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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Magick is NOT the Dark Side

Magick is NOT the Dark Side

I would like to break down one of the first of the drastic misconceptions of the Jedi. I feel the need to break it down because I know, in the past, I was one who supported the idea. I was wrong then...and I know that now. That is, after all, what the training is...making what is wrong, right. This misconception is towards the distancing and shunning of the esotericisms of the western world...most specifically the study of magick.

Yes, there is a difference these days between magic and magick. "Magic" is the term for prestodigitation...stage illusion. It is instant, it is flashy, and it is not real. "Magick", however, had been adopted by the esoteric world to be that which magic was. This is the use of the universal energy...the Force...for altering the world, be it on a small scale or on a large scale. Sometimes this comes from shallow things like attracting love or money or luck. Other times, it is for grand, selfless things such as curing another person of some horrible illness...or just trying to end the terrible things of this world before they spiral too far out of control.

The misconception is that for a Jedi, the use and/or practice of magick is the "dark side". It is giving into their inner darkness and need to manipulate and control. But, I say this now...that is wrong. Ritual is not the harbenger of darkness. Using incense, stones, blade, and wands does not make one less of a Jedi. In fact, it makes them a greater Jedi. Their power increases, and their control of that power along with it.

I have heard it said that Jedi do not use such tools to contact the Force. And I ask, why? I will not bring up the idea that they did it in Star Wars [Bendu Monks, Datholmir Witches, Aing-Tii, etc.], but instead remind people that the Jedi as they exist today are made of an incomplete part of a misunderstood picture. People say that to amass power intentionally is the dark side. If that is the case, we are all horribly lost. Anyone who works out, reads, learns to play music, draws, or anything more than eat sleep and breathe is lost to their inner darkness...Jedi especially.

The Jedi are meant to learn, understand, and use the Force. Selfishly or selflessly used, power used is power used. And in order to use power, one has to amass that power. We accept amassing that power when it is called the Force, qi/ki/chi, reiki, prana, and several other eastern words...but not magick. Why is that? The power is the same, it is just the dogmatic terminology that changes.

The Jedi are sorcerers, as it has been said before. We amass power because we are given the power to amass. It is, sadly, not a skill everyone can have. Everyone can work to gain some skill in the ways of the Force, but so few have the ability to latch onto it, and use it more to its potential. This means using the Force in as many ways a person can find to train in...including the use of magick.

Magick is a confusing term: it can be viewed as a noun, verb, or adjective. I will see what I can do about clearing that up.
Noun: the energy of the universe; the Force.
Verb: the use of the energy of the Force.
Adjective: purtaining to the use of metaphysical energy [magick wand].
Lets look at the big parts of magick to see if we can figure out why it is shunned so, shall we? Magickal practices include causing spells, lighting candles, and using rituals.

Magick is metaphysics. What is the difference in a spell and a "Force power"? Nothing! Spells do not have to be spoken, or use tools, or anything of the like. What about candles? I don't know of any Jedi that has never used a candle in their training. They are quite well used and well accepted tools of training. So, that means the difference between eastern metaphysics and and their western counterpart is the rituals by which the energywork is done. Some might say that eastern metaphysics does not have ritual...but they would either be ignorant, or lying. Meditation is a large part of all metaphysics. Sadly, however, meditation is the most well-used, and poorly-known ritual IN metaphysics. How many times does one close their eyes before using a metaphysical skill, especially in initial training? That, too, is ritual. Just because it is not elaborate does not make it not a ritual.

End all be all of it: magick is not the dark side. It is just another road to get to the same point. The Force can breed darkness in people, and so can magick. Magick can be used for good, as can the Force. They are one and the same...and the intention dominates the affect. If one has dark intentions, then the spell will be evil. If one has pure intentions, then it will not. Do not shy away from the use of magick because it uses wands and daggers and chants. Embrace it, and broaden your view of the Force and of its capabilities.