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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - The Jedi Code by Kitaru Sapien

The Jedi Code by Kitaru Sapien

As stated……

“There is no emotion; there is peace.” “There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.” “There is no passion; there is serenity.” “There is no death; there is the Force.”

Now, my thoughts on the JEDI CODES according to my lifes’ own Force lessons:

“There is no Emotion; there is Peace.”

Firstly, emotions, or the lack thereof in some, are the “Balance Beam” of humans. To be devoid of emotion, is to have a singular point on said “beam”, a beam that ceases to exist and which is virtually impossible to Balance. Peace means a balance-point of sanctuary, a revered state of being without strife. But what is Peace to the evil one? What is Peace to the chaotic one, the orderly one, the benevolent one? I contend that the Peace of the Force is a blending of all, and as a Jediistic person, to try to rid oneself of all emotion is to overtly strike an unbalancing….of course, if you thrive on imbalance, is that your Balance, or just the balance the Force has structured you with? What brings you Peace, and how does your Peace affect those in and around your space? For me, this reads….”There is Balanced Emotion, there is Peace.”

“There is no Ignorance; there is Knowledge.”

Here again, there is a question for me; what is ignorance? Is the primative tribal member who has never seen a jet ignorant for it? That individual can be said to know the Peace of a silent sky for their ignorance, and the Peace of a world that needs not the massive infrastructure to supports such human technological marvels. Who are we to display to them that in order for one to be Jediistic, one should be fully engulfed in knowledge? Surely such knowledge of jet aircraft would correct that particular facet of their total percieved ignorance, but would invariably horribly upset that person’s sense of known Peace. Again, another superb saying….”Ignorance is bliss.” We of the civilized world crave knowledge, but to my eye, this is the ultimate “slippery-slope”. In my experience, knowledge leads to many successes, and in some cases, Peace where there once was none, but it also leads to powerful imbalances. The ego craves knowledge for itself, emotions often crave knowledge for affirmation and understanding even if misguided, and virtually all seek knowledge for a “better life”, but what is that? Knowledge surely brings an end to suffering in many regards, and can bring rewards in life, but knowledge is just as potently a bringer of dismay and dispair as in being knowledgeable about one’s own unstoppable cancer. For a Jediistic Code, this one troubles me greatly. It opens up too many Paths to imbalance, it is an end-all statement that presupposes that Knowledge, or more specifically a total lack of ignorance, is the key, a great Jediistic Path to the Force, which again, to my eye, defies reality. We have not perfect knowledge of the Force, thus overtly ignorant of it’s totality, and yet many of us are completely at Peace with it. What say you? Do we need to know all to be Jediistic? To me, this reads…..”There is Balanced Ignorance, there is Peaceful Knowledge.”

“There is no Passion; there is Serenity.”

In this part of the Code, I find another anomoly, another aspect of the Jediistic Code in conflict with my own life truths. Too many times, I find serenity in the simplest things, and most often in the things I am most passionate about. My life is about compassion for those in need, a hallmark of Jediism as I see it, and something I am extrodinarily passionate about. To lessen my compassion to aid others, would be to substantially weaken one of the very cornerstones of my Jediistic principles. And there is this pervasive problem I have with that one word……..NO……..”Only the Sith deal in absolutes.” It is in all our Codes, is it not? This Code to me, reads….”There is deliberate Passion, there is purposeful Serenity.”

“There is no death; there is the Force.”

Here I almost completely agree. The Force seems to be all energy, all things, all change, always has been, always will be, all-encompassing unto itself. Death is a factor of change, and thus a factor of the Force, one with the Force. Without death, there is no life, without decay, there is no transition, without aging, there is no youth. As is the Force, so is the Force. What say you? To me, this reads……”There is change, there is the Force.”