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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Inspiration


"We hope to inspire you into realizing your abilities." - The Jedi Creed Motto

It is inspiration which creates life. To realize what it is that we seek, the conquest of our journeys. We are inspired to exist and to pursue our destiny, whether it be of wisdom, of courage, of knowledge, or of anything we aspire to obtain. Motivation is what helps us accomplish our dreams in order to become realities, encouraging ourselves to be of goodness and contentedness.

One of our main goal as Jedi is simply to inspire people, to inform individuals of their true being. In connection with being a Jedi myself, I wish to allow for those who want to learn these eleven simple steps for receiving the inspiration to do the probable as well as the impossible. I modestly call them The Keys to Inspiration.
1. Integrity:
This is one of the most important keys to inspiration. Integrity means to be complete, comprehensive, to be honest of thyself. To be of principle, and to have simple morals of good. As I have said many times before, unity is the key. Yet in order to acquire unity, you must have a common distinction of what is right and what is wrong. If this is not the case, corruption and mistreatment will come from within.

2. Nobleness:
Nobleness means to be majestic and of high quality. This does not mean you have to be famous celebrity to the public, yet simply to be respectable, seeing yourself worthy to be who you are. Its accepting who you are and knowing that you are unique, distinctive, and unlike no other. If you place yourself in that frame of mind, then you will start acting noble towards others around you... and their respect towards you will come your way.

3. Significance
Significance is almost like nobleness, yet it refers more to how you insight the universe you are part of. Significance means to that which has meaning and importance in ralation to beholding the hidden splendor and brilliance of the world around you. If you begin to look at things in a deeper sense, you will begin to realize the connection of all effects in nature - as with viewing a simple insect, smelling a daffodil, hearing the sound of falling rain, or feeling the breeze flow past you. It is significance which broadens your capability to hold the infinite knowledge and wisdom of our galaxy.

4. Passiveness
Passiveness means to acted upon without acting in return, to be calm and patient in awaiting for your moment to encounter a spectacle. It is to be nonresistant when others would enforce action. To be passive, you must achieve why you must do so at a certain point in time. If you are too careless into constantly acting upon something without knowing the consequences of your actions, you will obtain the risk of fighting for the wrong cause. Yet if you are constantly inactive, nothing will be taken into effect. You must discover balance between them and to discern how much dosage is suitable for your personality.

5. Imagination
Imagination is extremely meaningful when seeking inspiration. It is the act of forming mental conceptions of what is not present nor experienced, to create new images and ideas with your experiences. Imagination is the projection of your true self, the picture of an existence without actually existing in relation to a physical sense. This is what completes your own ideals, and expresses them in a way never done before by others. It is finding the want of overcoming the barriers of a falsified reality which gives you the motivation to be inspired in finding liberty and peace from within.

6. Responsibility
This is another crucial key for anyone who wishes to be encouraged. Responsibility means to be obligated of a function, to be accountable for one’s behavior. It is when your way of thinking, feeling, and acting are dependable and reliable to others as well as yourself. To be responsible is to take action when others would not, to take charge of the situation. This comes in connection to passiveness, in which one must balance them self between these two abilities. It is responsibility which develops experience and guidance towards your destiny.

7. Affection
Affection is simply to affect someone or yourself with tender thought and sympathy. It is caring for something which provides the influence to defend what is right and what is just. Such examples can be of simply giving your attention to another who is depressed, in which you will yearn to help the individual into perceiving a better existence of themselves. This implies to the individual self as well. If you are not concerned about yourself, it will be extremely hard to be concerned for other people.

8. Truth
This is the core of inspiration. It is truth, the accuracy and precision of the universe which surrounds us and penetrates us, that assists us to quench the understanding of the realities of life. It is the answer that we search for which keeps us intact as a being. Truth will always lead you towards who you are, for it is the key to your fate. Sometimes you must be careful of how much truth you are to perceive at a certain point of time. If you are not, the alteration of your enlightened destiny may be at stake.

9. Interest
It is interest which gives us the encouragement to carry on. It the want to be of existence, the breath of life, which keeps us in constant reach of our goals. You have to want to do something in order to do anything. If you are indeed interested in seeking what you are after, you will find the motivation to find it. In my opinion this is the basics, probably one of the first steps you must master to receive inspiration.

10. Optimism
Similar to interest, optimism is believing that this is what is meant to be, in which goodness prevails and hope exist within the galaxy. Yet to be interested in anything you have to believe that it is possible, not improbable. It is to know that you will uncover what you were meant to find, and doing so with confidence. This is what will lead you to success, and to overcome the fears and stubbornness of an individual as well as an entire community which exist beside you.

11. Naturalness
Be you. Be free from the burdens that are regulated upon you. All you have to do is be in control of yourself and you will find the urge to do more. It is independence and freedom which captures the human spirit, in which helps those to strive become what they are craving to become and to spread it to others around them. It is the naturalness of being which keeps balance within the universe.

I am sure you have noticed how all these keys interact and relate to each other. In fact, if you have even one of these keys, other keys will come to you. Yet you may seem to find that you do not even have any of these keys to inspiration. Well, to those who see it in that sense, I remind them of a key guaranteed to be within them as a being. That my friends is faith. The faith in believing in something will lead you towards finding the first of these keys.

We must constantly remind ourselves that our reason to live is to believe in living. If nothing was to believe in us, then we could never exist. It is creed which leads us to stimulation, to be inspired into realizing our abilities... the stir to fabricate your surroundings into a better atmosphere. Though we might fail, motivation will keep us going until we have prospered. This is the reason why The Jedi Creed has succeeded where others have failed - it is inspiration that will lead us home.