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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Responsibility, Accountablitiy, and Respect

Responsibility, Accountablitiy, and Respect

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I spend a lot of time in the public schools in addition to just watching and observing people and how they act and interact. These are two qualities I find that have been going downhill over the years. This has actually been happening over a long period of time. Just think to yourself, how many lawsuits have their been that you can think of that were absolutely ridiculous and was a result of no accountability or responsibility by the individual. Instead people know they can get away with acting like a victim and taking it to the courts to get money. I am sure everyone reading this can think of at least one time they have read about this though I can recall many more than just one. To me, this is one of the bigger problems at least in the United States, can't say much for other countries as I do not live there. So many people here will not accept responsibility or they have absolutely no accountability. The reason I believe this is happening and this is by far not the only cause of this but I feel it is one of the bigger ones.

Kids are being raised to be a victim. It is always someone else's fault and never their own. I had some personal family issues that came up this pat year that a few people know about here, but it went to court and the person was convicted and it was very obvious from all evidence he was guilty of the crimes. To this day he will not accept responsibility for his actions and in the long run it's only going to make it worse for himself. Now how can we teach accountability and responsibility. We can do it through our own actions. When I have kids these are going to be two things my own kids will have ingrained into them. What happened to the respect of yes sir and no sir, or mamĀ  You rarely hear this anymore, I throw respect in with both of things I am talking about as I feel they all go hand-in-hand. All of this start at home with the parents!! This is something that will not change over night but it can be corrected over time. Kids need to be taught a sound set of morals and family values. We have come a long way from what everyone says is the good ole' days and there has been many improvements across the board. The one area I really see a decline in is morals and family values which include many things along with respect, responsibility, and accountability. Things will very from family to family and from culture to culture but I feel these three things are important in every single culture. In my Anthropology class I had a few years back these three things I saw in every culture that we looked at.

Not all of us are parents at this time so right now we need to lead by example. Ask yourself, am I accountable for my actions and words? Do I take responsibility no matter if it is for a good thing or a bad thing? Am I a respectful person? Do I deserve respect or do I do things that cause people not to respect me? Respect does not mean you have to like the person or agree with them, and that's what many people seem to forget. Would others if asked the same questions about me say the same thing as I am answering? Many times we carry the wrong impression of ourselves.

We first have to look from within before we can begin to look at others. As a teacher these things are a must for me all of the time. Even if i was not a teacher I would still do all of these things because it's who I am. I strive every day to improve all of these things. I do have my moments where I fall off the wagon but I climb back up and learn from what happened and that's what counts!! With each fall that happens I learn from it and I begin to find the falls become fewer and fewer.