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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - There are only 3 Skills in the Force

There are only 3 Skills in the Force

Many times discussions turn to Force powers, Force abilities, or Force skills depending on the name preferred and the level intensity of the ability. Also often many times an ability is simply an extension of an existing ability or skill used within the Force. It is to that end that I bring up the 3 skills in the Force, as well as a POV of how they relate to the 3 aspect of the Force.

Control: Control is the first learned aspect of the Force by many, and it is the foundation for many other aspects that follow. This is the control of ones self, and ones own internal/external workings. To that end Control is most associated with the Personal Force, as it CAN cause ripples outside of its self it is still, just a use of that internal energy. Many people learn to master Control over a period of time. Abilities that could be attributed to control are physical increases in strength, speed, stamina, endurance, the ability to shrug off pain, illness, disease, self healing, increasing metabolism and many other "Personal" Skills. It is also used VERY much for the aspect of self cleansing and meditation, as when ones Force is still they may more easily use the next Skill.

Sense: Sense is the ability to detect variations in the Force. This may be as simple as knowing when someone is around the corner, or as detailed as visions. They all relate to the same concept though, which is that of taking in the input we are always receiving and truly seeing it for what it is worth, as well as stilling ourselves (see control) so that we may perceive more of our innate perceptions and even enter into states of higher perception (control used with sense directly). Abilities that could be attributed to Sense are Telepathy, Empathy, Precognition, Post cognition, Danger Sense, Enhanced Alterness, Enhanced Physical senses, Telesensing, and many other skills that are no affecting of the outside world yet reach out a great distance. This aspect of the Force skills a Jedi learns are most attuned to the Living/Guiding Force, which is the aspect of the Force that binds the universe and all creatures together, while also providing the power of life.

Alter: The most difficult of the abilities is alter, it is the ability to directly or indirectly change a situation through use of the Force. This is most related to the aspect of the Unifying/Guiding Force. Where control is focused on the self, and sense is focused on things outside of the self, Alter is focused on the self that exists within any thing outside of the self. In other words, as we are all interconnected and one with each other and all things, Alter focuses on abilities that make use of that fact. Alter skills are usually the more dramatic Force Skills used, and include telekinsesis, mind controll, weather manipulation, Aero and Pyroinesis, as well as anything that directly affects the outside world of the Force user. Without Sense and Control Alter is VERY hard to do, yet some have found that through extreme outbursts of emotion they can increase their level of Altering abilities, yet without Control and Sense they are usually not ready for the consequences thereof.

You may have noticed I brought into the concept the Guiding Force exists within the Living and Unifying Force, this concept also exists within the Personal Force as well, but is not as noticeable to one who has JUST learned control only. The reasons for this are simple, since the Fore guides to the betterment of all things, and when one has control they have only a self centered outlook (in terms of the Force) they are not as able to be connected and thereby guided to the betterment of all things. It could be said that since all things have a will to live, exist, and simply BE (even inanimate matter seems to display this will, as it does not simply spin off into nothingness) that the Guiding Force is actually the combined Personal, Living, and Unifying Force of all things in existence as they strive to exist, and or become greater than they are (in the case of life, which strives to improve its self).

All of this is open to interpretations, and I am looking especially on some thoughts on the Guiding Force. We have Trio within the Force, but not a Quintet, for a reason, and that is because I believe the Guiding Force is the 1 in 3 affect of the Force. Yet others may have another view. Also consider, these are simply perceptions of the Forces ways, in actuality it is more complex than this, but by observing these we learn how to attune ourselves to the Force, become more useful to the Force, and ultimately serve the Force better than we did before, in time possible becoming TRUELY one with the Force. When we achieve this state it is then, and only then that we know the truth of the Force, and in knowing that, there are no words in any language to describe what it REALY is.