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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Symbol of the Jedi

Symbol of the Jedi

The symbol above is what should be adopted as a universal symbol for the Jedi, as it signifies all that a Jedi should strive to be, do, and understand. In it is shown the very nature of the Force itself. The symbol itself was given to me in a vision almost 10 years ago, and I have spent this time devising what exactly this symbol meant to myself and to the Jedi.

It is simple, and humble, showing a humility all Jedi should strive to learn from. It is simple, dignified, and elegant. No other symbol to date has demonstrated such traits. To date, the largest symbols usually include things like stars, yin yangs, or worst of all, lightsabers.

As of late, some symbols have come about that do not fit these characteristics, but they are not as inspired as this. It also seems to resemble a crescent moon, and this was intentional. A crescent moon is a very common symbol of other metaphysical sects, and this shows a universal unity between the Jedi and other traditions.

The stars, usually held in rings or moons, show some form of hidden knowledge. This is in the case of a dedicated Jedi, a very factual symbol. However, to show it seems to be some sort of egotism, and thus removes the "hidden" aspect of hidden knowledge. In not showing this grand form of cosmic understanding, and instead having the center empty, it shows how much we all have to learn.

Yin yangs, while a very recognized symbol of the metaphysical and martial arts, is a symbol that should be abandoned within the Jedi. It perpetuates an outlook of duality that the Jedi has discarded. The yin yang is a very misleading symbol when it comes to the Jedi. They are also too vague to be associated with just the Jedi.

Lightsabers are just not something that should be in the Jedi of Earth anymore. Their existence to this point in the Community thus far has done nothing but harm the appearance of the Jedi. The removal of that symbol does to distance us from our fictional counterparts.

The symbol is also a ring, holding no faces, as Arthur's roundtable. It shows that the Force plays no favorites, and takes no sides, and the Jedi should learn to be the same way...a lifelong struggle, surely.

It shows the wheel of time, having no beginning and no end. It shows the repetition of the ages, all different, yet all the same. It shows that even in our strongest times [thick bottom] or our weakest times [thin top], we are all still connected, both to one another and to the Force. This is done to give us strength.

The black in the center also shows the universe in its entirety, and the silver ring is the Force, chosen gray to show its balance of light and darkness, thus removing the notion of a bipolar entity. It is also larger than the black, easily enveloping all we know as the universe, and still being the Force proves itself to be day after day.

The piece is also designed for another purpose. If the Order were to use signet rings, similar to a Mason's ring, this symbol could be the face of it, with the black being a piece of onyx. Onyx is a stone known for its attributes in giving metaphysical strength and mental clarity. It can also be used as a focusing tool, which IS something the Jedi Order should endorse in its members.