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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Jedi Virtues

Jedi Virtues

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Don't take everything literally especially if you do not understand what is written here. Also remember that the intellectual or intuitive understandings alone or together are not enough one has to be able to be a jedi as a luminous being as much as a physical being. We must be able to control and act from all levels of ourselves. It is an ongoing process of becoming a more complete Jedi.

All the virtues come by practice and learning to apply them in more fuller ways. They are virtues for they are abilities we are capable for. They are not something to be followed. No, it is you who has to learn them so that they become part of you.


1) Humbleness

Humbleness in not a way to hide your might and appear non-offencive. It comes from an understanding of how things are. If you know that there is no point in parading with all you have in front of others and therefore do not
push yourself into the limelight, a place where people notice you as long as you are there somehow or other, then this is humbleness.

Humbleness is not an outward show of being weaker, stupider, or whatever. These can be byproducts of being humble but they are not the components of humbleness.

Without humbleness one very easily acts out of the selfishness. In that way one can very easily mess up with something.

Therefore a humbleness should be coveted by all jedi who wish to succeed in their path more than can happen while directed by random chances.

Jedi learn to be humble within and also without. Both lead to appreciation of self and the life and being able to truly serve and not be a stronger helper forcing their assistance. A normal citizen may well think it a good thing for they may not understand the difference between a manipulation that is clothed in robes of help and actual help.
Also humbleness is to not be a selfish person who keeps things only to themselves and cares not to thank or apologize before others.


2) Discipline.

Discipline is willingness to make steps toward success and also making these steps. There is no theoretical discipline. You know and you do. If you do not then by choice or because you simply are not disciplined.

Discipline for jedi is not linked with only one thing in life but with everything. Discipline will make us free to do what we want. Without complete and constant discipline, one can be sure that many factors instead of him/herself will guide the acts and life of him/her.

3) Disillusionment

Jedi should question everything for this is the only way one can find out if something is true or not. And jedi should always seek to better ones self and training according to principle of truthfullness. With more correct methods seeked after results more fitting for jedi can be found.

Seek to be true about yourself - and you will seek to help others. In the end you can be all you want and be happy for that.

Seek to be true to others. - Do as you are and you will see a need to better yourself . In the end you will enjoy the wonder you have created without and within.

Seek to be true to your way - Else you will loose the sight of it. Remember it is not an external thing but internal cultivation. It is your very own path leading to values you have chosen.

Seek to be true to whole Universe. - If you are not then you are probably hiding from yourself and there has been not complete success with  being true to yourself.

And if you are true to everything then you know that every last way is an individual way for you walk it or not, you know or do not know how to.

If you have come to such realizations, that means you know what the jedi way is and why it is so, then you'll see that it is not a philosophy. It is simply a certain way we follow, and indeed a wonderful way it is.

Jedi seek to be disillusioned about every aspect of self and and everything else. Think about it, seek it, practice it and you will know why and how.

Understand the objective and subjective. True ways are never about making a mental image to cloister up something in a limited place. True ways need not definitions or place to be followed or names. True ways are as final and true as Force and therefore they have no value that comes from duality. True ways belong not to the lowest, middle or highest place. True things just are... and can be wonderful endeavors.

And true things lead to betterment of everything. Joy, fun, appreciation, humility, patience, respect, sincerity, discipline, etc are all signs of true ways of positive.

Keep in mind the difference between true ways and highest truth.
To name something the highest truth is in itself a sign of ignorance. Only your things are true for you. If you are able to see without interpreting but only describing then you will learn that there is no highest place to be climbed to. It is a mere folly and social tradition of unclear minds.

Be aware of jedi methods. What leads to mastery is completion of things and not learning only one or two sides of something.

Remember being a jedi and becoming a better jedi is an ongoing process. There is no end destination nor high craft in jedi way.

4) Patience

Patience can be a hard thing to learn. It depends on the life of a person and the way jedi has trained. But patience is a necessity that allows ones life to become wonderful. Jedi way will become a relief for a whole self if patience is included together with other necessary abilities.

Patience is also a most easily conceivable sign of how we project everything outside. Where is the intolerable time or a situation you have to suffer? It is only your feeling and it is a feeling like any other to justify the selfishness and other folly.


5) Balance

Seek to bring balance within your being and only then are you able to always bring balance without.
Balance is not balancing something that creates and something that destroys. Balance is a state of constant staying in one virtue or other.

Balance the light and dark; positive and negative; yielding and forceful sides in you. If you understand the meaning of these words here. You know that only your choice is the first and last thing you need to consider. It is then about what way you will walk.

It takes work on yourself, also understanding, knowledge, sometimes even skills to bring yourself to a state of balance you want.

There are different states of balance. Like the balance of a common person, which is quite a messy state. Then a balance of a selfless and helpful person, which is another option.

Balance for different people is practically very different. Those more trained are more able to be in a state of balance they want. At first we come out of our natural balance and face many difficulties. It is a really hard time. An insecure and unbalanced state. The old ways keep pulling back the old habits to keep what we were accustomed while we are reaching towards new things.

So we become warriors who fight against our shortcomings.

But if we could see that balance does not need to be fought for. Just calm down yourself, observe yourself from not your perspective and find good solutions. And relax. Make steps with precision and elegance. Don't rush, appreciate your chance to better yourself.

Another key to end this illusionary struggle is to stop describing yourself as a linear person starring in "My life". Know you can do whatever you want and make steps toward your goals right now. And think about this "You are anyway existing, and how can you expand your existence if you keep yourself busy telling to yourself and others what you are. If you keep talkign about how to do something you spend more time for keeping yourself away from actually doing it."

It though takes time to establish a peaceful, harmonious, serene and detached core in you. Good luck with it.

6) Integrity

Mind-Body-Spirit are all parts of us. Different methods apply to each and mind-body are actually completely one thing and spirit is also united with both but in a different way. Complete jedi practice teaches methods for all three and guides to practically live the jedi ways in each level.

Seek integrity of yourself and jedi practice.

Realize that the virtues of jedi are all connected. You need to cultivate them all to one day complete your jediness.
Being a Jedi takes the integrity of all you have learned.