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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Jedi Realism Terminology

Jedi Realism Terminology

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Alright, today's lecture is really the first of two dealing with terminology, though the second won't be until the end of class. Terminology is probably not the most exciting thing to study vocabulary lessons tend to be pretty dry but it is important to learn nonetheless. Having a common language is essential to communication; this is doubly true for Jedi Realists since the majority of our communications rely entirely upon the written word.

While we are going through the terms, keep in mind that every one can be found in the Database section of the website. There you will find extensive realism and fictional encyclopedias. If you have not yet explored this section, I highly recommend that you do so.

Because of our connections to Star Wars, it is really impossible to separate Jedi Realism out of that world. However, we strive to create and use terms that not only continue the ideas we know from Star Wars, but expand upon them as well.

The Jedi Order is the series of guidelines Jedi use when it comes to practicing the Jedi lifestyle. Unfortunately, because each website has its own set of beliefs, there is no one Order.

There are three main groups of seriousness that, as Jedi, we recognize and valid. These are what we call Jedi Ideologies. The first is Jedi Realism, which I have already explained. The other two are Jediism and Role Playing.

Jediism is the belief where people take the Jedi concepts and apply them as an actual religion. This is the most serious of the main Ideologies.

Role Playing (RPG, PRGism) is the least serious. This is when a person takes on the role of a Jedi for entertainment purposes.

There are other, less-known groups that fit into Ideologies.

Fanism (Fanatacism) is your typical Star Wars fan.

Cultism is an extreme usage of Star Wars where their beliefs are deemed as truthful as the Bible.

Jedi Archetypism is where Jedi are viewed as templates or tools. This is similar to the view of the Jedi Mythos and old Jedi Academy websites.

The Jedi Community is the loosely knit group of websites that follow Jedi Realism, Jediism, and Jedi Archetypism. We do not include RPGers, fans, or extreme fans in the community.

The Force Perspectives are the different points of view of how a Jedi applies their beliefs to their lives. JEDI recognizes five separate paths. They are Light Jedi, Dark Jedi, Shadow Jedi, Gray Jedi, and Uber Jedi. We will discuss each perspective in more detail in Essential 2.

Force Groups are people who recognize and use the Force, yet are not part of the Jedi Order. Jedi recognizes six force groups, which, again, will be discussed in Essential 2. I will list them here for you: Sith, Light Sith, Jensarrai, Magick, Gadoman, and the Spectrum Council.

There are several, specific Jedi Majors. These are specialized paths that a person can choose to learn about and practice. Examples include Empathy, Philosophy, Lore, Healer, and Mystic.

And that's it for this brief overview. Again, if you want to see more terms (or explore these further) check out the Database.

Along with your regular response to the lecture, I would like you to list and define three new terms you have learned since coming to JEDI. They can come from any class (or even the database). Just make sure that they aren't fictional terms. How do you feel about each term? Do you think it is accurate and used correctly? Are you sure in its definition, or do you think it should be explored in further depth?