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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - A Lack of Balance

A Lack of Balance

I am sure many of us have noticed a large amount of tolerance towards those who would call themselves Sith these days, and IMO that is a very good thing.  But why exactly is it that we can do such a thing now that could not be done before?  The answer is Balance.

I am aware that many Jedi do not like this symbol, as it shows a duality that does not exist in the Force.  That much is true enough, but it also shows a duality that DOES exist in those who follow the Force.  There is but one problem in that.  We do not have this balance.

There are many who would call themselves "Jedi" who do not truly follow the path of the Light... and there are many who would call themselves "Sith" who do not truly follow the path of Darkness.  There are many on both sides who would rather walk the terminator line, so as to be neither Light nor Dark, hoping to learn from both at once.  This is a very bad thing, for both sides of the coin... and yes, when it comes to people, there IS a coin.

Let us examine the symbol above some, just in case there are some who do not completely see its depth.  The white section, often called Yin, will represent the Light, and the black section, called Yang in this example, will represent the Darkness [I say "called" because in truth, the symbol is of variables... effectively X and Y, meaning any two things linked, be they pairs or opposites, can be seen in this example when one looks for them].

The Force is a creation of balance.  What is there will be balanced, no matter how hard one might push it another way.  To be Light, the Darkness must thrive.  For the Darkness to be strong, the Light must also be strong.  When one loses the strength of one, they lose the strength in the other... because balance will be maintained.  The Path of the Light holds the seed for Darkness in its core.  The Path of Darkness holds the doorway to the Light at its center.  The two are forever linked, and to end one is to bring death to the other.

To my original question: why can we now, rather than before, accept the Darkness within our "doors"?  The answer is because, within those who would use the Force, the Darkness is dying.  The Dark Paths are filled, for the most part, with good people, and children who are just there to catch a taste of the power the Dark offers, but not commit to it.  For that, the Darkness has lightened some.  The Light has grown dimmer due to this.  We have the ability to open our arms to those of the Dark Path because many of them do not understand the depth of the Darkness, and we as a group do not understand the brilliance of the Light.

It is no fault of anyone.  The world is dark enough that people see how bad that can be.  It does not touch the Force the same way a Dark Force user does, though.  That is not to say it does not echo through the Force, but a echo is faint when compared to its origin sound.  For this, those who step towards the Darkness will not allow themselves to trek deeper into it.  As such, the "Dark Side" is shrinking.  To use archaic terms; when the Dark Side shrinks, so does the Light Side.

We have doomed the Jedi to a fate unthinkable to us all by realizing there is no Dark Side in the Force.  In that, the Darkness is shown to be in each person, and that gives people more power to resist it.  Wasn't that our goal, though?  Yes, it was.  It just shows that the Jedi who set that goal, those past and present, did not truly understand the Force.  The Force cannot be brought out of balance... but when we remove the Darkness from those who use it, we remove the access to the Light as well.

So, the problem is seen.  We are killing all that which we knew.  This is why the Jedi of the past, those who left the online world, could claim greater power than those who enter it now.  I am not conceded enough to think I am a highly-powerful Force Master, but I can even feel my skills slowly growing weaker, no matter how often I train in them.  So, how do we fix this?

We, as Jedi, simply cannot.  The Jedi are children of the Force, and the bringers of the Light.  We have succeeded, for the most part, in erasing the "Dark Side" from the Force, and in doing so have condemned us all to the same fate as those we undid.  One would need to emerge as a strong point of Darkness, and strengthen those of the Dark path, for those who follow the Light to once more see the brilliance of it.  That does not seem to be coming any time soon.  Those who occupy the Dark Paths are lost in a flawed philosophy, allowing themselves to be controlled by their immature Dark natures.  A close friend of mine and Nathan el's said it quite well.  They are as children playing with matches, who burn each match to see the flame, rather than harness the power of that match to build a bigger, stronger fire.  No one remains in the Darkness who knows what the Darkness truly is.  To that end, we cannot hope to regain the power that was once given us in the Force.

Yes, I know... if it is, it is because it is the Will of the Force.  That is undeniably true, but I feel it is the Will that such happen so that we might learn this lesson.

I am not sure why I made this post; it is just something that has been weighing on my mind for some time.  I know how to end it, but as a Jedi, I cannot... it would undo everything that I have worked so hard to become... that we have all worked so hard to become.  Okay, I am done ranting.  If you think I am nuts, I will understand.  Thanks for listening, nonetheless.