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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - The Age of Awakening

The Age of Awakening

The history of our civilization has prevailed to this day, considering the many plagues, wars, famine, and desolation it has overcame. The fact that you are here today reading this lecture is so extremely rare, for your ancestors to survive all of its dilemmas, each and every one having to survive to give birth to another at a particular moment in time. Believe it or not, literally thousands and thousands of people died for you to exist.

What a extreme honor for you to be living your life right now, don't you think. Times have come and go, yet you are somehow still around. Why so? What should you do while you are alive, since it seems that we are all going to die like the rest of them, and if some of us give birth to another, we will increase the probability of another ancestor from existing. As the age of time advances, the chances of us existing increases. What are we meant to do here, if anything at all? What is the story of the human race? These questions have come to me so many times, yet once you begin to realize the distinction and advancement of our populace, you find that there is a simple reason to live.

The age of awakening. A time in which the truth will be found, laws will be interpreted, and answers to the most complex puzzles will be solved. This time is coming sooner than you think, maybe even in your own life span. If not your own, maybe your children, or your children's children. Your simple goal on Earth is to help advance our kind to that age, to bring the human race closer to its overall destiny.

We have seen the encounter of two unique ages in time--another one coming very soon. They are the three steps civilization must overcome and will overcome as an overall society. There are moments in our age where the changes develop radically, at other times their are transitions. The span or interval of time for these three ages will be very dissimilar, considering when and how our people take the next steps towards the ultimate goal.

Simply look at the facts.

The beginning of our age of course is very controversial. Some believe that it was a time of peace and serenity in which creation was performed by a spiritual existence. That a very sort age of time span existed in which man and woman shared a perfect lifestyle under the winds of their creator. This sort time led to the events in which man and woman would share and learn of the knowledge of an existence good and evil, and unleash it onto the world. Suddenly, times of pain, strive, and toil prevailed in which man and woman would have to live in a very low state. Ever since then, we have been transcending to the time in which we were of that peace and great happiness.

Others believe that the beginning was originated by other factors in our universe, in which the dawn of human existence took very, very long time to develop. That creation took a extremely long process in which there was a time the populace would be acquired. Whatever you might hypothesize, it really makes no difference, only the fact that their could have been a very short moment in time that a spiritual type of age could have existed.

Now we come to the age of human history, the Physical age. An age in which the hoe and sword prevailed for many, many centuries, maybe even more then we realize. We find of course that this was a great interval of time until it reached a point of transition. Yet consider the possible reasons why this is so. For one, it takes a substantial amount of time simply because it was a step that defined all steps, such as the usage of writing, mathematics, religion, and science. You can understand how hard it really was to spread truths of ideals and observations to others, in which at earlier times their was basically only oral communication. Much of the information was altered and changed, yet some still exist to this day. For example, it took a very long time for written pieces of works to be developed until persons, such as the name of Johann Gutenberg in the 15th Century, and others, began to develop the printing press using a very basic sense.

And this is the time in which the Mental Age began to spread like wildfire. During the times of the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions, there was a time of transition between the Physical and Mental age. Knowledge instead of strength began to find its way into our kind as a great source of power and ability, making our lives easier and more convenient. As people began to use their minds more and more conciderably, people began to spot out corruptions and evils that existed among them. Some spoke out the name of freedom, equality and order, breaking their silence to be heard over kings and high officials.

Within the interval of the Mental Age, I find that there were three types of tools that expanded our knowledge about our universe that were the most effective and interesting in relation to our advancements as a people.

The first tool I find being of extreme importance is the recapturing of reality. The Photograph invented and improved by people such as Thomas Wedgewood and Sir Humphry Davy in the 18th century, Louis Jacques Mand?aguerra of the 19th century, James Clerk Maxwell, and others. Then came the Motion Picture, which were came up with by inventors such as Peter Mark Roget, ?ienne Jules Marey, William K. L. Dickson, the Lumi? brothers, D. W. Griffith, and others. Realize the significance of these advances in our culture, in which we could actually have a snapshot or a set of snapshots of something that existed in the past. A more precise and accurate way of harnessing time to which no one could truly discern its real value.

Secondly, the realization of connection and communication in the grandest scale began to have a giant impact in the world. We have the wire, the telephone, the radio, the television, the facsimile, and so many others inventions which provided us with the information of the ourselves and the world that exist around us. Telecommunications of course still hasn't reach its final stages at all, and before you know it, you may find advancements beyond what civilization could never have done before.

Third and finally, especially at the beginning of the 20th century, we now have the amazing advancement of the expression of movement. The Airplane, the motor vehicle, the helicopter and military tank, as well as the space shuttle. We can now transverse our presence in many different locations, places we at one time considered as imagination or Science Fiction. Today we see it as a very solid reality.

These three inventions in the Mental Age were basically time machines, believe it or not. They were the tools that broke so many of the barriers in which time on Earth had never experienced before. Yet these were only advancements-you have to also consider the retreats of advancement, such as the wars and strife that pounded our society with World Wars and other incidents. Still, we seem to find the motivation and the strategy to make it were advancement is increasing at steady and incline rates.

The final stages of the Mental Age is upon us, and slowly but surly we are catching a very good glimpse of the Spiritual Age which is to come. We are now during a major transition, in which religion and spirituality are being revived into the ears of the populace. In entertainment, songs and moves now speak of a very spiritual existence. Even in economics, politics, science, philosophy, there is very much consideration on a Spiritual Age.

In the Physical Age, it was all about strength; in the Mental age, it was about knowledge; and now, as we strive to reach the Spiritual Age, it is about understanding. People are struggling to understand why we are here, what is our purpose on this Earth. Ideals seem to be spreading like wildfire, in which views can easily be given to another, even if the one you are reaching is on the other side of the globe.

How is this done? One of the greatest tools we have today is the Internet. The Internet I find is a very unique tool in which we are to understand how the Spiritual realm works, a set of questions that have been asked for hundreds of generations. Imagine talking to someone, such as Plato, and tell him about this unseen world in which everyone believes is existing in our time, and can all be a part of it. A realm in which the windows of the world are open to anyone who wants to do so by using a simple code or address, giving them the chance to be heard. A power of creation that comes with only a stroke of a key. Of course, it would be very, very hard for Plato to believe you, nor could they really conceive your words.

People consider Plato as a genius, or other people that found out about things that others did not yet comprehend. Really all a genius is, as I define it, is a person who is adapted or taped into a realm in which, at the present time, no one really is. For example, consider Leonardo De Vinci. He had a very mental perception in a Physical age. Jesus, Buddha, etc. had a very spiritual conception during the Physical Age. There are, of course, so many more. They are simply at a different place at a different time. I believe that Leonardo De Vinci would have been more like us if he had been existing at our present time of today.

You see, all these geniuses or inspirational people use was a basic law in the universe. The same as with the Physical laws like gravity. There are also laws dealing with the Spiritual and Mental existence, in which all you have to do is know and understand them to use them. Dealing with the coming of the Spiritual Age, we have heard of people talk about miracles. This is simply a spiritual law, or a composition of spiritual laws. One such law is to give and you shall receive. A very simple law that hold much truth considering the spiritual realm.

What is to come is what I call the Spiritual Awakening, in which will be the next great step of civilization. This is our goal as a individual and as a society. This is the future, whether we like it or not. We make the future happen because it is in our nature, and because we learn of our purpose, we find that life is actually and has actually been worth living. As for you, do what you know you should do and do it well, for times may change in ways you cannot perceive them.



I can very much see I have evolved some since this lecture was written, especially when it comes to perception. It is actually rather embarassing to read this.

There are some things though I still advocate, such as the existance of spiritual, mental, etc. laws. As far as the structure of human history is concerned, it seems I have harnessed a further depth in such. In fact, I find the lecture rather limited and can see my imaturities.

I do not understand why I would write such a lecture for a Jedi (let alone a Shadow Jedi) website. Perhaps it was based on some of the thoughts Shinobi had shared to me.

I remember a lot of discussions with him and we greatly talked about the spiritual connection we both were seeking. Although there are private moments I cannot share about him, I know he was a very passionate and strong person. He wouldn't say anything yet had everyone's devine attention. And he spoke whatever was on his mind. I remember he would put a lot of people down and some people at the FA, as well as some Shadow Jedi, didn't like it. Yet the most interesting thing is no one ever attempted to really stand up to him. He was a person you didn't want against you - and he sometimes got downright angry.

I think the thing which helped me click with him was that we both saw some major problems with the Jedi, which he called Light Jedi. He told me I techinically was a Shadow Master since I believed the self should be enforced in order to help others, and other Shadow traits. But I know the problems he saw with the Jedi path helped a lot of people see what sort of hypocrites Jedi were at that time.

Very idealistic period for me. I don't know if these sort of lectures will come out again.