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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Mysticism in the Jedi

Mysticism in the Jedi

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So many people in the Jedi Community are nearly totally ignorant to the extent at which the Force exists, and the extent by which we can influence it. I will never be one to say that I know how to use the Force completely, because such is a delusion. I will, however, tell everyone that I do not keep my eyes closed to the very wonderous ways the Force can be used.

We enter into this path, thinking it is such a new take on such an old thing, and we are right. We understand that the way the Jedi view the world is only 3-4 decades old, at best. However, the Force has been around, and recognised, for countless decades and centuries before that. It makes me wonder, then, why so few Jedi look to their admitted past to see where their footing should land.

The Jedi, by their namesake example, are warrior mystics. We are, as "Jedi", Knights of the Force. We learn to use the Force in ways that most common people do not understand. In that joint aspect, we also learn to fight for the Force, and its children. That is what has drawn us together as Jedi. However, we are, as a Community, losing both aspects.

The Jedi Realist movement has perverted the idea of a Jedi. They have stripped away the ideas that "the real world" does not accept, and are only taking bits and pieces of a broken ideology to mesh with the idea of society as it exists today. "The Real World"

I laugh at the idea that the narrow view the human race holds as being the "real" world. It is the physical world, the concrete world at best. The Jedi, of both our namesake and of our Earthly history, were warrior-mystics. They accepted the ideas of the Force being grand and useful. They also accepted the idea of the Jedi being the Knights they were designed to be. We have perverted those ideals, and have taken them to the ideas of things we are not meant to be as Jedi: philosophers, actless teachers, and those who are so without drive that they no longer call themselves Jedi.

This is something that so few see in its complete problem. The originators of the Jedi Realist movement had the right idea at first: they sought to take the RPG element out of the Community. They have succeeded for the most part, but we must now stop them from continuing further. They push to take the Knights and Mystics from the Jedi. They ask "Why train combat?" and "Why train the Force?" in forums locked from public view. They run schools of thought, not principle...of idea, not action.

The Jedi were dying by way of the pretenders, and the RPGers. Their saviors, the Jedi Realists, are now the bane on the Community, on the Path, and on the Way. They seek to take all the hardships and mysticism from the Jedi. They wish to breed an era of fluff-bunny pacifists that do nothing to fight for what they believe in. This inaction, this death they bring to us, is not the way of the true Jedi. Our founders in this world, Kharis Nightflyer, Baal Legato, Koren Jey, and Forcemaster of the FA, would be ashamed of what they see in this community of self-called "Jedi".

I do not say these words to harm anyone, or drive a wedge. I say these words because we are at the place where the Jedi Way is not just a word, it is a religious view. It is an outlook that spawns from, and is given to, the Force. I say these words to strengthen you all in the mysticism and warrior mindset that underlies the Jedi Way. Only by bringing ourselves from this realist-ic view can we hope to save the Jedi before they are wiped out with the best of intentions.