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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Training to become a Jedi

Training to become a Jedi

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Why are you all here, at this school, learning to do what you are?  "To become a Jedi" is the most obvious answer.  What all does that entail?  That is a much more in depth question to answer.  First off, let us look at the origins of the Jedi Way.  The word Jedi comes from an old Japanese phrase Jidai Genki.  The phrase Jidai Genki means the era of energy, or the lifetime of energy.  That means quite a bit to understanding the Jedi Way, as does its Japanese origin.

The Japanese held honor, duty, justice, knowledge, and the ritualistic practice of the martial arts in very high regard...and that is to be remembered as well.  When the phrase Jidai Genki was used, and looked at as a life of energy, we see what all makes up a Jedi as we know it.  A Jedi is a mixture of a warrior, scholar, monk, and sorcerer.  All of which is apparent in its precursor if one knows where to look.

We are Warriors.  We train day after day, honing our physical selves to a living breathing weapon of defense, self and otherwise.  We hold more than just the average fighter, because we hold such virtues as honor, justice, and a sense of duty.  This sense of cosmic right-and-wrong sets us apart from the common street fighter or thug.  To achieve such a state, one must take up a fighting style that builds honor, duty, and a sense of justice.  In this day and age, especially in the United States, it is becoming more and more difficult to find such arts amongst all the McDojo on every street corner.

We are Scholars.  We, as Jedi, are charged with not only keeping the peace, and defending the weak...but we are also charged with knowing of local affairs.  You never know when you will find yourself in a situation in the field where something you learned that you thought useless may come in handy.  It may even save your life.  Once such fact is that the human body is capable of moving quicker than the mind can perceive it and then make the hand fire a bullet.  Am I saying to go and dodge bullets, far from it.  However, if you see someone to be shot and you know they do not deserve such a fate, then you can act with that knowledge, and not hesitate, getting you both shot.  We must also know the workings of the human body for being a warrior and for being a savior to the weak.  CPR is a good example of such.  We must know how to help the lives we encounter.
We are Monks.  We are not the police, and we do not go out on a daily basis looking for trouble to undo.  You will find that enough trouble will find you, trust me on that.  We are meditative in nature and do not tend to seek out trouble.  There will be times when we are meant to butt into something that we are not a part of, but only in the case to end a possibly hostile confrontation.  We spread our understanding to others in the best terms we have that they understand.  We are calm, gentle, and value life...and will do what we must to ensure the survival of another, even if it means facing death with a smile on our faces.  Yet another monk like trait we have is the need to grow beyond our emotions.  The cloud our minds from the truth, and hinder us on our path.

We are Sorcerers.  All the things I have mentioned can be found in many different sects of people, and higher paths.  The one thing that sets us apart from those other groups is the Force.  We have it, we trust it, we follow it, and we learn to become one with it.  In return, it bends to our requests, and helps to further us down our path.  A true Jedi trusts the Force with a spiritual/religious level of faith and understanding...and that makes us more than the random energy-worker who knows Bushido.  We are children of the Force, and ask of it what we need of it.  We cherish the gifts it gives us, and see its influence in all things...and all people.

It is only through this mixture that the Jedi Way can be found.  If you take out even the tiniest aspect of any of those parts, then you remove what it means to be Jedi.  This is what we are here to learn to be, and that is a goal that takes many years to attain.  One's training does not merely happen for a few hours a day, a few days a week...and there are no breaks from it.  To be a Jedi is a 25 hour a day, 8 day a week, 367 day a year job.  We are Jedi in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, at night, and in our sleep.  One cannot discard being Jedi.  It is not merely a robe to pull on and off as you like.  Just as a true warrior is charged with defending honor in all they are, no matter time, place, or must a Jedi.

Go, train, rest, then train more.  The Way of the Jedi can be found in all that.  Go with purpose to better yourself [monk], train so that you might become a more able exponent of the Force's will [warrior], rest so that you might regain your energy and meditate on what it means to be Jedi and one with the Force [scholar], and then train more so that you might know how to ask the help of the Force and its power [sorcerer].