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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Jedi Code by Xhaiden

Jedi Code by Xhaiden

Jedi Code: Line 1

There is no emotion; there is peace.

This does not mean a Jedi can not feel emotion.  A Jedi must learn how to control their emotion.  When emotions are not controlled you begin to react and make decisions on those emotions which can lead you down a dark path.  Have emotions but do not let them cloud your mind and interfere with your decisions.  

The first step in this is to learn how to turn on and off your emotions at will.  It can take a bit of time.  Some padawans will learn this very quickly and for some it could take years.  Don’t rush yourself through any of these exercises.  A great one to start with is sadness.  Think of something that makes you very sad.  Really get into that mindset.  It might be a family member that passed away, a pet, etc..  Let yourself be absorbed by the sadness.  Don’t just feel what it is like but really understand what it is like.  You have to be able to understand how the emotion feels before you can learn to turn it off and on so to speak.  What is the sadness you are feeling doing to your body, your mind, your reactions.  When you are in that mindset try doing some simple tasks and see how the emotion effects how you perform each task.  Don’t pick complicated tasks.  The results will vary from person to person but some things you might notice are it takes you extra time to complete the task, you move more slowly, the result of the task is sloppy, and so on.  While you are still in this mindset, begin to breathe deep, very slowly.  Breath in for 5 seconds steadily, hold for 5 seconds, breathe out steadily for 5 seconds, hold while lungs are empty for 5 seconds.  Repeat this about 5 -10 times.  While doing this, concentrate on the air moving in and out of your lungs.  Feel the Force coming into your body with each breathe.  Once you can feel that, then begin to let go of that sadness.  Don’t forget about it, just let go of it.  When you breathe out imagine the emotion of sadness just leaving your body with each breath.  For some people this might take as little as 5 cycles through the deep breathing and for others it could take 20.  The more you do this the shorter amount of time it will take.  Once you feel the emotion is gone or is at least not clouding your mind any more do another cycle of the deep breathing and just feel that positive energy of the Force filling you up.  When you stop, do the same task you did when you were feeling sadness and see if there was any difference in the result.  It might be a minor difference depending on the task but you will observe and notice a difference between when you were feeling sadness and when you were at calm with yourself.  Try this same exercise just with as many different emotions as possible.  Learn how you act with each emotion and then learn how to let it go.  In a nut shell you are learning how to turn on and off your emotions.  Take a little time each day and practice this and record your results in a journal so you can keep track of your progress.  This will take time to accomplish as in months or even possibly years.  Once you learn how to turn on and off your emotions you can move on to the next part of the lesson.  I should clarify, by turning on and off your emotion I do not mean you become a zombie who has no emotion.  By turning it off I mean simply you can recognize that the emotion is there and then you are able to turn it off so you can approach a situation and a task from a standpoint where emotion will not be a factor.  A Jedi can feel emotion but can not let it interfere with their decisions. 

Line 1 Lesson 2

There is no emotion; there is peace.

Here is the final lesson for now on the first line of the code.  Before moving on to this lesson be sure you have become accomplished on the first lesson of this line of the code.  You will begin to apply this to real situations in this lesson so I caution you to be sure you have become accomplished on the first lesson.  

Now that you have mastered the first lesson we can begin learning to apply this in real time situations.  I would start with fear on this part of the lesson because you are not applying this with another person yet.  For example, my sister is afraid of spiders so I will use this example because no harm can really come from this; you are still in control of the situation.  So what you need to do is put yourself in a situation where you know there will be a spider.  Say you can always find one in your basement, so that’s where you will go for this part of the lesson.  As you walk to that basement door and open it you know your intent is to find a spider which you are scared of.  You should begin to feel the emotion of fear creeping into your body and mind.  Before you go any farther, get that fear out of your system, let go of it.  You have mastered the first lesson so you should have no problem letting go of that fear.  Proceed down those stairs and each time you feel fear coming back turn it off.  Now you are to the bottom of the stairs you see a spider across the basement.  Begin to walk towards it.  Do not let fear creep into your mind or body.  There is nothing to fear.  Fear is an emotion that is meant to get in the way.  Emotions do not control a Jedi.  Keep walking towards it, by now you should be right next to the spider.  If you have truly mastered the first lesson you should be feeling no fear.  As long as it’s not a poisonous spider pick it up, let it crawl across your hand.  It is part of the Force as you and I are.  Watch it and learn from its reactions.  Now you should be thinking why was I even scared of this spider?  It is because you let the emotion fear rule your actions and reactions.  I bet even at this time you might be laughing at yourself thinking, this was nothing to be scared of.  You don’t need to use this example because we all have different fears when we haven’t learned to control them.  Find what you fear and use the same steps and method as above to face that fear.  Do this with a couple of things and soon you will find you will not be ruled by that emotion no more.  Heights would be another great example you could use.   It might take you a couple of months to learn how to apply this in real time situations.  Eventually though it will become an automated response, muscle memory so to speak.  Once you can do these skills in situations that are 100% in your control start applying them in situations with other people.  If you are involved in an argument many begin to be run be the emotion anger.  Take and learn form the way you responded when learning how to control your other emotions and apply what you learned in these situations.  If you are known to be a hot head, you will be amazed how quickly people will begin to take notice of you becoming more at peace.  It is an amazing thing.  Again, this lesson can take months to years to learn.  Do not rush it.  Have patience and stick with it.  You will learn how to be at peace at all times soon enough and when that time comes your emotions will be even a greater asset to you as they are a part of who you are and not the emotions being who you are. 

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Line 3

There is no passion; there is serenity.

That is probably the least talked about line of the code. Many new people to the Jedi path tend to think this line is the same as there is no emotion; there is peace. In actuality, there is a difference between the two lines. This line is not saying have no passion. You need to learn how to control your passion so it does not control and take you over. I can think of a few people in my own personal life that have destroyed or come close to destroying their own lives from having too much passion. It's great to have that drive in doing something but letting that drive take over and be the only reason you function each day is no good. Some friends of mine when I was at college would practice so often and were so passionate about their practicing they would sometimes forget to go to class, eat, make an appointment and so on. It's great they wanted to practice their instrument but it was to such an extreme that it began interfering with the rest of their life and causing problems. I have also seen this many times in the business world also. How often do people around you and including yourself become so passionate about one task or goal that everything around you gets put on hold or the back burner? Hopefully you answer never but I am sure at least one person reading this could or will answer yes to that.

Now why do people at times become so passionate that the rest of their life suffers? There could be a couple reasons and I will just discuss a few of these. If there is one aspect of your life that is having lots of problems you dedicate your attention to one task to distract you from the other problem. I will use a personal example for this. Over the past few years I have been learning money management the hard way and now I'm finally recovering. It got to the point of being really bad and really started to take a toll on me. If I wanted I could have dedicated my entire days to practicing trumpet or studying to keep my mind off my money problems. I could have practiced my trumpet 10 hours a day. The urge is always there and still is but I also understand that many more things would suffer in my life if I went ahead and did this. Instead I dealt with my money problems head on and then used other activities as a relief; take my mind off of things for a little while. Don't use your passion as a way to not having to deal with another aspect of your life. Another example I have seen through talking with others that fell to this was someone who was traumatized as at an earlier point in their life whether they were molested or abused. They were so hurt by it that when they enter the working world they dedication themselves and become extremely passionate about their job. You tend to see these people quickly rise because of their dedication. They are at work for extended hours past what they are supposed to be working. They do this so for one, they keep their mind off of their problem and two; by working like this they don't have to go home and deal with the problem. The last one I will mention as an example is someone who becomes so passionate about something because it is the only thing they think they can do well. Many times these kind of people can't really make money off what they are spending all their time doing. Sometimes they are lucky and can earn some money but not all the time. Many of these types tend to have self-confidence issues. They don't think they are useful or productive to anyone so they find their one niche and that's all they do.

Now that is just a couple of examples. These are the ones I have witnessed through my own life or talking with others. There can be many reasons and other factors that lead people to do these things.

Part of being a Jedi is having personal responsibility and accountability. If you are using your passion as a reason to run away from something you are only harming yourself more. Eventually you will have to face whatever it is going on in your own life or it will only get worse. Why would anyone want to live this way anyways? Take some responsibility and accountability for your own life and deal with your problems head on. It is never going to be easy but who said it was going to be. Take a look at your own life. Is there a nice balance between all the things you do or is one thing receiving all or most of your attention. If you find something that is, figure out why. It's great to have passion for something but do not let it overrun your life or you will find the life you have made will fall apart very rapidly.

Line 4

There is no death; there is the Force. For me I believe in a so called partial reincarnation. I don't believe our whole spirit comes back but a part of it does. This is easier to show by example. I am a music teacher, band director more specifically. There are some kids occasionally that become a professional trumpet player (I'm a trumpet player so of course I have to use that at an early age. Many people say wow, they are a natural. I don't feel that is the case. I think when they were born, many different musical spirits within the Force became part of them so when they were old enough to begin playing them already had some of that knowledge pre programmed into them that they don't consciously know or feel. This is what I think happened with like Mozart and Beethoven as another example. I feel many people when they are born receive pieces of other spirits within the Force. When you become one with the Force by passing your knowledge and experiences along with everything that happened is part of the Force and parts of it can become part of a new being that is born into this great world. I hope this makes sense but that is how I feel about that line of the code.