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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Morality


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Just wanting to discuss one of the points listed in the Truisms, that being the point of "Morality".  For ease of discussion will quote it here so we can see it.

A Jedi has unwavering adherence to a strict moral and ethical code while being in accord with standards of right or good conduct. Every country and society has its own standards of moral right and wrong so caution is to be taken when visiting a different country or society.

I was meditating and going over my notes from different things today and came across this and it has always been one of those things that made me scratch my head.  Part of that was that it used to be worded different, so I can see it more clearly now as is worded much better now. 

But I've been pondering today, along with all my Jedi notes, some of the things I learned in college about other societies and about some of the past societies and thinking how there are always those who are what I'd call "agents of change".  These are people who go against the flow and end up revolutionizing the whole thing.  Like Jesus or Martin Luther King Jr., that Schindler guy the movie Schindler's list was made about, for example.  I know there's others, but those are the only three springing to my mind right now.  Hopefully you see what I mean.

When you think about them, they purposefully went against the standards being proposed to them by the communities around them and had positive influence on the world around them because of it. 

So then I started thinking about us, Jedi Realism, and me, and I wondered are we also agents of change?  Then the line from Revenge of the Sith sprang to mind, when Padme asks Anakin, "Have you ever considered that we may be on the wrong side?  What if the democracy we serve no longer exists?"  Then they kind of quarrel about it. 

As I have been pondering many things about my own religious upbringing I found myself asking myself that same question.  Many of the things I was taught have stood for thousands of years and have passed the test of time and testing again and again and again.  So who am I, really, to decide that I suddenly know better than those who went before me?  Then now I'm asking myself are we agents of change or are we simply a bunch of deluded science fiction rebels without a cause who are either deliberately or inadvertently slapping the faces of those who went before us by insisting, because of our own arrogance, that there is a better way when really this has not been tested.  I mean, where is the proof?  How do we know?  What if we are on the wrong side?  Are there really any sides? 

Anyway, these are the ramblings my meditation and study produced today, and when I saw this Truism about morality in my notes, my questions all kind of came together enough for me to pose them as it all kind of relates to this.  Decided to make a post for it as I wonder if other people have been over the same type of ground and wondered what conclusions you made if any.