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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Code as Illusion by Jax

Code as Illusion by Jax

I realized recently that another way to interpret the code is as a reminder of what is illusion in the universe, and what is not.  Basically, the first half of each line is an illusion relative to the universe, and the second half is what remains when you strip away that illusion. 
First, we start with emotions.  Emotions certainly seem real; we experience them in many ways.  But emotions are simply our expression of feelings, our reactions to how we feel about something.  The feelings are what are real.  You can look at it from a science basis.  Feelings are like raw data, information being communicated to us on a different level than verbal communication.  Emotions are what we do with the data.  We assign meaning based on how we interpret our data.  We define things, and try to model the data, but in the end, it's not what is actually there, but our interpretation. 
Back to emotions and feelings and the code, when you remove emotions from the equation, you are left with the raw data, or just feelings.  Thus we remain in a peaceful state because we are not tugged about by our emotional reaction.  Things just simply are.  Thus, there are no emotions (because they are illusions), there is peace (which is what is left when you strip the illusion.)
Ignorance is an illusion based in forgetfulness.  We, as part of all that is, already know everything there is to know.  But in coming to human form we have forgotten out of necessity.  What fun is experiencing a life if you already know all the answers?  But we can remember anytime we choose to by tapping into the force.  This is where our internal wisdom comes into play.  It's how we can know the answer to something even though we've never had previous experience with the situation.  We already know.  Thus, the illusion of ignorance is stripped away to reveal the knowledge that exists.
Passion is a bit trickier on the surface.  Part of passion is covered via emotions, as passion is a strong emotion.  However, passion is different in its single minded focus or tunnel vision.  Passion blinds us, so we can only see a very narrow view of a large situation.  That narrow view is a powerful illusion that we create in that moment.  When we strip away the illusion we exist in a state of serenity and calm, allowing us to see what is really there.
Death is the most difficult illusion for humans to deal with.  In general we see our physical selves, and in death, the ending of the body's physical processes.  But we are not our body.  We are our soul, or energy self, which is part of the Force.  The soul cannot die any more than the Force can cease to exist.  Physical death simply frees the energy self from the body, giving it the freedom to experience union with the Force without interference.  There it waits, experiencing complete oneness, until it decides to experience something new and enters physical form for instance.  So again, as with the others, when you strip away the illusion of death you are left with simply the Force - peaceful, all-knowing, serene and never ending.