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    Jedi Nitro
    Your Path

    There is little more important than us understanding ourselves and our path.

    We shouldn’t follow a path blindly, and this is the reason why we question what we do. Why do we bother being Jedi? Who do I do all this? We come to pauses in our life as we attempt to figure out answers to the question that echo in our mind.

    This is a vital step. You must not follow something you do not want too, or feel unhappy about. Take your time at this crucial point. It is probably natural to question your purpose many times in you life. It is not a sign of weakness, rather a sign of self-growth and understanding.

    Your intent has a great affect on your outcome. With time you will know your path, your place and your purpose. Follow your heart and search deep inside and you will have no doubt what you want.

    Time outs, breathers, and stepping away from regular routine and priorities can leave you a little behind but sometimes they are necessary in growing.

    This is your life; this is your path and your story. Where the story leads to is your choice. You decide your fate.


    Very interesting Jedi Nitro.


    Well said, Nitro.  Well said :)

    Hybrid Dawn

    Very nice.


    It’s a topic that has been raised elsewhere recently, I wanted to highlight this thread as I just stumbled across it, and agree with everyone else.  Well said.   


    Why follow in somebody else’s path when you get to write your own novel series? Makes perfect sense. An independent life is a life made of strong choices.


    Well said, as the others already posted. It also fits a phrase my Martial Arts teacher likes to quote: “My way in the martial arts is different from yours. So you have to go your own one and I have to go mine. If they run in parallel for a while, it is fine, if not, it is fine as well.”
    As You said, everyone of us has to walk and follow his own way in life and none of them can be the same. Makes perfectly sense to me.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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