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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Positive Energy

Positive Energy

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This is one of those personal spur of the moment writings.  I notice when people go through a rough time they tend to get really negative in their attitude or thinking.  When times get tough people tend to go right for the negative side of things.  It could be oh, my life sucks right now, and nothing in my life is going right.  I just lost my job or I can’t find a job.  Society is out to get me, and so on.  This isn’t a rule but from personal experience and observation I find this is the case a majority of the time.  I use to be guilty of this myself.  

I won’t go into much detail but to show something by example I will use what I’m going through.  I finished my B.A. in Music Ed up in Maine and moved back to NY with my girlfriend to get started in the professional world since Maine wasn’t where I wanted to be.  We moved in with my mother temporarily till we got on our feet thinking it wouldn’t take too long.  It would be just a matter of me gaining employment.  Where I’m at I have the opportunity to earn around $32,000 a year, so a comfortable living for sure.  Well it’s now been a year and a half, thinking we’d be here a year at most.  I still don’t have a job because of the job market in the area right now but I can’t even get a basic money in the bank at least job.  My girlfriend has a steady good job but not enough to move out to our own place as of yet.  We have enough trouble paying our bills because my subbing isn’t too steady but its helps a little at least.  Anyways, I make sure to maintain a positive attitude; sure it’s tough at times.  I look at the good things like I’m back in school, can go out to the park and have a good time, go over and hang out with friends, etc..  I don’t let all that negativity drag me down.  I use meditation to also help really focus the positive energy and help give myself some direction.  My girlfriend has a tendency to get bogged down by all that and it’s easily noticeable by her demeanor.  When I notice this I just really talk about the positives and really jut try and feed her some positive energy and within no time she’s back to her good ole’ self.  I’m not using this as a poor me so I hope no one sees it that way.  I just wanted to use it as an example.  I know this is only temporary and soon enough things will turn around.  I trust in the Force and where it will guide me.

Staying positive can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you watch a lot of news.  The media is big on the doom and gloom scenarios and it’s pretty obvious.  The stuff that was coming out about New Orleans the night before Katrina hit was down right scary but WAY over exaggerated.  The same thing but to a lesser extent was said about Rita.  Yes it was bad but the way the doom and gloom spread was just ridiculous.  I one family member in NASA who is stationed right near Corpus Christy (SP?) and another soon to be family member near Beaumont.  I know what it’s like to fall into that doom and gloom mode but that’s a great opportunity to shut off what you hear and meditate.  Meditate on what you know to be true and you will see things are not as bad as some would want you to believe.  I believe as I know many of you do too that everyone should meditate whether you are a Jedi, Christian, Jewish, etc..  Now matter how rough, bad, doom and gloom things seem find that positive energy and let it flow through you, your family, and friends.  Too many people jump at the negative but never give any thought to all the positives.  Meditation can really help you focus that positive energy.  Take 5 minutes periodically throughout the day or when you were just confronted with some strong negativity and meditate to get that positive flow going again.  Just because you are being positive doesn’t mean you don’t acknowledge the negative.