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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Fear of the Code by Charles

Fear of the Code by Charles

I find it seems some are afraid of REALLY following the Jedi code in some ways. Here are my observations on that.

Firstly they try to make the code a minute to minute, second to second way of being, living, and doing all things, that is not what a code is for.

From on Code

A systematic collection of regulations and rules of procedure or conduct.

That's rules of procedure or conduct, not rules of self expression, personality, or even thought.

The Jedi Code is meant to be a light in the darkness (no puns intended) a way to guide a Jedi to right action when they are in doubt.

Now I bring the fear issue. Since the code is not a WAY of life, but a tool within life, a guide for "right" action it seems odd that so many interpret the code outside its literal translation. Since it is a code, it is used as a set of rules of conduct. With that in mind it seems people fear to really follow the code in their actions.

There is no emotion only peace. - Your presented with a situation, immediately you remove all emotion from your self as best as you can till you reach a state of peace, in that state you then move onto.

There is no passion only serenity. - The emotion is gone, but there is a driving need perhaps, something that goes deeper than emotion, a passion embeded deep with in. You use your training to bring fourth serenity.

There is no ignorance there is knowledge. - The action you are unsure of, as you must be unsure since you are using the code, is more than likely the result of ignorance. You must now obtain knowledge with what you have leanred. Use your abilities to see all points of view. Use your feelings to find truth in termoil.

There is no death there is only the Force. - You have reached the end of a situation, the end of part of a path, maybe even the end of your life. At this moment you realise there is no end in anything. There never could be an end, since there is no true beginning. The force is circular in that, it always has been, and always will be, if nothing else at least for you and what you can determine of it. There is no end then, only what is, and what it can be.

A Jedi should STRIVE to be in accordance with the Code at all times. Yet, it is not as if you should sit and judge each action with the code as a rule book. It is there when it is needed. Your feelings tell you what you should do, but only when they are not clouded with emotion, passion, ignorance, and the unwillingness to allow things to be beginnings instead of deaths.  (I know it sounds like I am going back on earlier posts, but if you consider feelings a sensory perception you see what I am saying.)

Some people explain away  the code, and in some ways I agree with that. For your daily routine the code is not NECESSARY, but it is useful. You can be many things in your life without emotion, passion, ignorance, and death. Emotion is the clouding of judgement. If we make emotion out to be the result of feelings, sensations as some claim it is then consider this - When you feel something, the emotion attached to it usually discourages the continuation of that feeling. Your around someone, you feel happy to be around them, the emotion of happiness clouds your judgement and you make a fool of yourself, or worse seem to be trying to control the other person. You enjoy doing something, but instead of allowing it to elevate you to a state of serenity you allow it to be a driving passion in your life. You know your lack of knowledge and rather than accept that and seek out what you do not know you prefer the safety of ignorance.

I say, don't take the code figuratively. Take it LITTERALLY as a guide to your life. Realise the true meanings of the words emotion, passion, ignorance, and death. Revel in the serenity, peace, knowledge, and Life of the Force.

Or, try it the other way, but if you do, as a suggestion, go all the way once, just once, let your emotions, passions, ignorance, and own inner death overwhelm you, and then take a breather and try the other way. No one will ever rid themselves of all emotions, passions, ignorance, or even death. For if we did we would ascend to a state of pure force attunement. Likely then we'd not be able to even tell anyone about it.

This is my take on the code, the way it is viewed by many but not all. The misunderstandings that have arisen from different interpretations, and an open welcome to have these ideas debated in this topic because honestly, I can see lots of merit and lots of errors in my reasoning and logic.

May the force be with you.