.  What I learned by becoming a Marine has been invaluable in my life and Jedi path.

Martial Arts Experience

I first started taking American Karate when I was 8.  I took to it quite naturally, earning my black belt at age 13.  I taught classes while continuing my training until I left for college at 18.  When I returned to college I started Shotokan Karate, as I wanted the more traditional style of training lacking in American Karate.  While not self defense related, I learned a lot about posture and power.  Shotokan teaches a person how to maximize the power their body produces, which was quite interesting.

At this point in my life, my spirituality was growing and changing so that I found the hard styles of martial arts less appealing.  I took a short 3 week course in Aikido for self defense and found it quite interesting.  During my final year of graduate school I finally began training in Seidokan Aikido and really enjoyed it.  I trained for about a year, learning a lot even though I couldn’t train consistently due to my schedule.

Currently I’m without a style due to the constraints in my life.  I know I won’t be gone from martial arts for long, however, as they are interesting to me and support balance in my life.

My Jedi Path

I first found the Jedi path in 1996, while still in high school.  Unfortunately there wasn’t a Jedi Realism presence, just role playing that I found.  I spent some time learning proper breathing and chatting with someone who helped me learn to view the world a bit differently before leaving for college.  I returned to the Jedi path in 2002 after an eye opening field trip.  I wandered a round for a bit, discovering there was a vast difference between what I thought people would know and what they actually knew.  However, I quickly found a mentor who remains a friend today who provided a lot of crucial information in that first year or so.  I also spent time training at the Jedi Temple under Chris-tien Jinn, who runs the Blue Group here.  (It’s nice when things come full circle!) I also trained at Fatum Operandi and the Jedi Academy.  Eventually I found myself becoming a counselor at the Jedi Academy, and then the Jedi Realist Academy.  I returned to the Jedi Academy a few years later (around 2006), first running the Solo and Traditional training, and eventually becoming Principal, which I serve as today.

In my private training I focus on many areas.  My biggest area of study and growth has been spiritual, which has allowed an immense amount of growth in a relatively short amount of time.  I also work with energy, meditation, and healing though never with the consistency it truly requires.  In the end, I know a bit about a lot of things and am working on deepening my understanding of other areas.

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