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    Kol Drake

    This is sort of the gathering together of all the bits from WWTF, Connections, and Systems.

    Energy/Force healing (aura and chakra healing) employs methods which expand the awareness of the energy healer and uses energy, color and light healing techniques to jump start healing in the patient’s energy field — helping the patient break free from afflictions and limitations of body, mind and spirit. It may provide enhanced quality of life for the patient and facilitate spiritual growth. Energy healing is often a powerful spiritual path for the practitioner as well.


    Using the Reiki System to Heal
    As noted before, most energy healers channel energy from a system. Understanding how the system works can help you heal people more effectively. Eventually you’ll want to watch the system in action, but the first step is learning what to expect. Still, one can use the system and be totally clueless about it — how it works, what it does, etc. and that’s okay to some measure. Knowing the system itself can allow the user to enhance certain things and use the system in ways the generic user may not even be aware of.

    Here is the basic process for Reiki. There are 3 levels of ‘proficiency’. For level one, you go to a one or two day set of classes (though it can be taught in like 2 hours) which can be taught by a ‘level 1’ practitioner or higher. They teach you how to relax, go into your ‘healing mode’ (relaxed, almost like awake but semi meditative); and then you do the hand movements or touches. To be properly ‘initiated’ you are given a symbol as a focus and sometimes a special word. And, level one is pretty much ‘just’ messing with the outer aura/energy body.

    Same thing for level 2 — only it’s mostly a week of training and lots of practicing on people. And you are taught by a level 2 or 3 and given more specific places to touch and sense from. And more symbols/sigils. The practitioner tends to learn to ‘go deeper’ and do location specific adjustments as well as working into the body more.

    Level 3 supposedly can only ‘do’ the rituals to get you to the 3rd level/master/teacher level. Again, lots of prior healing sessions and another set of symbols. Again, even more in-depth… though you still don’t have to know jack about the body functions or organs to ‘do’ this because — the Reiki energy ‘machine’ is the one doing most of the hard processing and it is ‘you’ doing the channeling.

    Folks can actually *do* the healing without the ‘initiation’ part but most seem to feel that ‘it works better’ once they have had that teacher/student energetic nudge. And, better results when using the symbols.

    And that is where this is coming from — the symbols (and intent and probably the ‘jumpstart’) connect the student to the structure which has been energetically built — which is the Reiki construct/structure. It has been programmed over the decades for a certain method/type of healing. And, using the proper symbols is like the ‘key’ to unlocking and using that particular level of the healing ‘machine’. So, very much as I posted about structures before.

    Using the Force

    Now, if you were to do it without the energy structure/construct/machine you would have to something as listed below —

    Locate the problem.
    Figure out what kind of tissue the injury is in.
    Spotting the injury is the first step when healing someone.  If you look at healthy tissue a few times, you learn how healthy tissue looks (its energy signatures), and you can notice signatures that aren’t healthy.

    Inflammation has a distinctive signature. It will jump out at you; same with torn tendons. Also, nerves signaling pain have a distinct signature that you can use to locate the injury.

    Generate energy with the signature that will make the tissue healthy.
    Generating the energy is easy. You can create energy beams or balls all day.
    Figuring out the target signature is hard. (Tune-ing the energy comes with practice!)

    The easiest way is to use the signature of healthy tissue. You have one signature for each tissue type (muscle, tendon, each organ, etc), and flood the area with energy with that tissue type’s signature to push the tissue’s state toward the healthy signature.

    I’m not sure if the Reiki system uses the specific steps outlined above or a more advanced one.  Learning to be ‘specific’ rather then trying to flood an area with ‘white light’ is a conscious choice.  It produces smaller changes; requires less effort;  and sets in more quickly.  It is possible the Reiki level 1 stuff uses this method or some third method I have yet to figure out. And, again, as you go ‘up’ levels of expertise, you unlock the higher functions of the ‘machine’… which may then get specific as outlined above. Only the system is doing it.


    Energy effects take days to produce a physical change. Remember, we are altering the aura/chakras so — those changes have to merge ‘down’ to the physical level to do the material changes. Until then, they (the energy changes) just numb the nerves.  If the effect is not stabilized during this period, it will dissipate and the pain will return.

    The Reiki system stabilizes the effect by staying connected to the injured area after the Reiki practitioner disconnects — again, perhaps thanks to those words and symbols (which connect the user/patient with the Reiki system). It is why Force healing may take several sessions if the user does not know how to link/connect the injury with the Force ‘over time’ — learning to make programmed connections which maintain the healing, etc.


    Next Steps
    So there you have it.
    Next time you are practicing, try watching/considering each stage of the procedure. Try to detect the connections it uses to diagnose the issue before it starts channeling energy. Watch the signature of the energy it gives you, and the connections it uses after you are done.

    I know — sounds hard. How about “FEEL” how it feels when you are doing it. If it feels ‘right’ — then remember that and work toward holding that mode/feeling/method for next time. After many times doing the practice, getting into the proper frame of mind/feeling will become easier and faster.

    By learning how to do what the system does, you can build on it and, eventually, grow beyond that healing technique.

    Kol Drake

    Pain Numbing

    Working with the Force should not be ‘all about the belief’.  It should be about ‘knowing’ — knowing it IS and works and is not going to fade or ‘go away’ if you have a day where you do not have ‘enough belief/faith’.  For months, each time I would work on making a ‘numb’, I would be surprised when the pain stopped instantly.  The doubt didn’t matter; only the technique mattered.  duh   That is numbing the hard way.

    There are easier ways to numb an injury. Reiki. Aspirin. SMART use of the Force.
    Actually, you do not learn to connect with the Force to learn numbing; you learn numbing to learn to more fully connect WITH the Force.  The skills it requires — recognizing and adjusting signatures, creating inverse and quiet signatures — are the building blocks of seeing reality clearly enough to alter it consciously.

    The Plan
    Shift the energetic state of the nerves from “in pain” to “at rest”.

    The Preparation
    To find nerves, you need to know their basic signature. Learn it by connecting to your brain (based on its physical location), then looking around your body and finding signatures that look similar.

    Next, learn the normal signature of nerves when they’re not in pain by looking around your body and your friends’ bodies. As you learn what signatures to expect, it will become easier to find everything.

    The Effect
    The numbing effect starts by locating the “in pain” nerves. They will have the same basic signature as normal nerves, but a clearly different surface signature. I think of the signature differences as bumps rising above the normal signature. Connecting to some normal nerves while looking at the “in pain” nerves will make it easier to see the differences.

    Think about what signature would move each bump back down.
    Do one at a time at first, and combine the signatures later.

    The numbing signature is the sum of those bump-reducing signatures, with as little power into other parts of the signature as possible. This is more finesse rather then the old ‘sledgehammer/white light barrage’ approach.  Numb the area by filling it with energy with that quiet, precise signature.

    The first time I tried this, my pain intensified. In addition to the bump-reducing signatures, the energy I used had a broad signature that energized the area. It took me a while to understand that quieting the rest of the signature was important to numbing properly. But I was excited to noticeably, instantly change to reality, and I was learning.  If the pain intensifies, remove the energy, rest a bit, then try again.


    All this signature talk is pretty ‘out there’.  Adding aspects together, quieting the signature, it is all pretty foreign your first time.  But try it.  Once you see signatures this way, you’ll gain an intrinsic understanding and insight that words can’t give.

    Like I said, this is numbing the hard way. But doing things the hard way is the price of building the understanding to move reality with thought.

    Plus, this is an excellent opportunity to get ‘more intouch’ with your own body — how it feels and works and how you can learn to learn from it.  

    Kol Drake

    Pardon if I repeat some… I am juggling more then a few concepts at the moment.   ???

    The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility -Einstein

    Working with the Force is about understanding how Force energy interacts with the physical world.

    Rituals, correspondences, and visualizations communicate your intent to your unconscious. Mastering them teaches you the language your unconscious mind understands, not the way reality works.   Your unconscious does not  understand how the physical world works, either.   Most magick uses systems, magickal structures that connect to your mind, read your intent, and (if you’re initiated) change reality.  The system does the hard work.

    Systems are like computers. You don’t need to understand TCP/IP or HTML to surf the web. Your computer does the hard part for you. Same with systems.

    Energy Without Systems
    Systems are external to your mind. But your mind contains structures that can alter the physical world, too. These mental areas develop as you practice working with Force energy.  Moving the workhorse of the Force inside your mind lets you understand the Force and reality better.   Understanding reality better lets you do better Force effects.

    “Doing” is the essence of the Force

    Healing With a System
    Meditate on your healing style’s symbols to connect to the system. Visualize white light from the sky entering the point of injury. The system will read the instruction to heal the person and figure out the details.

    Healing Directly with the Force
    Make a lightweight connection to the point of injury. Look at the signature of the injured tissue, and compare it to the signature of healthy tissue. Change the person’s energy producing structures to make energy that will restore the tissue to the correct signature. Depending on your method, you might add some steps to deliver the energy to the right spot in the tissue, or to stabilize their energy production.

    Yes, it’s more complicated. Yes, it takes longer to learn.
    But it lets you understand reality. It lets you grow as a Force user beyond what the system can handle.

    Getting “hands-on” with the Force lets you explore and understand reality better.

    And that’s really the point.   :yoda

    Thoth Skyywalker

    good stuff.. I’m having trouble recognizing signatures as opposed to energies…Is there anything specific you recommend i read to gain a better grasp of the details of said concept? :greenpilot

    Kol Drake
    good stuff.. I’m having trouble recognizing signatures as opposed to energies…Is there anything specific you recommend i read to gain a better grasp of the details of said concept? :greenpilot

    Good question.

    Part of it is getting enough experience to start noticing the difference between different energy signatures, and you would usually notice the difference between energy signatures before you notice the difference between signatures of magickal structures like the connection the energy travels along.  (The signature of a structure determines how different energy signatures interact with it.  A connection will only carry energy with the same signature as the connection).

    Consider water.  You taste your own tap water everyday.  Perhaps it is ‘flat’ (all the minerals, etc. taken out); perhaps it is ‘harsh’ (tons of minerals still in it); perhaps it’s ‘just right’… not too flat and not to filled with stuff.  If all you drink is your own tap water, you will never ‘know’ that there is a difference in water.  It is not until you go out and about and get repeated exposures do you get to where you can say — yes, this is water BUT, it is brackish or flat or sweet, etc.  Same for testing energy.  At first you ‘just’ sense energy.  With time and practice you will start learning to ‘see’ the differences.

    But there is a technique.
    To sense an energy signature, you should quiet your own energy.  Quieting your energy means making it steady, like a quiet sea has few waves (but it’s still full of water, just like you would still have energy in you).  Then you can sense the difference between different energies.

    Go over to WWTF – CONNECTIONS and use the exercise of making a quiet connection laid out there. 

    Making Quiet Connections

    The easiest way to start sensing energy signatures is to get 2 that are dramatically different.  I mentioned using 2 different emotions from a partner.  Further down the same WWTF- CONNECTIONS topic…

    Comparing two emotions (signatures/vibes)

    If you don’t have a partner you normally practice with, try going to a local bookstore or Jedi convention  :P, striking up a friendship, show them the IJRS website (so they know why you want to do this particular exercise) and ask if you can try it.

    With practice and time and working with STRONG emotional differences, you will soon learn to detect a difference in the flavor of the ‘water’.  ;D


    There is a ton ‘out there’ on methods of energy sensing and healing.  Along with stuff from Mike/Magick of Thought, I suppose my ‘best reference’ is “Energy Medicine” by Donna Eden — a huge book with many methodologies and examples of using reiki, sensing, touch, chakras and more.


    When I was first learning sensing I would practice with very simple things – different crystals, plants, a magnet – and while my sensing ability is pretty poor much of the time even I could sense the difference between some things.  So you can practice with different things and see what works for you. 

    Kol, thanks for that reminder as to how to train (and that I should train). :-)

    Kol Drake

    All doctors acknowledge the power of your mind to heal your body. They use terms to explain away such healing using terms such as the “placebo effect” or a “state of remission,” but they know it is your mind that is creating such an effect on your body. Your body has a natural ability to protect and heal itself on a day to day basis. All so-called “cures” that take place are basically stimulation of your own immune system.

    When your energy is high, so is your health. When your energy is low, so is your ability to heal itself, and it’s at this time that you’re most susceptible to ill health. How is the process of self-healing done? How can you reduce or eliminate your susceptibility to ailments with the power of your mind?

    First of all, you should realize that every particle and atom in the universe is connected in some way to every other particle, and all the particles of your body are closely associated with each other. Your body is especially responsive to the programming of the mind. There is no thought or emotion you can experience that does not affect the body in some way. That is why care must be taken to ‘see’ yourself in the best possible way. With the power of a visualization, you can work with your mind and body to produce a healthy condition or an ill condition. It depends on how you see and program yourself.

    When you see yourself in a better light, and program yourself with positive self-talk, you automatically transfer the benefits to your body and mind. When you begin feeling better, give yourself credit. Congratulate yourself and thank the Force for your better feelings. Gratitude is a large part of continuing to feel better about yourself. As we state all over here at the IJRS, YOU create your own reality.

    After all, if you think things happen by chance, how can you be responsible for what happens to you? If you have a low self-image and don’t like yourself, how can your body produce a perfectly healthy structure? How can you fulfill in your body what you are not thinking in your mind? Many people take the stance: “I’m not going to be sick today, I don’t have time for it”, and go through life without any maladies? Or, “I only get a cold once or twice a year”, and that is all they ‘get’. Conscious choice and will power do make a difference, so tune into yourself and make good choices!

    You can consciously manipulate your cellular structure through the power of your thoughts. You can visualize the ailment diminishing and diminishing until finally the excretory system carries it away. By imagining the process, you complete the connection between your mind and your body. Of course, the prayers of others can also help to resonate the process to make the metamorphosis more complete. A book I highly recommend which is written by a doctor who did ‘self healing’ using visualization and positive ‘healing’ — Guided Imagery for Self-Healing by M.D. Martin L. Rossman. I posted on it a bit when I was covering creative visualization. His studies over several decades document that this stuff WORKS.

    In the East, yogis and lamas perform similar visualizations to achieve the same result. They may even add to the process by vibrating their inner tissues with a chant, like the sound, ‘Aum-m-m.’ Any number of visualizations can be created to combat and conquer internal disorders and disease. Imagining a swarm of healthy and powerful white blood cells (sharks) doing battle and eliminating the unhealthy disease cell (weak little fish) has worked for many people. Visualizing a funnel of white energy swirling over a troublesome spot has worked as well. In the book referenced before, a kid used the image of X-Wing fighters zapping the ‘Death Star’ tumor in his body to fight it. Verbalizing and affirming to yourself what you want healed, and then allowing the body to complete the task with an open receptivity to the process is also good.

    When you have an ache or a pain, it is the body’s signal to you that an area of the body needs addressing.
    As an exercise, bring your conscious awareness to the painful location and dwell on the area for a while. The connected mind of those cells has to respond to your healing, soothing, energizing thoughts. By ‘focusing on a specific spot, research has shown that your blood volume increases markedly in an area of the body you are consciously thinking about, and with the blood also comes helpful body chemicals and ailment-fighting antibodies and leucocytes. Real science backs up what we try to teach here; your mind can do some pretty amazing things IF you are willing to do the work!!!

    Stay mindful and focused on the painful area and feel it respond. Talk to the area and discuss what you want to take place there. This process often relieves emotional blocks that are tied to the cells there. It is good preventive practice to give yourself a nightly visualization/affirmation for all your bodily parts to heal and repair themselves. Do this while consciously bringing your awareness to each area of the body in a methodical, relaxed way, and holding it there for several seconds. (Oft times, I do this while under a nice, hot shower or basking in a hot tub… the ‘relaxing’ is almost automatic.)

    Unfulfilled needs create chaos and imbalance. Our bodies suffer. It often only takes a few minutes to make time for what we need to do in our lives. Of course, in this fast paced ‘everyone and thing wants it NOW,’ it is easy to become out of touch with our bodies and our health. Most people want a pill or injection to “fix” them because they have been told that that is the way to ‘fix’ most disorders. Imagine — if they were told that they had to think differently or have a more positive attitude towards themselves, they might not understand the process! “I came to YOU to fix me — NOT to tell me I can fix myself!” Imagine if we had as much ‘faith’ in our own healing ability — as we seem to have in lotions, potions, and pills. Maybe ‘health care’ might not be the big issue it is today IF we had not gone ‘the easy way’ with health and healing?

    Whatever your behavioral patterns are, if you do the same thing throughout your life, you will get the same result. When you change what you are doing, saying and thinking about yourself, you change the result you get afterwards.


    From the blog — http://superconscious1.blogspot.com/2008/01/using-self-healing-thoughts.html

    Info from — Guided Imagery for Self-Healing by M.D. Martin L. Rossman

    Kol Drake

    We, as Conscious Beings, are always moving along a continuum between life-giving and life-taking actions, thoughts, and feelings, and energies. When our responses to experience are life-giving, there is more energy generated by what we are doing, whether it be conversing, drawing, walking, or daydreaming. When we are responding in ways that are life-taking, we are trying to repress something, disconnect from someone or something, push it away, or tighten down. Our bodies tell us when we are doing too much life-taking by developing symptoms.

    So ”life giving,” in a larger sense, means being connected to the Life Force/Living Force all around us — the sea of energy we live in — so that we have access to whatever is nourishing for ourselves. With that definition, “life taking” then means closing off to some degree from that sea of energy that can and does constantly nourish us on all levels.

    You are More then a Hollow Container
    Just as our pain deserves acknowledgement and respect (for letting us know ‘something is wrong’), the body itself deserves respect. After all, it is the container for our life force, for our spirit, our soul. So the term ”container” can be used to refer to the body — not in the sense of an empty vessel, but as a vehicle or medium for all sensations and the flow of the Living Force through us. As we allow ourselves to feel these life-force sensations, we will have more and more of them. And as we do so, the strength of our ”container” grows, so that no matter what life gives us, we can accept it. We can stay grounded and centered so that we make wise choices.

    It is important to realize, as we are now learning scientifically, that the body is naturally integrated; that is, our emotions and feelings are not just specific parts of the body. Rather, they exist throughout the body. Furthermore, in order to have vibrant health we need to be ”in” all the cells of our bodies. We operate best when all our parts are integrated, working together on our behalf. Yet religions and cultural standards usually give permission to men and women differently regarding which parts of the body they are allowed to be ”in.” For example, in our culture men have more freedom to be in their heads and their pelvises, whereas women have more permission to be in their hearts. Of course, those examples are generalities for the purpose of example, and fortunately the situation is changing. But when I refer to the container of the body, I am referring to a system where, when everything is happening optimally, the physical, emotional, and spiritual all blend into one.

    Five Principal Principles
    These are ‘principles’ we have scattered all over the IJRS web site and they pop in posts and threads all the time. Pretty basic but all interconnected if you use them wisely. To steal from the movie, The Lion King, I suppose you could call this the principles of the “Circle of Life,” because all the principles are equally important — like points on a circle, they are not hierarchical in nature.

    Principle #1: Recognize the connection/separation continuum in your life, and where you are on that continuum at any given moment.

    This is the ability to know at any moment whether you are headed in a life-giving or life-taking direction by the sensation of connection or disconnection that you have with your life force and with the world around you. When you are connected, it feels right.

    If you do not currently have this ability, how do you develop it?
    One of the first things is — how to develop a connection to the ground. Take your shoes off and feel the sensation of its firmness under your feet. There is energy there, and you can feel it nurture and support you. You can draw upon this unconditional energy whenever you need to, using your intention and sensation signals. Grounding can enable you to feel what you need to feel so that you are not overwhelmed by life’s experiences. Second, ask yourself ”Am I present/connected now?” You might be amazed at how often you drift into the past or future.

    Principle #2: Acknowledge and widen your perceptual lens.

    We all develop a perceptual lens, or worldview, based on our experiences and sometimes just based on what other people tell us. We create a whole set of assumptions and conclusions about life based on what we have experienced, what our family has experienced, what we have been exposed to in our culture, our religion, our gender, and so forth. Everything we experience is filtered through that lens and our head gives an interpretation of it. It is important to realize that it is just a lens and that we can change it if we choose. If we have a narrow perceptual lens, we might miss or misinterpret what is going on in the present moment. Or, if we always ‘see’ everything through a ‘lens’ of negativity; then we might never ‘see’ the good in anything.

    To open or “widen our perceptual lens”, we can start by connecting with the intelligence in our bodies. When we are connected in the sense just mentioned, that intelligence informs us — for example, of situations to avoid (danger) or situations to approach (synchronicity). However, it cannot inform us if we are caught in a perceptual lens that limits how we see the situation, like blinders on a horse.

    We must acknowledge our thoughts and feelings as allies. This intelligence is everywhere in the body, not just in the head. Some studies have concluded that there are endorphin-producing molecules in the gut as well as in the finger, ready to create the sensation of pleasure. Similarly, there are adrenaline-producing molecules everywhere in the body ready to create a response to fear. When we listen to that intelligence (that ‘body awareness’) and, say, get out of a situation in which our body is signaling fear instead of listening to our narrow perceptual lens that is telling us that it is not polite to leave a party 10 minutes after you arrive, then the lens has been widened.

    Principle #3: Recognize that you have a Core — your spirit — which is uniquely yours, and that you need to create a ‘container’ that integrates your body, mind, emotions, and core essence/Spirit.

    Perhaps it is inaccurate for me to say, you have a core, as if it were somehow separate from you. More correctly you ARE your Core. Your Core, as it flows through your container, is you. It is hard to pin down the nature of Core because it is flowing continually. It is made up of Life Force, and is often strengthened through the practice of many of the ‘activities’ we highlight here at the IJRS in our lessons — things like chi kung (qi gong), t’ai chi, or yoga and meditation and energy ‘awareness’ exercises.

    The IJRS lessons also point out that ‘we’ can amplify and change this energy by doing certain movements, breath work, or even having certain thoughts. It is always there, it is what connects everything with everything else: your head with your gut, you with your spouse, your feelings with your actions, that rock, that tree, even the X-Wing in the swamp. Your Core integrates your experience such that when your gut says ”Danger, get out of here”; your head formulates the best way out, and your body moves in accord. When you listen to your body and it’s innate connection to the Living Force, take its signals seriously, and not let your perceptual lenses get in the way, you have attained the ability to trust yourself.

    Principle #4: Connect your Core to the Force.

    Because your Core is the flow of Life itself, it is not separate from the flow of all Life. The Force.
    So you are not separate from the flow of all life. You are not an island. If you start feeling like an island, it is time to go to your perceptual lens and ask ”What am I believing about myself right now such that I am not drawing in the energy I need?” This can be done by the process of grounding and centering yourself, so you can restore the flow of energy and thereby heal. It is the process of shifting from life-taking to life-giving.

    Principle #5: Know that there is an ever-present Source of nourishing life energy.

    The Source is called by many different names in the different spiritual traditions, but it is the same Source to which they all refer. This Source never runs out. It is unconditional in its giving, in its Flow. When we truly trust in our bodies and know that in all things we are supported, life takes on a whole new resonance, an aliveness. We become ‘One with the Force’ and be aware of how it flows around and through us and our actions.


    Upledger, John E. — Your Inner Physician and You: CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release (1997) .

    Scurlock-Durana, S. (Speaker) — ”Healing From the Core: A Journey Home to Ourselves” (1996).

    Pert, Candace B.– Molecules of Emotion: Why You Feel the Way You Feel. (1999).

    Kol Drake

    Long ago, like before the end of the 1990s, I bought a book called, Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. It was/is big and thick with not only her story of how she came to be a healer but also tons of techniques, diagrams, and ‘things to try’. Even with all that though, she never REALLY got into the ‘HOW’ of how she healed folks. She’s pretty much an ‘intuitive healer’ — which seemed to mean — ‘it just happens’. Yes, she took ‘healing touch’ classes and looked into reiki and did massage therapy but… those seemed to be ‘cover your backside’ diplomas to hand wave over the ‘fact’ she could look at someone, connect with their energy and ‘just know’. Once well into her career, she was able to work with a certified medical professional who would examine her patients after her initial ‘connections’ and would use ‘medical science’ to confirm or deny her conclusions. She was right more then 80% of the time and OVER time, got to know the human body well enough to get pretty darn specific and up’ed her own percentages for accuracy.

    I repeat all this because one small, short chapter came to mind while reading some light science fiction. Ms. Eden had a mom bring in a young son who was having issues at school. Zero attention span; minimal communication ability (seemingly), and pretty much what most would have diagnosed as extreme ADHD or even full blown autism. Now, Eden did her usual ‘thing’ and started looking at the kid’s energy shell — his aura — since she usually started from ‘the outside inward’. This particular time, instead of seeing blocked or darkened chakras or blocks/messed up energy lines along the body, she saw intricate geometric shapes spinning about the kid. Not just spheres or cones or squares but very intricate 3 dimensional constructs not unlike some higher frequency ‘geodesic spheres’ and such. Seems, the kid was nearly a genius in math and ‘seeing’ beyond the standard, dirt bound three dimensions…. but had never learned how to get control over his energies well enough to not get overwhelmed. Using her healing techniques and helping the kid to learn how to ‘see’ beyond the shapes to what was going on under his nose so to speak — he came ‘back’ into the regular world and zoom’ed ahead in his school and was soon helping the teachers TEACH advanced calculus before reaching junior high.

    What brought this to mind was the ‘geometric shapes’ in the kid’s energy field.

    As noted in the previous post and elsewhere, your experiences ‘shape you’. If you have been hurt, you can end up ‘building geometric shapes’ in your own aura which would be connected to that ‘hurt’. Heck, in many cases, folks build darn thick WALLS around their bodies to try to keep any potential future harm ‘out’ and the emotions ‘in’ — neither of which is really a good thing to do.

    Anyway, some folks have been working with trying to heal by connecting with those geometric forms instead of having to try to dig down into the body and psyche to bring the injuries ‘to the surface’ and do long and repeated healing sessions that may not be getting to the ‘root causes’.

    An example of how this ‘works’ goes like this… looking at the energy aura around a person, not only do we ‘see’ the various layers of aura ‘colors’ swirling about but, upon a more holistic ‘look’, you see intricate, three-dimensional geometric shape floating about four or five feet away from their body. It was filled with intense colors and had smaller patterns interwoven within it almost seemingly vibrant and alive. As the ‘patient’ spoke about some past abuse, the patterns became brighter. When they spoke specifically about the ways they were feeling “limited” by the abuse, one of the smaller internal patterns became even more brilliant. Over the next few minutes, doing the ‘typical’ hands over the body healing session — and feeling the familiar, warm energy flowing through them, you might note the pattern begin to change. By focusing on healing and ‘balance’ on the geometric shape, the brightest inner portion of the shape began to fade — and at this point, the patient commented that their emotions about the abuse were also fading. Within just a few minutes, the bright portion was transparent. Now, when they thought of the abusive situation their emotions remained balanced.

    Although the geometric shape originally seen were still visible in this person’s energy field after applying healing energy to it, the shape no longer contained the very bright, smaller pattern within it. Upon consideration, it seemed that what had been cleared was the unneeded, out of balance emotions that the patient said had been limiting them. What remained in the pattern was the wisdom, compassion, and insights they had gathered from the experience. So not destroying the ‘formations’ which helped mold their present self but helping to heal the damaging emotions and ‘warped lens’ of how they might look at it in the future upon reflection.


    As spoken of all over, we are constantly bathed in a sea of energy. Free-flowing energy. But the actual structure, the geometric pattern of that energy, is formed from our experiences, judgments, beliefs, and emotions. So, the Universal Force Energy is ‘shaped’ as much by ‘us’ as it allows us to work with it to modify the world around us.

    Each person’s energy field has many hundreds of geometric shapes within it. The geometric patterns that we are consciously engaged with at any moment become bright, or light up, as the unformed energy is pulled through them by our thoughts and emotions. The energy these patterns direct enters our field without form or structure and is completely available for us to use in any way we choose.

    As we grow and change, so do the geometric shapes. They continually change and restructure as a natural result of the experiences we go through and our responses to those experiences. A specific pattern will change or shift each time we gather a new insight, forgive an old injury, fill with compassion, feel gratitude or expand to love something new. It will also shift as we find a new judgment, create another resentment, harbor anger, or feel guilty or ashamed.

    Healing by directing energy to shift these patterns involves the intentional focusing of precise energy toward the geometric shape, causing it to rapidly shift and change. When the energy of the pattern shift was directed to the portion of the pattern containing the unwanted symptom or emotion, it is possible to clear in only a few minutes something that might otherwise have taken months or years to heal with ‘general body work’. Many times, a one time ‘session’ can clear or drastically reduce what some have had issues with for months or years.

    The ‘tools’ and ‘HOW’ of how to do this type of work is all over what we teach in the lessons at the IJRS. Of course, it takes time and patience and practice, practice, practice IF you want to do this consistently. Being able to clear the mind (( not blank and drooling, mindless but… you know )); being able to ‘look’ at someone and not have the old mind start making a judgmental list of traits or ‘labels’ but rather to holistically ‘see’ the person and their place in the energy sea around you both and so on and so forth.

    (( no, not in the bad way.. just that you are working WITH the Force as much as it is working on you and them…))

    As with so many exercises — get comfortable. Not sleepy drowsy but not having to be hyper alert either. Take a few long, slow cleansing breaths and relax, Get into your ‘energy sensing’ mind frame and body ‘mode’ so you can just sit and ‘feel’. Feel your own body and then let that feeling slide into the background. Feel the Force around you and between you and your subject. Let the sea of energy slide around you and through you… all without labeling or judging… just let it Flow.

    After a few moments of this ‘relaxed sensing’, your mind can have a heightened clarity of thought, emotion, and intention, and you might even feel a ”pulse” of flowing, unformed energy moving in your own body. Your body and energy getting ‘in touch’ with the Force around you. When healing is ready to take place, the rhythm of the energy pulse is present. This ‘pulse’ can reach out into the Force and touch one or more of those geometric shapes… similar to the method of ‘linking’ spoken of in the WWTF: Connections posts. Feeling this pulse, and making the connection, you are sending that ‘healing energy’ to the physical symptoms, emotional traumas, and experiences of judgment or blame which are intrinsicly connected to that geometric shape/pattern and allowing it to ‘release’ that damaged patterned energy.

    Of course, you can ‘do’ this without seeing those specific geometric shapes… but ‘knowing’ that you are addressing injuries and issues at the aura/energetic level by using the same method. If necessary, you can ask the patient if there are specific ‘issues’ or concerns they wish to work on. Their words can guide you as your own connection to the Force guides you in how you move and shape the healing ‘pulse’ you are going to send to them. Biggest ‘obstacle’? Learning how to connect to our inner guidance and to build the TRUST IN YOURSELF and your abilities necessary to follow its wisdom and knowing. Sometimes one has to learn how to think in new ways; let go of old beliefs and reactions before being able to quiet the mind, and move into the silence to begin the healing process.

    In this silence, one can discover the place where the Mind no longer judges or evaluates, where the Will lets go of outcome, where Intention becomes clear and focused — and the pulse begins. Some wag described the feeling of the “pulse” as sitting inside the heartbeat of God, others as being connected to the breathing of the universe, and still others simply as a deep feeling of pure love. How would connecting to the Universal and Living Force ‘feel’ to you. Not during the dynamic healing but ‘just’ floating in the sea of Force? Heartbeat? Breathing of the Cosmos? Serenity? Each joins to the Force in their own way.

    ‘Get’ to this place of Love, Serenity, Life and direct its healing energy to balance emotions and relieve physical symptoms. Become the lens or ‘tool’ the Force can use to direct It’s energies.


    Ya, I know. Sounds like New Agey mumbo jumbo. And maybe a little too simplistic. But, we KNOW the body tends to want to heal itself… modern medicines are there to ‘mask symptoms’ or ‘help suppress’ stuff so the body can kick in and do it’s own thing. (( unless they are chopping something off or out… )) So, the notion of aiding the body and body’s energy field to ‘get balanced’ should not seem like such a stretch after all.

    And working with the ‘patterns of our life’ is not so far out there either. The brain is a belief engine. From sensory data flowing in through the senses the brain naturally begins to look for and find patterns, and then infuses those patterns with meaning. The first process is the tendency to find meaningful patterns in both meaningful and meaningless data. The second process is the tendency to infuse patterns with meaning, intention, and agency.

    We can’t help believing. Our brains evolved to connect the dots of our world into meaningful patterns that explain why things happen. These meaningful patterns become beliefs. Once beliefs are formed the brain begins to look for and find confirmatory evidence in support of those beliefs, which adds an emotional boost of further confidence in the beliefs and thereby accelerates the process of reinforcing them, and round and round the process goes in a positive feedback loop of belief confirmation. ‘Good belief’ or ‘bad belief’, they work to shape who we are, what we believe about the world and our selves.

    Being able to clear ‘misconceptions’ energetically can help heal many a wounded soul (and body).

    Kol Drake

    How the Mind Helps to Heal the Body by John Kehoe

    In her office in Little Rock, Arkansas, a thirty-nine-year-old woman sits deep in meditation. A regular meditator, she has been practicing for almost nine years and invariably finds it helps her relax. Today, however, her practice will take on a new twist. Using a simple visualization technique she will attempt to control her immune system under the watchful eyes of several researchers from the University of Arkansas Medical faculty. It’s part of an experiment to further understand the remarkable mind/body connection.

    The team is headed by psychiatrist G. Richard Smith, who wants to see if the woman can turn her immune system’s response up or down like the volume of a radio. The experiment begins with a simple injection of chicken pox virus on the underside of the woman’s arm. Because she has already had chicken pox, the researchers know she can’t develop the disease from the injection. But they also know that her immune system will “recognize” the virus and respond to it by causing a small bump to rise at the injection site within 48 hours.

    Sure enough, a nickel-size bump appears and then slowly fades over the next four to five days. Blood samples confirm the skin test: Her white blood cell count increases as her immune system confronts the virus.

    After the researchers repeat this test twice, the real experiment begins. Can the woman actually lessen her white blood cells reaction to the virus?

    The virus is injected three more times over the next three weeks. Each time, the woman conjures up mental images depicting fewer white blood cells and a smaller bump. And each time blood tests confirm smaller counts of white cells, and the bump is one half to one third the original size.

    Finally, the woman is instructed to let her immune response return to normal for a few more injections. It does, and the bumps become nickel-sized again. “We were startled by the outcome,” says Dr. Smith.

    But the Arkansas experiment is just one of thousands of new studies exploring the methods by which visualization can assist in fighting illness and enhancing health. Cell biologist Joan Borysenko was a twenty-four-year-old cancer researcher at Harvard Medical School when she started to use meditation and guided imagery. A strict scientist, she was doubtful, but she had a personal need. The rigors of divorced motherhood and lab work had taken their toll: migraines, spastic colon, bronchitis and high blood pressure. Medicine helped, but not enough. Desperate, she took meditation training and practiced visualization. The first time she tried it she struggled, but she persisted and in time the pain subsided. “I was left with a feeling of having been washed clean, like the earth after a heavy rain,” she said.

    Today, Dr. Borysenko is founder and director at the Mind/Body Group working at Boston’s New England Deaconess Hospital. She and her colleagues use meditation, guided imagery, and other techniques in taking patients, including those with AIDS, referred to them by Boston physicians who want to add this dimension to standard treatments.

    Exactly how imagery and relaxation exert their effects on the body is still a source of speculation. But the answers may lie in exciting new discoveries about brain chemicals made by such researchers as neuroscientist Candace Pert, Section Chief of Brain Biochemistry at the National Institute of Mental Health.

    Brain cells, or neurons have long been known to communicate with each other through chemical signals. But in the past, these signals were thought to move only in paths present between cells. In recent years, however, Pert and other scientists have uncovered another communication system: chemicals that work like free-floating telegrams, sending messages between cells in different parts of the brain, and between the brain and other parts of the body. Some of these substances, such as insulin, have been known for years, but scientists are now discovering that they are produced by the brain, not just by organs like the pancreas.

    So far, about forty to fifty of these chemicals are known to be manufactured by the brain. Technically they’re called neuropeptides, though Pert refers to them as “molecules of emotion” because so many are directly linked to emotional states. It’s possible, even probable that visualization techniques cause such chemicals to be released in the body.

    The idea that the mind and body are engaged in two-way conversation is nothing new. Even the most skeptical doctors will usually acknowledge that sheer willpower often pulls patients through life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Now, with the realization that the brain can actually and enhance the body’s immune system, we are in a whole new dimension of possibility.

    With over thirty years of extensive, rigorous testing to appease the most scientific mind, the proof is in – it works! The opportunities to exploit this remarkable connection are as wide and varied as our imaginations. Your thoughts used creatively will affect your body in a very noticeable and beneficial way.


    Just had to toss this one out there since I’ve mentioned meditation and visualization more then a few times — AND — the research in Little Rock — which is just an hour or so from where I am presently at… (( now to see if I can get in on these programs without getting some dire disease! ))

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