Courses Taught     

Spirituality 101


Formal Education

– Bachelor of Science, major in Microbiology, minor in Chemistry from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2002
– Master of Divinity, focus in education and youth, from Chicago Theological Seminary, 2005


Work Experience

I currently work as an afterschool instructor with a non-profit in Chicago. I run the Science Club and tutor elementary-age students.

Prior, I worked in various capacities in youth programs. I served as the Director of Christian Education in a church in the western suburbs of Chicago. I coordinated the Sunday school program, Confirmation, planned special children’s events, and provided support for youth ministries. Before that, I was the Youth Minister for a small church focusing on revitalizing the church life.


Martial Arts Experience

I have been doing Tai Chi for over 6 years. I am in my third year of learning in Chikara Bodukai which is strongly influence by Jiu Justu.


General Information

In addition to my offline and online jobs, I am also an apprenticeship program to become a shaman. The rituals and actions primarily stem from Peru but other indigenous tribes are also incorporated as the Spirit allows.

I come from a long line of psychics. We each manifest the gift differently and at various levels. Some see spirits, others have visions, some heal, while others can work with energy. I have found that I am a “crystal” which means that I am empathic and can enhance the abilities of others.


Jedi Community

I have been involved with the Jedi Community for quite some time, over a decade. I began my training with the Jedi Academy (now the IJRS) which quickly became my home. I worked my way up to be an instructor and eventually became the principal. However, I took a step back to focus on teaching and allow others the opportunity to be principal.

I became involved with the Jedi Resource Center (JRC) and attended many Gatherings since 2005. At the encouragement of Moonshadow, I applied to be a Chapter Leader and now have a thriving Jedi Chapter in Illinois.

Other Members