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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Jedi Knight – A Jedi, Part 2

Jedi Knight – A Jedi, Part 2

As a Jedi you may be appointed the guardian of a system. Anyone of the countless systems in use. To effectively watch over your charge, you must understand it, as well as its history and its functions. You must come to know the systems as well as you know yourself. If not, your efforts will be wasted. So how are you to know which system to research? Study them all.

While a Jedi may be a Force for peace he must remain vigilant against evil…

Many people who do not take the time to investigate it thoroughly too often reject the Jedi Way, all to quickly. Its growth-orientation, instinct-to-spirit spectrum, and transpersonal nature earn it instant dismissal because it is seen as "too mystical" or "The foolish fancy of those who are to heavily influenced by a series of films." Also the fact that it is a tradition that must be experienced --- it cannot be learned from books. Cause many who are unwillingly to take the leap required of them to realizing this psychology in their lives frequently attack it in word and print with remarkable lack of understanding.

The Jedi have been, and continue to be, widely misunderstood and viciously attacked due to their insights into the nature of reality and their creativity. It is one of those unfortunate facts of life that insight and creativity have never been welcomed by societies at large; the majority of people seem to prefer, instead, theories and lifestyles that imprison them. It is easier to live within the dictates of someone else's philosophy than live with the fear incurred through developing freedom, individuality, and personal wisdom. The more you rely on technology to do the work for you, the farther you get from the essence of the creative power of your own channeled intentions. Be aware that technology can blind you to perceptions of broader realities.

As a Jedi you must learn to control your emotions. This does not mean to ignore them. On the contrary, you should make certain to understand how you are feeling at all times. Your task is to observe these thoughts and emotions, not to blindly act on them. Step back for a moment from the cage that is your corporeal existence. Enter the vastness of the Force, where all beings and objects exist as one. There you will discover the answers to all your queries, where you will find guidance, where you will finally recognize your role in the universe. Throughout the adventures of your limited life you must always come to this place to find the true path, the way of light.

Few beings receive the Force's call to join the Jedi, this band of scholars, healers, and warriors. And of those who begin the journey, only a dedicated few eventually become full-fledged Jedi.

Premonitions and Visions:

Some Jedi experience premonitions, dreams and visions. Sometimes these events seem to be little more than random, impressionistic images, but at other times they are crystal clear glimpses of past, present, or possible future events. There will be much debate as to the cause of these phenomena --- perhaps it's the Jedi's subconscious at work, or perhaps it's simply a different way of sensing tremors in the Force --- but these occurrences can warn a Jedi of impending danger or summon the Jedi to "crisis areas" where their unique abilities are needed.

The Jedi Way is more then just a system of techniques for controlling, sensing, and altering the Force. It is a philosophy of existence in which the individual sees his true nature as a part of a larger whole. The Jedi seeks to live in harmony with the universe, focusing on discipline and awareness to reach his goal. Many are the temptations to grasp at ephemeral equilibriums, to create conflict between nature and the mind, to fall onto easier paths. This the Jedi strives to avoid at all costs, no matter how dear.

A Jedi should focus his efforts on creating harmony between all beings. They detest violence of any sort; reluctantly engaging in combat only after all other attempts at conflict resolution have failed. A Jedi must always act from a position of peace and understanding, never out of fear or anger. Using the Force for selfish purposes --- self-gain, egotism, even convenience --- crosses the boundary between the light and the dark sides. A Jedi must not allow evil to take place once they become aware of its working. To remain aloof in situations where a Jedi's intervention would prevent the dark side from attaining another foothold is the same as helping it do so. A Jedi must constantly be wary of his path, making certain he does not stray toward the dark side, but remains firm in the light.

While the dark side does not outclass the light side in any way, it does offer a seemingly quicker --- yet more costly --- path to power. The dark side thrives on black thoughts, words, and actions, inducing beings to engage in such wickedness in exchange for ability to wield the Force to commit subsequent evil acts. Often the darkness manifests itself in a subtle way to mask its presence from an individual as it coaxes him to stray further from the light. Only after the being has performed the act does the dark side reveal itself, pointing out how simple and easy power comes to those who fulfill its wishes. With such black-hearted deeds, the being steps further down the path to full immersion in the dark side, losing most of his former self in the process.

Remember we ALL have darkness within us. It is what makes us living beings, bound by the Force. We can never brush that darkness away. It is within us always. We can only learn to control it, like a dangerous beast that must be kept upon a chain.
The first goal of a Jedi is to maintain order and further the cause of peace…

Being a Jedi will not be an easy thing. Though the very name conjures images of gallant heroism, Jedi themselves do what they must for the good of all life. Neither embracing adventure nor avoiding it, Jedi bring peace and justice wherever beings have lost their way. Jedi wield the energy they call the Force. They use it to perceive and affect the world around them in ways incomprehensible to others.
The Jedi should be a defender and protector of justice. By his example, belief in the Force will be accepted if not always understood.
There are some beings attuned to the Force. Whether they understand it or not, they can feel the Force flowing through them. Of those that are sensitive to the Force, Any who study it's ways can learn to manipulate its energy. The Jedi fall into this category, using their knowledge of the Force to give them their powers. But they are not the only ones. Understanding of the Force manifests in many ways.
Even those who don't believe in the Force and aren't particularly attuned to its flow can call upon the Force without understanding what they are doing. When a stroke of amazing luck occurs, or fate seems to be on their side and helps them accomplish a difficult objective, it is the force coming to their aid.

A Jedi is aware, but he does not waste time in mindless contemplation. When action is required, a Jedi Acts.

It is a foolish Jedi who thinks he has the strength of character to walk the path of the dark side and not be touched by it; that he can use the power of the dark side for the benefit of the universe.

The deep subconscious of a Force-sensitive person is shielded by a protective barrier, which prevents another Force wielder from penetrating his or her inner mind. This shield pushes violently back at the intruder. This "shield" is an involuntary defense mechanism maintained by every Force-sensitive person. The magnitude of the backlash generated by the shield depends on the person's strength in the Force.

The dark side philosophy is very different from the Jedi Code. Whereas a Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, a dark side user uses the Force to bend the universe to his will. The Jedi manipulates the Force passively, while in a state of calm and control. The dark side user gives himself over to his passions, and channels the Force by harnessing the power of anger, fear, hate, love, and jealousy. To use any dark side power is to relinquish any claim to call oneself a Jedi. Even the minor powers of the dark side are extremely dangerous for Jedi to use. Since they lead to the darkness. While it is true that a Jedi uses his power only for defense, never for attack, it is equally true that a Jedi must nevertheless prepare with great vigilance, for only the Force knows when you may face your greatest battle.

The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.

The mysterious energy field known as the Force permeates the universe. It is created by life, found everywhere, a part of everything. It lies beyond that which can normally be perceived, yet a few beings know how to feel its ebb and flow. With practice and study, Jedi learn to manipulate that energy, gaining control over life, thought and matter.

The Force is the foundation of the beliefs of the Jedi.

A Jedi's aim is not to encourage fighting but to minimize it and curtail it.

A Jedi who kills innocent people, causes unnecessary or gratuitous injury, or uses the Force while angry or hateful is already well on his path to being a servant of the dark side. The Force is an essential part of nature --- like energy or matter --- but it has yet to be quantified and analyzed. The Force is not to be understood in the same manner as the physical qualities of the universe. The laws of physics are observable; technology is predictable and readily controlled. The Force is neither controlled nor controlling --- it is a part of life itself; asking if it controls or can be controlled is like asking if a person controls his component cells or if they control him. It is not known whether the Force has always been, came about as life evolved into intelligence, or if it coerced the evolution of intelligence. To the Jedi, it does not matter. It's enough to know that the Force is.

Even those who don't believe in the Force can unconsciously manipulate it and be manipulated by it. They may not be truly "Sensitive" to its flow, but they still call upon the Force without even realizing. These people seem to have an almost unnatural ability to accomplish their objectives, whether their intent is good or evil, or somewhere in between. The skeptical call it luck. The unbelievers may call it destiny or fate. It is the Force.

A Call To Action:

A Jedi cannot allow evil to occur by inaction --- A Jedi who voluntarily stands by and allows evil to be committed is encouraging the forces of darkness. Jedi are bound by the actions of those around them. It is not acceptable for a Jedi to associate with those who willfully commit evil. When a Jedi is confronted by a situation where evil is being committed, the Jedi must act to prevent that evil. There are a variety of means at the Jedi's disposal --- persuasion, creating a distraction, armed action or simple mind tricks --- but intervention is necessary.

Tremors in the Force:

The Jedi lives in harmony with the Force, sensing its flow, drawing upon its energies … and sometimes perceiving "disturbances" and "presences" in that flow. The actions of others can cause disturbances in the Force. A lone individual's impression might be like a candle flickering in the wind, while a great tragedy or act of great good may be like a sudden burst of lightning. Those who manipulate the Force often and with great power shine like the light of a sun. Each time a Jedi draws on the Force, there is a slight tremor as the Force is subtly altered. If the Force is used sparingly and with harmony in the natural order of things, such tremors are slight and barely detectable even at close ranges.

Those who frequently use the Force cause many, many tremors. When the Force is relied upon --- used constantly to bend the universe to fit the will of the user --- such tremors may be great enough that Jedi even at great distances may detect them. Those who use the Force as a crude instrument of power are very likely to come to the attention of others. New Jedi students are particularly likely to be detected. In their desire to master their powers, they often manipulate the Force … yet their dabbling, if to frequent, draw the attentions of other nearby Force-users.

The dark side is perhaps the greatest threat a Jedi can face. It's always lurking in the shadows, a quick and easy temptation for an undisciplined Jedi filled with anger and frustration. The Jedi must be honorable and noble since Force-sensitives who act ambiguously are easily corrupted to the dark side.

A Jedi does not grasp at power. A Jedi is not a dominator, nor an oppressor. To grasp for power is to abandon the ways of the Force. Such a one ceases to know the Force, except in his dark side. To grasp at power is to take up the path that leads to destruction. The Dominator is the enemy, yes. But the Jedi does not use the dark side of the dominator against him.

Thinking is closer to trying then doing. Changing the future has got to require action, not just planning for action. While a Jedi acts in defense and not out of aggression, that doesn't mean aggressively putting a defense into place is bad.

Everyone is equal because the Force is in everyone. Jedi should not reject or look down or up to anyone because of social class, race, and creed because these things are artificial and because they stop the Jedi from seeing others as the Force sees them.

In all matters success depends on preparation; without preparation there will always be failure. When what is to be said is previously determined, there will be no difficulty determined, there will be no occasion for vexation. When general principles are previously determined there will be no perplexity to know what to do.