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    Kol Drake

    CES 2010
    Las Vegas

    Who knew ‘a galaxy far far away’ was really in Nevada!  ;D



    I’d be surprised if that ever actually made it to market before Lucas sues them for copyright infringement (or the equivalent for making stuff like that).  It’s cool though

    Kol Drake

    Well, the $300 price tag would kill the deal for me… but that’s not that far off from low to mid range remote control aircraft as it is.

    It is not ‘named’ X-wing fighter and only has the word ‘star’ in it so it’s not trademark infringement in that way.  Unless Lucas somehow got copyright on a general shape or look for each ‘tech’ from Star Wars, I would suspect it might be a court battle to lay claim on anything that ‘ looks like ‘.    That would mean anything from the movie(s) — vehicles, guns, blasters, sounds, visuals, etc. would all be potential lawsuits… and I do not believe the rules work to cover that kind of thing.  Not being a legal eagle though, I am not up on the latest on how ‘intellectual property rights’ flows in court these days.

    Anyway, if they can really sell them for 300 bucks a piece, I bet they can pay out any royalties necessary to George and his empire.


    When something is as distinctive as the x-wing, they can actually sue on that.  But it’s not my concern, that’s all legal stuff lol

    And no, I wouldn’t spend that much money on it either, but it’s fun to watch. :-)


    I wouldn’t spend that money but as I was watching the YouTube video it struck me how similar they were to the helicopter thingys in Avatar, and even from an earlier movie, The Incredibles. When I say similar I mean the underlying technology. I wonder if someone is developing something along these lines that can carry people?


    the military have been working for years on vertical takeoff vehicle’s for a while. One of the new airplanes is pretty cool. Check it out F-35


    I had a look at the F-35 and it didn’t seem along these lines. I was thinking more helicopter type thing.

    I did find this article: http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2009/12/australian-drone-perches-stares/

    Kol Drake

    You mean something like the V-22 Albatross…. er, I mean, the Osprey?


    Millions of dollars to make a swivel engine mount so it’s part helicopter and part transport plane.  Bad at both but kept businesses ‘in business’ for decades messing with the thing. (( no different then the money pit called ‘The Sergeant York’ automated defense gun ))

    For something different and one person useable AND electric… see the write up and silent video of the NASA concept vehicle, the Puffin.



    Ducted fan designs are cool looking but not necessarily what the military wants… hyper maneuverability AND speed. However at ‘low speeds’, there are these things to consider…


    * By reducing propeller blade tip losses and directing its thrust towards the back only, the ducted fan is more efficient in producing thrust than a conventional propeller at low speeds (normally considered under 80 knots or approximately 90 miles per hour for an aircraft).

    * Ducted fans are quieter than propellers: they shield the blade noise, and reduce the tip speed and intensity of the tip vortices both of which contribute to noise production.

    * Ducted fans can allow for a limited amount of thrust vectoring, something normal propellers are not well suited for. This allows them to be used instead of tilt rotors in some applications.


    At higher speeds (above about 80 knots), the presence of the duct may create more drag than the extra thrust it provides and therefore its comparative advantage to an open prop is reduced.



    Now THIS is cool.  A company that is looking into using ducted fan systems to make a ‘motorcycle style’ flying vehicle which the police or medical teams can use to fly in and about with.  



    But I suspect you are looking for something more ‘Avatar like’… which would be maybe the Bell X-22 which had FOUR ducted fans which could be rotated for VTOL or conventional flight.



    For the last post on ducted fans i have a theory into photon tech using a electro megnetic field this field is neutron white comes out bright pinkish white with a compressed lense nuthing more i can say except the flyer may end up vector sonic hehehehe :yoda

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