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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Thoughts on Reincarnation

Thoughts on Reincarnation

Many of the Jedi that I know believe in reincarnation.  There are some, I am sure, that do not...but that is their choice.  I wanted to post my opinions on the subject at this time.  I hope no one takes offense to them, or any such they are just my thoughts, and will be shown in italics below.  They will be written as though fact, because to me, they are.  Enjoy:

We, not just as Jedi, but as people, are borne of previous experiences on this physical realm. We have been here before, and as such, we have the ability to remember past lives. Details and times we have no commonsense way of knowing, yet we clearly understand, flood our minds from time to time. Some speak of killing in their past lives, and I feel that to kill stains a person's essence. Once it has been done, one can never go back. The question has been posed, then, when does the stain go away if we have the same soul as we did in the life before...would it not still be stained?

The answer is, quite simply, no. We do not maintain that stain, because we are not reborn as the person we were. Why would we be? Many of us feel lives we have lived, yet do not know all of it, and it feels ours, yet distant at the same time. This is because we are not the same person we were. We are several, which is why we can have several lives in our minds. Ever have a look into more than one lives that happen roughly the same time in history, but that be the freshest lives, and they be hundreds of years old? Allow me to explain my views a little further.

We have a spirit. Each person is borne of the Force, and is therefore, an entity of the Force. We, as humans, all resonate on roughly the same frequency. This allows for our spirits to intermingle. When we live, we learn the lessons of each life. When we die, our spirit returns to the Force, and as it returns, it loses its uniqueness. It becomes a drop of rain as it falls into the ocean. It is mixed with the rest of the Force...all its knowledge, and all the other spirits that are part of it.

We we are reborn, a path is formed, and a spirit-character is created. It may be a large amount of one spirit, with a few others mingled in to change the base-spirit; or it could be a hundred bits of a hundred different spirits. It all depends on the situation. As such, we are each unique, no matter how many times we are reborn. If we were not unique each time, we would only be fit for the path that we had left in the last life. This is because, just in that situation, a path was formed, then the spirit-character was created.

This is how it has been all throughout time. It is why we can feel like we know someone from the moment, they meet, and as time goes on, feel as if you have known them in several forms. It is the mixture of spirits that causes this occurrence. Spirits also group together from time to time, creating spirit-partners, or spirit-groups. We are tied together with other spirits that resonate on matching frequencies, and share similar goals. Those who do not feel as if they have ever met such person or persons may be an entirely new spirit-character, being made up of countless spirits to make a person tied to many, yet part of none.

There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no doubt; there is resolve.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no chaos; there is harmony.
There is no hatred; there is compassion.