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    For a while now I’ve been posting threads in the Faculty Training forum about Zen, using koans, quotes, sayings, and stories to challenge the thinking of the teachers here at the academy.  I decided that this is something that everyone here could benefit from, and so I’ll be posting them here from now on. 

    My suggestion as you read these is that you read the post, and respond in whatever way comes to mind before reading the responses of others.

    I’ll start things off with a quote by Walker Percy:

    “The search is what anyone would undertake if he were not sunk in the everydayness of his own life.  To become aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto something.  Not to be onto something is to be in despair.”


    I take this quote somewhat personally.  The “search”, in my life, has been the Jedi path.  The many times that I’ve taken leave from the community have always ended up leaving me in a kind of “despair” from not being “onto something”.  So no matter how long I’m gone, whenever I come back, as I did recently, I resume the “search”… for truth, for meaning, for purpose, or whatever.

    I feel that many people in this world are not on a search of any kind, which leads to their despair.  To show them that there is something to look for spiritually is one of the greatest gifts you can share.


    I certainly can relate to what both of you have written. My “grail” has also been the Jedi life, but I didn`t know it. All I needed to do was to let go of what I thought it should look like. I looked and tried many different places and my “despair” grew increasingly. Paradoxically I feel it was the depth of my despair which kept me going, because in my heart I knew somewhere there would be a possibility for me. And even if I had lost a lot of energy and time, I certainly gained in conviction and understanding.


    If you don’t feel like you’re able to go anywhere, it’s very easy to be trapped in your life.  Feeling trapped is horrible.  It’s so important to feel like there is something stimulating.  For instance, the possibility of a trip in the future is just as freeing as taking the trip itself sometimes.  It’s when we feel there is no option, no hope, that we fall into despair.  Many people are suicidal when that happens.  I think it’s because we are all freedom seeking beings.  When we feel there is no hope left to get out of where we’re at, that’s very bad.

    For me, this happens when I get caught up in survival mode and get sucked into all the wrong ideas of how things ‘have to’ happen in life.  I have to step back and remind myself that there are no rules, and I can find a solution just like every other time something happened in my life.  But I’m also a naturally resilient person and have never been very far off my path, whatever that is. 


    I have always viewed my search as a quest…or a path for deeper meaning.  A search to be more specific for my higher power and peace at the end of this life.  If I ever give up this search, then my whole life can fall into ruin.  And then I am not the happy little yoda…lol



    I’ll reply to this when it’s not so late and I’m not so tired. I’m stealing this quote though.
    Much love,


    The Search for higher meaning drives each and every one of us. It is what drove us from the trees. (If you’re into the whole Darwinian philosophy). Nature only intended us to be equipped with a bicameral mind. We can only see and react to what is in front of us; i.e. An abimal in the forest sees the fire that has started and just runs for their own preservation, a human sees the same fire and rushes headlong into it to preserve the people and possessions they treasure most. It is that very form of concious decision making that seperates us, and for some reason makes us the wiser of the two species.
    (almost makes me want to get back into the trees)
    kind of ironic, I suppose we choose to make our brains take those enormous leaps in evolution because our very nature dictates and demands that we do so or perish.
    May The Force Be With Us All.

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