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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Law of Manifestation

Law of Manifestation

Law of Manifestation

The sense that I am using the term is not the idea of creating something in the physical or non physical world/ plane, but more of different paths of objects, people, animals and so on will cross each other at proper times if allowed, thus allowing things to appear in one's life at the right time.

Here are my thoughts on the matter that I have posted on another site.

Even before I knew about the term, and I have been aware about it for a few years now, I have slightly suspected it, although not with true belief. Today, my belief on the matter has not changed too much due to my more suspicious, questioning nature. Though, despite this, I do find myself, especially when I'm desperate, believing in the concept. Although that then turns my thoughts around to questioning the idea. It is my feeling that when I'm in a pinch and willing to believe, that isn't real belief and therefore I don't like to count those kinds of experiences. I rather logically reason with myself as to why a theory or belief works or doesn't to official declare it's truth. But now that you know where I stand, I will go into more detail with my dealings of manifestation.

No one memory pops out, but more of a blur of various things that point towards manifestation. I mostly remember needing to find some, a paper, a book, an article of clothing. Many a time I won't find it because I'm running around and looking in the same places over and over, refusing to think and calm down. For the times that I can get myself to stop running like a chicken without it's head, I'll use remote viewing skills. I'll stop, relax, clear my mind and allow my feelings, or tuition as you might call it, to let me know where to go. This skill has worked enough times that I use that method first.

Another method that I think we have all experienced is the stop looking and wanting it and you'll find it. So when I can't find the object that I want and there isn't a urgent, dad screaming at me, need to find it, I let it go and proceed with my day. Sometimes I'll stop looking for that object and look for another thing to then find the first object purely by "accident".

Of course, manifestation says this accident was not an accident at all. I suppose the act of giving up your will, allows life, fate, god(s), or whatever to present it you. If you call it gods or fate, I guess you could say that life felt that you were not ready for this object and later on you were. I've certainly has events in my life that had that happen.

An example of that would be recent. I badly enough wanted to go back home for a funeral (mostly for the excitement of a trip and not so much the funeral), but it snowed the night before and I had to call it off. I was greatly sadden by this, but I felt, and still do, it was life's way of keeping me safe. I was so desperate to go on this insane, long trip, I probably would have wreaked the car in some way. Of course there is the possibility that wouldn't of happened, but I think my emotions would have been to high. So I didn't go on the trip, but I still hold life will present me with sometime else to make up for that delay and it will be equally exciting, but far safer.

So if I understand this correctly, the law of manifestation really is about stop fighting the way of life and to surrender your will. Stop wanting and worrying for something and let it come to you. This is hard for all humans and especially me who is a true fighter in everything.

Feel free to comment at will.