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    Notes from Neale…

    My dear friends…

    During the spiritual renewal retreat that we finished almost two weeks ago in Dorset, England, I told the participants that the Number One Message of Conversations with God is that We Are All One. We are, in other words, One with each other, One with Life, and One with God.

    This means, in a sense, that we are God.

    Well, not “in a sense.” I don’t want to equivocate on that. It means we are God no matter how you look at it. Yet there is a way to step into that, there is a way to embrace that and to live that, which can make it much more functional in your life.

    I am clear that the message “you are Divine,” or “you are God,” is absolute truth. I am also clear that you and I are individuations of the Divine – and that statement has important implications.

    There is only One Thing, and all things are part of the One Thing That Is. I call this One Thing “God.” To me, God is The Singularity. That is, there is Only One Of It, and everything that “is” is “It”. Yet there is a distinction between The Singularity and The Singularization of that Singularity.

    I believe that The Singularity (God) singularized Itself into a million-billion-kajillion parts that I call “Singularizations.” I believe each such Singularization is made of the “same stuff” as the Whole – but in differing degrees, thus allowing differing expressions.

    I believe The Singularity to be an Essence – what I might call the Primal Essence. If I had to characterize this Essence in human terms I would call it Pure Intelligence. I believe this Essence to produce an Energy – what I might call Basic Energy (or ‘The Force’).

    I believe that the Singularizations of The Singular are imbued with varying degrees of this Primal Essence, and thus can produce varying degrees of Basic Energy. Looking at it in reverse, I believe that it is the Sum Total of All Of This Essence that forms what I will call the Allness: All Awareness, All Wisdom, All Understanding, All Knowing, All Experiencing, and All Being.

    I believe that no particular Singularization comprises, or by definition can comprise, the Sum Total of The Singularity. Nevertheless, I believe that a Singularization may, in fact, be able to give the Allness-All Awareness, All Wisdom, All Understanding, All Knowing, All Experiencing, and All Being-a Singularized (or Localized) Expression, proportionate to its size in relation to The Whole.

    In perhaps more human terms, I believe that an individual can demonstrate Godliness at the highest level with which any sentient being may do so-but that no sentient being is capable of individually duplicating, in power, impact, scope or reach, the Total Expression of The Singularity.

    Local Expression is not the same as Universal Expression.

    Or, to put all this simply, no human being can express the totality of God.

    Let me be clear on what all this means-and let me tell you why I am even bringing it all up.

    It is my knowing that a human being can act as one would expect God to act, in any localized way. This would allow the miracles of Jesus, the wisdom of Buddha, the insights of Muhammad, the power of Moses to part the sea. But I am told that the proportion of Primal Essence available to each Expression of that Essence is determined by its container.

    A butterfly contains more than a rock. A dog contains more than a butterfly. A dolphin contains more than a dog. A man contains more than a dolphin (presumably). And so forth.

    Further, it is clear that all beings of a particular species (or expression of physicality) are capable of reaching the same level; are capable of “containing” the same degree or amount of Primary Essence…or Pure Intelligence. Each physicalization of the species is capable of reaching the highest level of which that species itself is capable.

    And so, all humans are capable of becoming a Christ or a Buddha-which both Buddha and Christ declared. Repeatedly. (“Why are you so amazed? These things, and more, shall you do also.”)

    I am bringing this up here because there is a potentially misleading (if not dangerous) aspect to the teaching that “you are God.” If you do not distinguish between the Localized Expression of God and the Universal Expression of God, you may take that teaching to mean that, being God, you, as a drop, have all the power of the ocean itself.

    That would be a mistake.

    Next week, more on all this, as we look at the power of personal creation. Have a good week.



    man this post looks oddly familiar ::)

    It helped alot with the “Soul” perspective

    Magdelene Nashira

    Glad to see him saying that.  I think that’s something a lot of people have been confused about for a long time.


    It’s very easy to confuse terminology, especially when you’re focus is a different point you need to get across.  That’s why he writes entire books I suppose ;-)  But I’m glad that helps it make a bit more sense for you Mags. 


    Hmm, that is really interesting. There are many who have the misconception of the term “Being God” means that one has all the power and others none.

    I am looking forward to reading more.

    The Great Hulking Scotsma

    wished u said u were gonna be in dorset Jax as i live there i could of met you lol o well never mind maybe next time


    Ah, figured out what you were talking about.  This wasn’t written by me, but Neale Donald Walsch.  However, if I do travel out that way I’ll definitely make it known so I can meet many of the Jedi I’ve gotten to know over the years.  :-)


    That writing helps one relate to the concept of “we are all brothers and sisters”.


    So…fueling conversation; What does that term MEAN to you? What does it mean to be a brother and a sister? Are we connected at that deep of a spiritual level? Do you believe we are all innately divine, or are we part of a bigger god, or how do we tie into God?

    *Note I used God, but it can be any higher power: Force, etc*


    I believe we are all one, in the sense that we are all part of the force (or universal creator). However we each have a very different form and function in His/her/its supreme conciousness.

    I think I would compare it microcosmically to our physical bodies. Our bodies are made up of trillions of individual cells. I think of life forms in the universe the same way. In a way, each cell is an individual entity, however each one has it’s own purpose in keeping the body alive and well. When cells die more come into existance.

    When we speak of being God in our own divine right, it simply means that we are responsible for creating our own lives. If we decide to rely on someone or something else that is our choice. However if we take responsibility for our lives we can change them for the better.

    I do not think of us as brothers and sisters because that implies an individual seperation. I think that is why many have problems developing psychic ability. When people realize that we share the same concioussness it becomes easier to be aware of the thoughts of others. We are one in the same drawing from the same life force all the time. We are all cells that make up the body of a supreme conciousness. It is up to us to fullfill our potential in our personal evolution. When one person does this it benefits the whole body. (just my current thoughts, they tend to change)  :rebel-Syris

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