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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Jedi Code - Jediism Way

Jedi Code - Jediism Way

The Jedi Code is one of the foundations that make up a Jedi. When tlaking to other Jedi you will find many different versions and variations of the code. The original Jedi Code is, there is no emotion; there is peace, there is no ignorance; there is knowledge, there is no passion, there is serenity, there is no death; there is the Force. That is the original code that a number of Jedi use to this day. However, with this code there is also much confusion. A code should be simply stated and should be very easy to understand. If that forumal is applied to the code mentioned people think that Jedi are not supposed to have emotion, just one example. Everytime the code is stated you will often see multiple paragraphs following just to explain it. Many of us at Jediism live by the meaning of the code as many of us came to the realizations mentioned in the code before we ever came across the one mentioned above. We decided it was time to revise the original code so it was still simple to read and remember but also easy to understand just from reading. The following code is the Jedi Code that The Jediism Way uses.
Control the emotion to act through peace.
There is no ignorance if you seek the knowledge.
Do not be clouded with passion but clear with serenity.
Do not fear death for the Force is with you.
The Jediism Way members feel this code makes the most sense and is very easy to understand without the need of a lot of extra explanation. Now, not every member uses this code or they use a different version of the code. Many indivuduals will create a code entirely their own. However, in most of the codes you will come across they will have the roots seen in the code above though they may be worded entirely differently. There is no one right code but there also needs to be a foundation in place and the code above is that foundation. Below you will find the original Jedi Code along with explanations afterward about each line. Those explanations are also applicable to the offical Jedi Code of the Jediism Way. Below the original Jedi Code you will also see a section that will show you other variations that have been seen around the Jedi Community. Some of the codes you will find are the same as the original Jedi Code with just a line or two added. We want everyone to be exposed and see all the possibilities that are out there. Reflect on what you see on this page and determine if the official code from above is right for you and if not take the time to come up with one that applies for you. Remember, what is found in all the codes here is part of the Jedi Beliefs so you must be careful that you do not stray too much from the intent of what is said. The Jedi path is very individualistic but there is a underlying foundation that must be present and this is one of the underlying foundations.

The Original Jedi Code
There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no death; there is the Force.

You will find many different interpretations of each line of the code. Below is listed a few different interpretations. For the most part they all have the same core meaning just worded differently.

There is no emotion; there is peace.

I. To an experienced Jedi, this is a pretty self-explanatory line, but for those who might not know its meaning, this line of the Jedi code talks of keeping a state of Jedi Calm. Jedi Calm is different from normal calm in many different ways. A person is calm only when the situation needs it. They have to try to be somewhat calm in the face of tragedy of excitement, which usually only lasts for a moment, of fails completely. The Jedi, on the other hand, rely on their calm to access the knowledge the Force has to offer them. They must strive to keep this calm at all times so that they might act upon the will of the Force. This calm is taught early on, and strengthened during combat training of the young Jedi. The peace brought on by true calm is the only way to fully access the power of the Force.

II. This does not mean that we are emotionless, just that we do not let our emotions guide our actions. The Jedi's actions come from compassion for our fellow man. By keeping our emotions in check, recognizing them, but not let them guide us, we find peace. This statement is a reminder that our actions do not come from our emotions, but from the compassion that comes from our peaceful state of mind.

There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.

I. This is a line that means many things to a Jedi. First, the surface meaning is that a Jedi should strive for rounded intelligence in all things they have to deal with. They cannot be ignorant of the places they go or the situations they try to help if they can avoid it. This means study hard all aspects of life, not just the Force and the Jedi Way. Learn about anything that one may find useful in some dispute. Learn the law, which is a very important one. A Jedi can do not good if they are in jail. As I said, this line has more than one meaning, and one of its hidden meanings is that through trust in the Force, knowledge is attained. The Force tells us what we need to know when the need arises. It may not come in the form of just instantly knowing, but it might come in the form of stumbling on a book on the ground, or being drawn to read a pamphlet Even just seeing something can help bring knowledge, helping to "connect the dots" in your mind. Trust in the Force, and it will teach you much.

II. Ignorance is the absence of knowledge. By keeping a closed mind to things we become ignorant to the things the world has to offer us. If we keep open minds to things we gain knowledge. Keeping an open mind on things allows us to take in information, separate fact from fiction, and research what we don't know.

There is no passion; there is serenity.

I. This line reads as if it meant the same as the first. Sorry to say, it doesn't. This line speaks of the physical attachment a person usually has to other people and things. It is good to have drive to do certain things, but to let that drive run everything you are, that is allowing to become a passion, and to overrun you. If you cannot control yourself, how can you ever hope to control the Force or your own inner darkness? This also forbids attachment and possession to other people. To have an emotional tie is to have something blinding you from the greater good. The Jedi cannot afford to let personal feelings invade their thoughts and actions. Their duty is to the Force, and to the Jedi Order. If you were to have to choose between saving a person you cared for from dying, or saving ten people you did not know from dying, chances are, you would choose to save the one you love. To anyone who has ever been in love and said they would save the ten, quit kidding yourself.

II. Passion comes from the Late Latin word passio "to suffer." By giving in to our emotions, becoming passionate about something, we suffer. Emotions are irrational and unpredictable, but letting them guide us, we become irrational and unpredictable. We then struggle for peace within and suffer for it. We then make others suffer from our irrational behavior. Serenity comes from, of course, serine, which means to be "marked by an utter sense of calm." Controlling our emotions, we are at peace and thus we become serine.

There is no death; there is the Force.

I. This line can be misleading to some. This does not mean being a Jedi will make you live forever. Sorry, folks, hate to break it to you like that. No, this shows that through the Force, our essence will never die. Our soul, our energy, it is part of the Force. As such, we are luminous beings encased in a shell tissue and organs, skin and bones. When the body dies, we do not die, but rather we move on to a higher plane of existence. We become one with the Force. Through this, we live on as all life. What better fate could a child of the Force have, but to live on for all time as part of all its children? The same is true of you. You are made up of an infinite number of the Force's children, their energies recycled back into the Force itself, maintaining its strength.

II. This I feel is self-explanatory. To the Jedi, death is a continuation of life. The Force is life itself. From The Force life comes and to The Force life returns. So when we "die" we become one with The Force, therefore there is no death.