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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - So You Want To Be A Jedi

So You Want To Be A Jedi

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WHY? "Is it because of your love for Star Wars?"

George Lucas gave us a heck of a gift huh? The Star Wars saga is one of the, (if not THE) most thrilling and compelling epics ever written for cinema. Mr. Lucas brought our attention to bear upon his seemingly perfect portrait of those timeless archa-types we have all grown up with in our lives. The sinister and powerful villain dressed in black, the princess or damsel in distress and her just-hearted prince or savior both dressed in white.

The aged and wise, cryptic pillar of knowledge that is the wizard or teacher who is draped in meek brown robes to illustrate time, humility and service to others. The evil Kingdom or Empire out to subjugate the galaxy but kept a bay by it's arch nemesis of freedom fighters know as the Rebellion. The story is packed with drama, twists and turns, and let's not forget about magic. Every great story that is filled with wonder and imagination has to have magic. However, in this space odyssey the magic that is showcased is that which most of us have come to know in our natural lives as Life Energy, which in the story of Star Wars is simply known as the Force. This is the magic that provides our hero's of the story the power to over come evil in injustice, the power to right the wrong where ever it may dwell or manifest.

You see, the Story of Star Wars is iconic, it is both inspirational and tragic. Packed with action and lively characters that seem to perfectly represent most known types of familiar personality’s, it is no wonder why these movies strike a familiar cord with in us for it is right that we feel connected to the story and it's characters. We want to be apart of this universe and fight along side those that are right and just against oppression and tyranny for the greater good of all.

So with this said let me ask you again, Why do you wish to become a Jedi? "Is the reason because Star Wars is so cool?" If this is your reason then perhaps you should leave now and seek a community that is geared toward the "moment" of your fanaticism. This is not a forum for those that wish to live out their fantasy's of swashbuckling adventure by reenacting his/her wishful screen persona. This community and its content are for serious and deeply committed minds and souls that wish follow the Jedi way and live by the Jedi Code, we are not here for “role-playing," nor are we here for the "moment."

The learning the ways of a Jedi is a long and hard path to follow. Knighthood will not happen over night and your learning and training does not end with Mastership for this is simply the beginning of your journey toward living the Jedi way. A Jedi is consistently challenged by way of will, fortitude and commitment, your faith will too but primarily by you for you are your own true judge and jury.

What you can expect for this community and its members:

Practical, real world instruction in the ways of the Jedi and the Force.

Work! Like any other body of education, you will be expected to work. You will be assigned various reading tasks and projects. As a Jedi Apprentice, you are be expected to complete and submit various reports on the required (and sometimes requested on the said) subjects you have been asked to research.

You can expect an open exchange of dialog and contribution. You can expect to be treated with the highest level of respect and dignity. We in turn expected you to be open and to treat your fellow Jedi brothers and sisters with that same respect and dignity.

"Being a good person and trying to the right thing is not hard,” it can seem difficult more and more as the world we live in today continues on the course it is currently on. One does not need a title or to belong to a group/organization to be just and righteous. The title Jedi is not a description to be sought out as a trophy or award to be attained for status sake, to validate one's moral character and to verify ones commitment to be good and just, righteous in nature. One comes to the Order good and just, but with time and training he/she becomes a Jedi and learns, passes on what he/she has be taught for this is the essence of the Jedi way. “A Jedi must always pass on what he or she has learned.”

"This community and it's teachings can not make one good and just by training alone, we do not, and nor are we in the business of producing "good people.” To earn the right to be called a Jedi is to believe in and live by the ideals and principle of the Jedi code." Here you will be a part of a caring, committed and open community dedicated to one another, the Jedi way and the Force. Here we all are all learning from each other and we are all seeking knowledge and balance from the Force.
We teach the ways of the Jedi and the ways of the Force as they were "implied" through George Lucas' movies, but within a "real world" construct. "Meaning, your time and the time of your instructors will not be wasted on movie fantasy." Nor will your training have an emphasis on Light-saber hilts, Jedi costuming and we promise that you will not be subjected to an endless barrage of prophetic, open ended and absolutely ambiguous character quotes from the movies. The teachings of the Jedi way and ways of the Force are taken from real world philosophies and influences and it is these philosophies and influences your training will focus on. All of the subjects and topics you will participate in are real world subjects that would apply to a Jedi as he/she lives their lives in the world today.

NOTE: This community is a Jedi community. The Jedi Order Of Ashla knights; there is no official Deity and/or specific religion or faith within this community except for the Force. This community is intended for aspiring and practicing Jedi; however, is should be noted that there are many Jedi and/or members of this community that are practicing Christians, Catholics, Pagans, Wicca’s, Buddhists, Mormons and Muslims you name it. This is no matter or consequence for ALL ARE WELCOMED! May the Force be with us all!