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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

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To purposely cause a death is to bring harm to the Force.  When in a confrontation we do all our power to make sure we do not take a life no matter what, it is only a last possible option when all other routes have been exhausted.  It should be the same for us.  Why would you do things to your body that would cause your life to be taken prematurely, it is the same concept.  If you eat a McDonalds Double Quarter Pounder twice a day chances are your life will be ended prematurely.  If it is our duty to preserve life at all costs why would we choose not to preserve our life at all costs.  If we can’t even take enough responsibility to do all we can to preserve our own lives how can we do that with others.  Now I will get all the exceptions out of the way.  Obviously there are things that are out of our control.  Depending on family history and all other factors you might be at higher risk for certain diseases or health issues.  For things like that we just have to trust in the Force and that whatever happens the Force has a reason for it even though it might not be apparent at that moment.  That aside, even if you might be at a higher risk because of family history you should still be taking every precaution you can to prevent anything from happening.  You should exercise regularly and eating in a healthy manner.  Consult a professional on a eating and exercise lifestyle that is correct for you.  We are all different so what works for one person will not work for another.  I can tell you what works for me and someone else can do the same and through yourself you might find what works best but I would still say no matter what, consult a professional.  This is not about what you should do but about you should do something.  Many people say, oh I don’t have time to work out or go out for a run.  Most of the time I hear two things, it is not a priority for them and no matter what you tell them it won’t matter until they make it a priority.  The other is that they have not found something fun which would give them no urge to go out and do something.  For example I do not like to run, part of it might be I am still overweight, not by too much and getting, but I just don’t enjoy it.  What I do find I enjoy is bicycling.  I go for a 23 mile ride about 4-5 times a week.  It also has many great side benefits but first of all, I enjoy it.  You need to find something you enjoy and stick to it.  I might grunt and moan before I get out there but once I get going I love it and I’m glad I made myself hop on the bike.  Between eating healthy, exercising, and getting regular checkups you should be well on your way to doing all you can to make sure you are not going to be cutting your life a little shorter then it should be.