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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Manifesting the Force

Manifesting the Force

Manifesting the Force

Force Manifestation is the process through which a Jedi will bring relationships, objects or conditions into the moment. Force Manifestation includes a combination of our actions, our beliefs, our projections, intentions, and our unconscious thoughts. People in general manifest all of time, but rarely have we done it consciously with focused intent such as a Jedi. Skillful Force Manifestation begins with understanding the spiritual and practical aspects of the process. Force Manifestation is a physical and emotional practice that involves your attitude; your energy centers and your ability to connect (meditate). The steps are relatively simple to understand but can be challenging to implement at first. The science behind Force Manifestation can be frustrating, the will and fortitude a Jedi needs in his or her ability may be difficult to maintain. However, once you begin purposefully and skillfully manifesting the Force, you will find yourself more aligned with your supreme will, and you will constantly see how the Force sustains and supports you.

Manifesting the Force: (First Steps)

All Jedi learn to manifest the Force. A Jedi begins first by creating a basic connection to the Force, this is initiated by learning to properly meditate. (Suggested meditation techniques can be found on this board under, Relaxation and Meditation.) The rest of the process involves creating a vision or a mental picture of what you as a Jedi want from the Force. As it is the intent and desire for every Jedi to seek serenity, peace and knowledge from the Force, maintaining this intent, being mindful, listening and accepting feedback and instruction, and most importantly, letting go of your attachment to an outcome.

Although maintaining intent and letting go of attachment to the outcome may seem contrary to each other, they are actually separate aspects. As with most spiritual endeavors, understanding and accepting paradox is essential to the manifestation process. Not to be confused by the teachings of the Sith, maintaining intent involves being passionate about whatever you do, regardless of the outcome. Being passionate as I describe it, means to be committed to “letting go.” If you stay attached to an outcome, you may emit and be susceptible to unconscious Dark Side Energy. These energies will counteract any positive intentions you put forth in attempting to manifest the Force and this will effectively sabotage the process. Being attached to an outcome, to people, places or objects manifests doubt. Doubt leads to fear, fear to anger and anger to rage and hate. Hate, hate only leads to suffering! Be patient a Jedi must have and be able to exercise patience. Be open to all possibilities, stay positive, and practice humility and gratitude.

Manifestation & Energy Centers:

Manifestation is much a physical act as it is a spiritual one. How well you learn to meditate and connect to the Force and how well you manage your energy centers can determine how successful your Force Manifestation will become. The health and well being of your body, your spirit, your mind, and your relationships influence the quality of your personal energy centers. (Information and explanation on internal energy centers can be found on the board under, “Internal Energy Centers.” The following describes some exercises and attitudes that can keep your energy balanced and positive.

The Body:

Good physical health and conditioning is essential to the manifestation process. (See Exercise, Nutrition and Health also, Introduction to Chi-Kung.) If you use most of your energy dealing with a physical illness, or become fatigued because of poor conditioning, you will have little energy left for manifestation. Going for a brisk walk once a day is a good beginning, but if you are up to it, more strenuous exercise will give you more energy. Proper diet is important as well. Foods that are poorly matched for your physiology require extra energy to digest. Too much caffeine, nicotine and alcohol consumption will deplete your energy centers and aversely effect the body’s natural chemistry. When attempting to manifest the Force it is best to minimize or abstain from using such substances. Also, managing you energy is through maintaining a healthy rhythm. Sleep regular hours, take naps, eat on time, and otherwise listen to your body’s needs. The energy you send into the Force will reflect the energy the Force sends back to you. If you allow your body to live in harmony with its natural rhythms, you will resonate with the all creative forces around you.

The Mind:

Keep your mind on here and the now!. All too often we let our minds wander out of the moment. We expend energy on something we cannot change (the past,) or on something of which we have no control, (the future.) Another way your energy centers are effect by manifesting Dark Side energies as previously stated. The lack of self esteem and confidence, carrying shame, regret, jealousy, possessiveness, guilt, fear, anger or hate. Manifesting these energies otherwise could result in physical ailments such as head, neck and backaches, ulcers, tumors or heart attacks. Force Manifestation requires a WILL DO mind-set, attitude and the belief in our “ideals” is what will bring more of what we want and less of what we don’t want. A Jedi MUST learn to suspend disbelief and judgment. Sometimes Jedi (like all people,) take a “if or when I see it, then I’ll believe it.” You may begin to equate your manifestation of the Force through a succession of events, and when events and “attachment to the outcome” doesn’t necessarily the way you may think it’s supposed to go, it’s a ‘bad’ thing. (This leads to doubt and anger.) If you suspend judgment, you may find that the Force has a more efficient and meaningful way of bringing your efforts and goals to culmination. Most Importantly a Jedi accepts Reality Within The Real World.
A Jedi learns through knowing and trusting the Force. Know that your focus creates your reality. While working to manifest the Force as stated prior, stay grounded in the moment and attend to your reality. If you put your emphasis on the future or the past, you will miss today. Pay attention to coincidences and serendipitous meetings and events. If you don't embrace your reality, you may miss valuable information and important lessons.

Manifestation Never Fails:

If your attempt to manifest the Force is not going as you wish, ask yourself these questions:

Why am I here?

What am I here to learn?

Have I accepted the ideals of the Jedi?

Are the ideals of the Jedi right for me? Think about your values, your ethical principles and beliefs are they one and the same with those of the Jedi?

Do I have patience? All connections to a higher plain happen on Universal time. Sometimes what we wish to have happen, won't happen until we learn some important lessons. As Master Yoda said, “you must unlearn what you have learned.” A Jedi must learn and practice patience.

Am I open to change? Connecting to a higher plain requires change. If you are not ready for change, attempting to manifest the Force will be slow or may come to a complete halt. When we resist change, we resist the fundamental nature of the Universe. Change is inevitable, especially when we ask for it. Our resistance to change creates the blocks that impede Force Manifestation.
Am I being clear and specific enough in my vision? If we lack clarity, the Dark Side will distract our thoughts and cloud our vision. let go of attachment. Am I paying attention to opportunities and alternatives? Listen to feedback and take instruction, The Force will always provides a choice and/or alternative to every outcome. Remember the fall of Anakin Skywalker, be open to change and let go of attachment.