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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - The Force Exercises in Sense, Control, and Alter

The Force Exercises in Sense, Control, and Alter

Firstly, I ask anyone who has any exercises they use to please reply to this with them. I remembered reading somewhere that someone had difficulty explaining the Force to people, especially new students. These are what I used to show people the force when I first started teaching, and still what I use today to prepare my students.

Exercise Set 1: Sense

It's important to sense the force all around you. The first few exercises listed are therefore the sense exercises.

Exercise 1: Chi Hands
This excise I picked up while working with Chi energy. It is very effective.
Rub your hands together very quickly. Keep rubbing them together for a minute or 2. Rub all over them not just the palms but the tops and sides of the hands also. Now stop after a minute or so of this and just feel the energy. Feel that feeling all over your body now. This is a good preparation for feeling the force as it is a generalized Chi/Force attunement your students may do on their own.

Exercise 2: The walk
Every town has a place of power, a place where it radiates energy. Even in the densest of metal jungles harmony can be found. Take your students there and watch their reactions, prompt them to be aware of the reactions. Keep their minds on their bodies responses as well as their OWN psychological and emotional responses.

Exercise 3: Hand Pressure
This requires a very skilled teacher to do. Firstly make sure you have done the first 2 exercises first. Then have your students hold out their hands. Focus on a hand on the student and then while focusing intensely on it, pouring energy into it, ask them what they feel. This will give them a feeling of the force in it's more entirety. Tell them to project that feeling into their body.

Exercise Set 2: Control
This is the natural next step in the force, as it is easier for most to control than to alter their surroundings.

Exercise 1: Picture a ball in your mind of one solid color spinning. Now hold the ball stationary in your mind. Change it to another color. Begin the spin again.

Advances in Exercise 1: Change the ball into multiple colors. Create more than one ball. Spin both balls at the same time in different directions or even opposite spins (north to south and east to west). Challenge yourself.

Exercise 2: Physical Enhancement
Have your student’s raise their arms to their sides like a cross then tell them to let them drop. Do this a few times and then have them raise their arms again, but tell them to just will it into happening not to use the muscles. It can be done and some students may find it silly but it DOES work. Now have them hold out one arm as that, tell them to relax it completely and let the force flow through it. Now try to bend that arm. Next have them do the same thing with their arm tensed and try to bend it. If they are doing it right the relaxed arm is unbendable (I had someone anchor their foot and arm into my groin to gather enough leverage to bend my arm ONCE, and while they did bend it, I believe it was due to the pain in my groin rather than any action of the arm its self.

Exercise 3: Control of your surroundings

This is the hard one. The student must extend their senses and their by the reach of their personal force all around them. Feel the wind and then strengthen it and weaken it as you will. This is a Do or do not exercise. There is no try in this for you either do it, or you don't. Make the attempt though, when one "attempts" they have a varying degree of success. When one tries they either fail or succeed. (Words from my old and current mentor)

Exercise Set 3: Alter

This is the hard set to teach. This is where you have to have a situation and alter it completely. You must be semi proficient in Set 2 Exercise 3 to even begin here.

Exercise 1: Weather Change
Attain an enhanced state of focus, I am assuming by now you have meditation down to where you can meditate a minimum of 30 minutes without feeling uncomfortable and a maximum of 10 hours with bathroom breaks and some form of soothing tea, non stimulant break. In that state of focus picture in full perfect detail the weather and climate changing.

Exercise 2: Minor Malady Correction
A malady is an illness or disease. In this exercise a Jedi learns to transfer energy with the imaging of improvement.

Picture the illness or disease and hold that picture firmly in your mind. Now picture it fading away being replaced by different colors of light starting at the hard side of the spectrum (Read, Yellow) working to the cool side of the spectrum (blue, light green) and finally to bright light so bright it blinds you and the image is gone. Place your hands on the malady if possible. Practice on something simple and on yourself first, such as a neck or leg cramp.

That’s all I am presenting for now as my one hand is cramped up and I need a break for breakfast. Even if all you have is one type of exercise please present it.

I also would note that the divisions in Control, Sense, and Alter are unnatural. It's all focus and imagery, but it’s helpful for your beginners, plus if they go down a path your not comfortable with they are limited enough that they are not greatly dangerous.