Instructor: Zen-ryo Senshi

Prerequisites: Introductory Course, Creed 101, Jedi Studies 101

Meditation can be taken by any student following the completion of the Introductory Course.  We recommend that meditation is taken at the same time as Force 101, but this is not required.  Meditation should be studied early in your Jedi path as it is a valuable tool that will enhance your training.  Contact Jax for access to the workbook and then notify Zen-ryo that you are working on the course.

Outline for the Meditation Course

Lesson 1 – The Cycle of Meditation
Lesson 2 – Mindfulness Meditation
Releasing Unwanted Thoughts in Meditation
How to do Mindfulness Meditation
Lesson 3 – Meditation for Self Discovery
Lecture 4 – Expanding Our Awareness
Lesson 5 – Buddhist Meditation
Lesson 6 – Visual Focus Meditation
Lesson 7 – Meditating with Trees
Lesson 8 – Walking Meditation
Insight Meditation Workshop
Wrapping Up