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    As Monday is our Kihon day we focused on the Omote Gyaku. Basically it is a lever on/at the hand with a “rotation” from “inside” to “outside”.
    The points you have to understand on technique are that it consists of two parts. You start with holding the opponents hand in front of you, a bit above his head, between you and him with his palm towards him. Then you apply a horizontal rotation outwards on his hand followed by a vertical rotation downwards. Later you have to combine these two movements to one single flowing one. But and here comes the difficult part, you don’t do it just with your hands or arms as you will not be strong enough for. So you have to combine these movements of your hands with the movements of your whole body and more important with your legs, because your legs are the part of your whole body with the most power and the parts which take you where you want to go.
    As you become able to move your hands, arms, body and legs synchronic you have to take attention on the angles in which you have to move to create or cause a reaction on your opponent.
    All in all it was a very intense basic training again which pointed out a lot of details to us. At the end my teacher said to us: “A good training is always one form which you take something with you. It is not important actually what you keep in mind, it is more important that you keep something in mind. Even if it is just the realisation that you have to work on this or that.”
    Once again it showed me, that there are still a lot of things to be learned and understood to really reach a natural feeling for Budo.


    Again our teacher wasn’t in so the same guy from last week did the first block of training. This time he used some exercises I had showed to the Dojo a while ago. This exercises included the usage of rolls combined with a follow up technique like a punch or kick to train your coordination and feeling of distance. That he used “my” teaching lat me smile and gave me a happy feeling. So I thank him for that.
    After this starting exercise he used the idea from Mondays Kihon training and worked on the Omote Gyaku and the usage of it in different situation and in combination with different techniques and Katas. For me it was very interesting again to see his or more in general the understanding of someone else understanding of a technique.
    The second part another colleague of mine did. It was sword-training as every Wednesday in the second block. We started and end the sword-training with Suburi and after having worked with the sword for about one and a half hour the last Suburi were a kind of p. i. t. a.  ;) But as our teacher would have said: “Don’t show your real emotion. Be calm and relaxed and if you have to clench your teeth and make it look like a smile!”  :)
    Beside the Suburi we did a lot of timing and distance training. As we work with the sword now for roughly more then one year, I do feel a bit more comfortable with this weapon and think my skills are improving.
    Although the training was intense I didn’t felt tired after it. I was in a very good mood, relaxed and enjoyed myself.


    As I have glanced through some of the other trainings journals here, I have noticed that most of you used it more like a diary and I guess I have misunderstood the term “Personal training diary”. Till now I thought I should write down here only things I’m experiencing through the training I do. But I guess it is meant more freely in the sense that “everyday life is training, no matter what you are doing” or in other words: “Everything is Budo”. Where you can put in for Budo every other word which would be a way of life for you.

    So now I would like to write a bit about this week and what was going on!
    It is actually the second week of work after my Christmas holiday and it feels to me already as it had been ages since the last holiday! ;-)
    The good thing on having to go to work is that it made it easier for me to stick to my schedule. Because of that I do my matutinal Qi-Gong exercises again more regular than I did them in my vacation. As in nearly every part of my life I do notice a kind of improvement in my Qi-Gong. I’m able to stay longer focused and it is also easier to feel the Chi around and in my body.

    On Tuesday it had been for the first time since before Christmas that I met my Japanese language exchange partner again. He was for holidays back home in Japan. But now he also had to go back to work. Normally we do meet in a café to learn together, but this time we decided to go to a Japanese restaurant and spent there a relaxing evening. We ate delicious Japanese food. For the start we had some Gomaae, which is spinach with a sauce and sesame seeds, Agitashi Tofu, which is fried Tofu in sauce with some radish topping and dried seaweed, and a cocked aubergine. For the main dish with ordered some Sushi and an extra roll of Unagi Maki. It was all very yummy! And as it was cold we first drunk some hot Sake and then a small bottle of cold Sake. At the end of our dinner we ordered some Ocha or Japanese green tea. It was a very nice and relaxing evening and it was good to speak to him again. I enjoyed his present, the food and the nice evening.

    On Thursday I had to go to the dentist. But it is funny, a lot of people hate or at least don’t like to go to, but for me it is not so. I do like my dentist as she is very funny and a very accurate person when it comes to here work and explaining things to me. The same is her assistant. So it is almost always funny to see them both and talk with them. As it was a routine check-up there wasn’t anything special to expect from. So we were talking more than she had to work.

    Ah and for to end this post I would like to use an idea which I had seen in Master Phoenix journal and I hope he wouldn’t mind!?
    My planes for the up-coming time are:
    – finish Force 101 with latest end of February
    – start with Personal 101
    – join the “Astral projection group” which will start on 5th of February
    – contact different schools as I’m looking forward to become a teacher (hopefully) – this I should do within January, beginning of February as the vacant positions would be announced around 1st of May and the told me at the ministry that I should contact the schools, which are of interest for me, beforehand.


    Yoshio, please use this for whatever you want to document.  It can be your martial arts as well as your day to day life.  For instance, if I had martial arts I was training in, I’d document that. Since I don’t my training arena is in taking advantage of any lessons learned in the arena of daily life. :-)

    Good luck looking for schools to teach in! Do your best to relax and enjoy the process of finding a good fit and it won’t be too stressful.

    I look forward to you starting Personal 1 when you are able and studying astral projection with you.


    Cheers Master Jax for Your replay. I will do as You recommend and use it for what every I’m feeling of is needed to be written down or worth of.  ;)

    As for the schools, lucky me, I’m in a good position and there is no need to hurry. My current job isn’t too bad, but I do feel a kind of need in me that I should pass over the things I have learned in life and in the field of engineering in special. As I had the idea of becoming a teacher already a couple of times in the past, I just decided that I will give it a go!


    A lazy weekend lies behind me. First I met my brother and his girlfriend on Friday and we were going out to a Greek restaurant. We spent a nice evening there and had a good talk. His girlfriend passed on more exam of here diploma for becoming a veterinary and my brother got a raise in payment/salary. Because of that I came home quiet late. This caused me to sleep a bit longer on Saturday and so I skipped my Qi-Gong and Tai Chi Chuan exercise.
    Nearly the same happened on Saturday, except that I had been out with friends from the Dojo. We spent the night at a medieval restaurant. Had some delicious food and some cups of mead. This caused me again to sleep a bit longer and so did nothing else then just go to the bakery and buy there some fresh bread for breakfast.
    Also the weather is just not nice here and so I decide not to go jogging and just took a hot bath at Sunday. So it was a lazy, but relaxing weekend.


    This Monday we dealt first with stepping out of the attacker’s direction and then combined it with blocking the attackers arm. To learn does thing correct we do have to have an eye on our Kamae. In the basic training the Kamae have to be wide and deep. This will strength our muscles, increase our flexibility and will give us time to react in a proper way to an attack.
    So the first task was really to “just” step out of the direction of the attack. We did it by stepping back under 45 degree to the inside of the attacker. This we performed a couple of Dojo length. Then we add the block. So additional to stepping backwards under 45 degree we had to block the arm of the attacker in the correct timing. With this action the focus was spread to correct angle, distance and timing.
    After we had done this for a bit, my teacher pointed out to us, that every action, every move we make, have to cause a reaction on our opponent. So, if the block is performed in the right timing, you should be able to get the attacker out of balance with your block. That sounds easier as it is!  :ponder
    All the blocking action, as we where using Koppo technique to block, which means that you block actually with your knuckles to the muscle of the arm but try to attack the bone beneath, caused some bruise. But for that, my teacher said, we are training a martial art and not playing chess.  :redface

    The second part was again Omote Gyaku. We did it in the beginning in the basic form. This is a very static approach but shows all the detail points you have to be aware of. After that my teacher said that in a real fight you wouldn’t be able to just and only apply a lever on a fresh opponent. So he showed some setups to us which ended with the use of Omote Gyaku. In parallel we learned how we would influence the balance of our attacker with the action we take beforehand and how this influences the direction we have to go for applying the lever successfully. That was very interesting, especially as it gave us the time to “experiment” with things and find it out for ourselves how we have to move.
    For the end of the training and to make it a bit more fun we went into a “free” application of all the techniques we learn in the Kihon Happo.

    Again the training showed me the importance of a proper Kamae and the usage of correct angles and directions. In my private training I will have to focus on this a bit more.


    Again two weeks passed by without having gone to Kieser-Training. So I was there the second time this year and the second time after my shoulder and back problems. The different exercises went surprisingly well. I had reduced the weight in two of them which are directly belonging to shoulder and chest muscle. But also these two were doable without any issues. Hopefully I’m able to go to Kieser-Training a second time this week. But it already looks like, that the rest of the week becomes a little busy.
    My mother will visit my brother and me here in Munich and might stay overnight at my small flat. So I have to tidy up a bit, as I haven’t done it for some days.


    This training again my teacher wasn’t able to held class so it was up to us to show some stuff.
    The first part one colleague of mine did. He is normally training the Friday class. He took the idea from Mondays Kihon training and worked with Omote Gyaku. He applied the lever in a more freely form and played around with angles. In this way he was able to irritate the “younglings” but showed them later in detail where they have to go to, to make things work. Was a quiet funny training.
    The second part was then again my turn. I worked on form where I have ended the last time when I was doing the sword training on Wednesday. So we did Suburi and Nagare for warming up and some cutting exercises before we went into partner training. The main focus of the partner training was on the unsheathing the sword when you get attacked. We did this on the in- and outside of the attacker. The last technique I showed them was about how you also could use the sword. The principle of this was to use the hilt to shock the attacker in the moment when he decided to attack you. He was performing a vertical cut and when you get the right moment you are able to stop his motion. This will cause him to take his head slightly back and holding his arms in the upward position. So this gives you the ability to perform a cut right under his axles.
    After the training one of the students thanked me for giving the training. This made me happy as I haven’t felt so fine the whole evening.


    Just want to write down that I had a new experience with the “chakra cleaning” exercise Master Jax wrote down for us here in the forum.
    I have done it now a couple of times. I normally combine it with washing my hair. Yesterday I was taking a hot bath followed by washing my hair under the shower. Then I did the chakra cleaning. Normally I do feel the 2nd and 3rd – the abdomen and stomach/sternum – as the most sensitive ones. That was still the case but I did also felt the 5th – my throat – more intense then normally. I’m wondering what that could mean!?

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