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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Jedi Terminology

Jedi Terminology

Much of the Jedi Way uses terminology that can be, at times, quite confusing. The following definitions are offered to help clear up the terms of the Jedi. They will be severely limited in their scope, as many of these definitions would take a lifetime to properly answer.
Jedi:  The Jedi are a group of people of all ethnicities and religious backings that have come together to learn the ways of the Force, and to help others. They are children of war in order to be more efficient keepers of the peace. They are beings of dedication, control, and intelligence.

The Jedi Path:  The Jedi Path is the philosophical outlook of the Jedi. It is built by the lessons of the Jedi Code, the Nine Tenets, and many, many other lessons that can be found in the Philosophy section of the site. The Jedi Path, however, does not end merely at the lessons. It is a person's ethics as they relate to their training.

The Jedi Arts:  The Jedi Arts are a commonly misunderstood concept. These include such things as a Jedi-based martial arts [under development], metaphysical arts, and diplomatic arts. These arts can come from many places, and do not merely pertain to battle. These are that which the world sees of the Jedi.

The Jedi Way:  The Jedi Way, in its whole, is the combination and blending of the Jedi Path, and the Jedi Arts. The Path helps to guide, and the Arts help to define. Separately, neither is the Jedi Way. Only together do they truly form the Way of the Jedi. The Way is a spiritual path, geared towards self-discovery and the attainment of enlightenment, as well learning to trust the Force.

The Jedi Community:  The Jedi Community is the group of which all Jedi come from. Those both for and against the Order, separate or united, light, dark, or something in-between. All those who claim the title of Jedi, and many who do not. Those who follow the ways of the Force, and the tenets of the Jedi Path…they are the Jedi Community.

The Jedi Order:  This is the legal construct that sanctions, controls, ranks, and commands the Jedi of Earth. This is that which the Jedi have fought for for untold years, which will bring the Jedi together in a common goal.

Living Force:  The energy given off by all living things, the energy of life. This is the personal energy of each living thing. Viewing the Living Force around a person is the same as their aura.

Unifying Force:  This is the energy of inanimate things, such as the elements, plants, and other such things the human mind has arrogantly deemed non-living. It is the Force at a slower, denser vibration rate.

Guiding Force:  The energy of time. This energy guides us along our life-path. It is characterized by the changes of mind and heart that no one ever seems to be able to explain, but put you in a position to do what your life was meant for.

Control:  These are the first skills a Jedi learns. These seldom hold any true interaction with the Force, but they help to train a Jedi trainee to bring peace to their inner selves so that they might learn to use the Force more fully as their training progresses.

Sense:  These are the skills that help to make a Jedi more than just the person they were. These skills help to open the eyes and minds of those who use them, teaching them things they did not know existed, and perhaps never thought possible. These skills are the most important to a Jedi in the field.

Alter:  These skills are the most complex of the Force. These skills allow the Jedi to interact with the world around them using simply the Force as their manipulating factor. It allows many skills that can mean the difference between life and death in some cases.

True Jedi:  The True Jedi are those who follow the path to the letter. These Jedi follow the strictest of personal codes of conduct, keeping their emotions in balance at all times, and allowing their link with the Force to bring them true peace and understanding. These are those who should be found within the formal Jedi Order.

Rogue Jedi:  A Rogue Jedi is one who does not march to the beat of the same drum as other Jedi. They have the training, and understand the Way, but do not completely agree with it, not do they totally follow it. Such would seldom be found within the formal Jedi Order itself, although I am sure some cases could exist.

Fallen Jedi:  A Fallen Jedi is a Jedi, be it True of Rogue, that has lost their path. It is a term used when a person is overtaken by their emotions and cannot come back to inner peace.

Dark Jedi:  A Dark Jedi, while it seems to be the same as a Fallen Jedi, is not necessarily the same thing. A Dark Jedi is one who chose to be self-indulgent, following their own desires not of emotional instability, but by intention. These are those who seek to manipulate the Jedi to their will, to help bring gain to themselves.

Forci:  A Forci, pronounced 4-sai, is one who follows the philophical and/or theological understanding and acceptance of the Force, but does not undertake training to harness its power. Formerly called Jediists, following the "Jedi Religion", this caste of people are those who merely accept and believe in the Force without asking of it the intimate level of understanding and development the Jedi and Force Mages do.

Force Mage:  A Force Mage is one who accepts in the belief of the Force, even to the point they use the terms of the Forci as listed above, but do not follow the views of the Jedi It is these who are essentially Non-Jedi Force Users, however do not follow it from a different philosophical outlook, like reiki, qigong, or magick. These are those who believe in the Force as the Jedi believe in the Force, and who use the Force as the Jedi use the Force...but are in no other way even remotely like the Jedi.