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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Augmenting abilities with Force

Augmenting abilities with Force

I quit learning Qi gong after realizing that this is not the only way to learn to do what they do. Isn't it kind of strange that there is a set craft that alone will bring you such and such results. In fact things are not so.

I share my discoveries and knowledge here

a little exercise to convey first things.

First you need to be able to concentrate in the energy center below navel.

That is not a requirement but would make the exercise more efficient.

When you walk imagine chi flowing to your feet as your feet move. Try to get it so that you can walk however you decide or have to and keep projecting the chi from your Hara into your feet (yes down to soles).

After you have done it for even few moments you will notice later an increase of strength. Ah well just go and walk a bit. Maybe I have also good muscles but try running up the hill or stairs after doing this exercise and then at some other day without this exercise.

Do you have any idea of martial arts? Ok forget them but use their forms. You need to know practical moves of fighting art or dance here. And then do some fixed or much better free moves while directing all your moves with your mind while also directing your chi to move in unison with body. Remember first direct chi but move body simultaneously.

Do it slowly at first and do not make it a rigid exercise. For example if your hands and feet start to do moves on their own (you will notice probably that your body can do much more practical and artful forms without your control). Don't fight it but let it pass and continue with doing your moves consciously. When you get it so that you can move faster and faster while moving chi at the same time in your body then keep doing it for some time but for first times don't overdo. Few minutes at first days will do more good than doing it for 2 hours.

Also remember, you must never do more than what your body can take (you will feel uncomfortable or such, but it will notice when it is enough, just quiet your mind and you will naturally flow out of the exercise when no longer needed...but be sure to intend to do the exercise and not just get to something else as soon as possible). With these exercises your chi will become more flowing and gets bigger and stronger in volume and quality. The organs and tissues need time to get used to this new strength. If you do too much you risk seriously damaging your internal organs and any tissue. OK

and also after every time you have to concentrate on the energy center below your navel, breath slowly and do it as long as you feel peaceful and calm(it can take for some 2sec for others more than few minutes or...)

Just few reminders, The walking exercise is just an example. Learn to move your energy/chi together with your body in any activity. and remember don't go about doing for hours in first months... be sure you that it will be safe if you still want to.

Also I want to introduce a new idea here. An idea of no training and no art. Simply practice when you decide and learn one specific thing or many things.

It is not a tenet of some QiBongoist lifestyle but simply a piece of a whole different lifestyle. Why I suggest this is that we spend a lot of energy with our mental activates. Virtually all of our energy is used by ego and it's dealing with images.

You need extra internal energy to keep yourself sane, healthy and safe not to mention being able to control higher flows of Force and it's different manifestations. If you are into such practices what I talk about here you will one day have to transform your mind and energies to not get into big issues.

So keep in mind, everything you do spends energy, and to be able to do more you need more energy.

You can also take in a lot of energy from universe, there is a lot of free energy in it and you are part of it anyway. But what use is energy if you can not control it. The means and ways you will have available after such practices will require more finer and stronger control to manage what you are and not let your new abilities harm yourself or others unwillingly or even unknowingly.