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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Walking the Walk

Walking the Walk

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Last week we began to talk about what a Jedi is. This is a part of something known as Jedi awareness. It comes from both the level of the individual and the level of the community. Jedi awareness encompasses more than just knowing what a Jedi is by definition it is a true understanding of the Jedi arts and way, taking this knowledge beyond the lecture and integrating it into real lives. This isn't as easy as it sounds.

For starters, it is impossible to know and understand everything about being Jedi. The concepts are too vast and the ideas too abstract for one person to know everything there is to know. I have been learning about the Jedi for nine years, and I still must stop and ask questions. But what if someone did discover everything. Would that knowledge make him/her a Jedi? The answer is no. In order to be a Jedi, you must first live as one. Here's an example of what I mean. I know a lot about astronauts. It's an interest of mine. I've studied the shuttles and equipment they use, the types of missions they pursue, and even the food that they eat. But this knowledge does not give me the right to include my name within the ranks of the astronauts. I've never flown in space before in my life. Heck, I've never even been on an airplane before. Just because a person knows about something does not make him/her that something.

So you want to be a Jedi, right? Then you must start applying what you learn in your classes here to your daily life. Just as you cannot learn to meditate without sitting down and practicing, you cannot become a Jedi simply by stating that you are one. You must trust the Force if you are to receive its guidance. You must live by the Jedi ways if you are going to understand them.

That idea of truly living is what Jedi Realism is all about. That is what we strive to achieve here at JEDI and at other sites online. As Relan once explained, A Realist is a person who is aware of what the Jedi really is, and applies the message in his or her own personal lives, as well as the lives around them, applying the concepts of Jedi we all know in Star Wars, and use it in reality in order to help oneself, others, and our surroundings.

So how do we go about achieving this? By starting small and being absolutely honest with ourselves. Why are you here, now, reading this lecture? What made you find your way to JEDI? What are you hoping to achieve? These are the questions I would like you to focus on and answer as part of your response to this lecture. Think carefully before you write anything down. If your answer is because I want to learn how to wield a lightsaber, then you are not here for the right reasons. If your answer is, because I want to be like Yoda, than you are not delving deep enough. Remember, honesty with yourself is the key.