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    Great article. Thanks Kol.

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    Kol Drake

    Self Healing , Meditation , and a Touch of the Force

    In the past, I’ve spoken of minor stuff — like speeding the healing of a cut or scrape which seems kind of trivial compared to the real medical issues of others. Of note recently are those folks who are having digestive issues… and this article immediately screamed for me to link to here. Ya, I know it’s in a ‘magic and pagan’ magazine but — take out the ‘magic’ and think instead — meditation, intention, focus and a touch of creative visualization and you are doing what we speak of here… working with your own energies, helping your own body heal itself and more.

    >> How I’m working with Bacteria: An example of non-anthropocentric magic << Or if that link no longer works here, the pdf is appended below… An article by Taylor Ellwood from February 1, 2014. He touches on a point I think I’ve mentioned in several lesson responses regarding ‘sitting with a tree’ — that being — when one meditates with the tree — to sit and try to become ‘one with the tree’, one must not try to make the tree a person and expect ‘people responses/feelings’. Instead, one must really consider working to… well… let the tree teach you how to be a tree — and ‘see’ how a tree works to speak to you in the tree’s own tree-ness way. So too for this article and how Mr. Ellwood works to get to the level of his gut bacteria. He does not try to make them chatty people bits but tries to get down to their level of bacteria-ness. And by learning how to do such a thing, he is working on seeing how he and ‘they’ can work in harmony to make the body a better place for both of them. Made me think of all the diet, nutrient and medical ‘tips’ we’ve given to many folks with IBS or general food allergies, etc. Perhaps we should be using those as ‘toe in the door’ methods to get to what is posted at the link — learning to use own mind, body, and energies (and a touch of the Force) to work *with* our bodies to help make adjustments and corrections. Ya, not the more glamourous Jedi side of the Force — stopping a stomach grumbling instead of double backflips while waving about a lightsaber. … but consider — once you learn to help yourself — then you can work on using those same skills to help others who aren’t so wise in the Force… [attachment=203]WorkingwithBacteria.pdf[/attachment]

Viewing 2 posts - 11 through 12 (of 12 total)

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