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    Kol Drake

    Working with the Force – SYSTEMS

    I know much of what I have posted is pretty hand wavy and in some cases so simple sounding you have to be asking, “… if it’s so simple then why…”.   Funny thing is, it IS simple once you start practicing daily and getting those mental pathways to open up and ‘do’ rather then just mull it over and sorta kinda poke at it.

    Meditation work is essential.     So is actually DOING.
    Be it the hand / energy sensing and swirlies… or tossing Force based ‘sensor threads’ at folks passing by.  It only comes with practical  no different then so much else in Life.  It does not take long to discover that just watching Jet Li movies does not make one a martial artist.  ;p

    Plus, it is best to not be too specific on ‘how it feels’… since this is a personal, experiential deal… you really need to ‘just do it’ and discover how it works for yourself.


    Okay, now SYSTEMS.
    Mentioned previously in “Working with the Force” (WWTF) and “WWTF – Connections”.  What are they and why is any of this important to know?

    System (n): A non-physical, energy structure (or construct) that does ‘something’ for you.

    A bunch of people sit around and get all 1960s mellow. They think it would be fun to ‘make a god’.. so they sit and imagine what this is the ‘god’ of — freeing up parking spaces, always getting into the fastest checkout line, ace-ing all their exams — whatever. So they come up with a name, and a purpose and then send their personal energy into giving this ‘thing’ the power it needs to do it’s task(s).

    They just created a system.

    Some make short term ‘helpers’ and others long term ‘servants’. It is still using energy to create a ‘system’ to do a task.
    I suppose some might call these things ‘energy constructs’ instead of systems. Yes and no, imo. A construct *can* be created as described. It *can* do a thing or number of things ‘as programmed’. BUT, a construct seldom endures. It has limits; while a system can be created and programed — and then can last a lifetime (or longer).

    Consider: some of the ‘systems’ folks connect to TODAY are ‘systems’ built up from thousands of years ago and added to and changed and strengthened and still rolling along 2,000 – 3,000 years later…

    Most systems can respond to requests, but do not have the awareness and initiative people have — so they can be pretty literal in how they carry out a request/task. Systems are different from spirits, who are also non-physical but are sentient beings. Think of systems as really ‘smart’ energy balls… although they can be any shape, size, etc. later on.  Not quite the same as the ‘thought forms’ mentioned in other posts.  Those are energetic, dynamic systems that continue independently of it’s ‘maker/originator’.  

    To mangle a line from the movie, Doctor Strange —

    “The language of the mystic arts is as old as civilization. The sorcerers of antiquity called the use of this language “spells”. But if that word offends your modern sensibilities, you can call it “program”. The source code that shapes reality. We harness energy drawn from other dimensions of the multiverse, to cast spells, conjure shields and weapons to make magic.”

    And, really, we aren’t saying anything different when we ‘tap’ into the Force (internal, external, universal) to ‘program’ reality to our will. Be it messing with minds or becoming ‘invisible’ or enhancing resilience or strength… it is all about ‘changing the program’.

    Now, for some reason, whenever I try to imagine a ‘system’ — my mind comes up with some kind of boxy tower made up of energetic tinkertoy like rods and hubs. Wonky mind or trying to put ‘image’ to something beyond simple words? This is me — probably wonky mind. :)



    Then again, a ‘structure of energy imagined by the mind’ could be ANY shape or form…


    Those who ‘do’ magic or some forms of telepathy or healing — tap into these systems (constructs.)  Realistically, even those who follow a specific religion and pray / worship tend to tap into the system ‘built’ from all the daily / weekly / monthly / annual / decades / centuries of ‘rituals’.  Work with energy and chances are – whatever form or function – there is a system involved.

    Again, while I am tossing out the word ‘magic’ and ‘magickal’… it is all a form of energy which is what the Force is all about.

    Most Everything Uses Systems
    When someone does a ritual to help find a job or win a lover, your unconscious sends that intention to a system, which influences the events. Hopefully, you selected the best ritual to ‘do’ what you want — not using a healing ritual to make money or ‘heal’ a relationship; constructs/systems are good but not *that* good. Remember, they pretty much ‘do’ as they were programmed/built to do within reason. Get REAL good and you can start getting into fancier ‘programming’ which can make for some interesting ‘adventures’.

    In general, a system defines and refines and helps formulate the energy that someone is channeling / directing. Say if it’s a healing done by someone doing Reiki — after the healer is done, the Reiki system construct stays connected to the person being healed to maintain the effect. For a time. Unless you are being VERY specific and ‘programming’ in timeframes and methods / means to maintain the ‘energy source’, the connection ‘fades’ in time and you have to do another ‘ritual’ to re-engage the ‘program’. Psychic premonitions also come from systems. You can request specific information from the system; request an alert when some type of event will happen or let the system alert you about things it thinks are important.



    The symbol is from Reiki first level. “Cho-Ku-Rei” The ‘power up’ symbol. Used before a healing to ‘crank up the power’. Basically a pre-defined “energy structure” available to ‘tap into’ to help with the healing practice. A mystic ‘smart phone app’ that helps heal… sorta… only… um….

    Again, terms and words are a sticky wicket. I say ‘energy’ but it is not like electricty or magnetism or… well, it is not energy but the word is as good as we have right now to get a handle on what it is we are talking about. Same for ‘systems’ and ‘connections’ and ‘energy programming’ and… well, I guess we could start a whole new lexicon of terms over time IF we could all agree on what means what, etc.

    Anyway —

    Origins of Systems
    Beats the heck out of me where they come from. Many are just ‘there’.
    Near as anyone can tell (or were told by others), most systems were developed by spirits — either for their own use or to help humans they worked with learn how to use magic (or mess with energy). There are ‘simple’ systems and more complex systems — the more complex typically used by folks with a lot more in-depth knowledge of their craft and years and years of working with lower and then medium level system complexity… be it Enochian to Reiki to psychic information systems. And so far, all those were ‘built’ by spirits — although the spirits were doing it to help a specific person or persons ‘do’ something the simple systems could help process / enhance so the person can ‘do it’ more easily.

    Some systems come from humans working to manipulate energy (or magick).  A buddy has made several protection systems tied to jewelry given to friends. The systems shield the wearer and alert him if they are attacked.  So a bit more dynamic then an ‘energy programmed code bit’ but not something that is fully sentient and writing it’s own biography.   ;D

    Easy-To-Use Systems / “No Brainer” Systems
    You can use some systems intuitively, without knowing much about them.  It is why junior fluffy bunny wannabe magic players can sometimes get results even though they have not got a clue as to what they are doing (or repeating from the latest “Dummies Guide to Ruling the World Through Making Magick” book.)

    Every ritual style (Thelema, Golden Dawn, Goetia, Roman Catholic Church, etc) has at least one system construct. Most energy healing styles do too. And most psychics work with several psychic systems, each one handling a different type of information.

    These systems connect to you (or you connect to them) when you perform a ritual or focus on a symbol. Some, like psychic systems, never disconnect.  They read thoughts directly from your mind, and write information back into those thoughts. This communication is complex. When the system handles the communication for you, it can miss details of your intention. Often, only part of its message will enter your thoughts, and you will unconsciously fill in the rest. These inaccuracies lead to many of the problems ritual mages and psychics encounter.

    Fundamental Systems
    There are a handful of systems responsible for the building blocks with which we base almost everything we do. Have you ever connected to someone by looking at their picture, hearing their voice, or thinking about their energy signature?  That is the targeting system.  It connects you to a person based on their energy signature or based on an event.  Other systems use it when they need a connection, and direct energy users who do not use most systems still use the targeting system all the time.

    Another commonly used fundamental system is the “system connection system”, which connects you to an easy-to-use system when you perform a ritual or focus on a symbol. lol… A system to connect to other systems — an energetic switchboard and routing system.

    Advanced Systems and Practices
    There are other systems intended for use by skilled spirits that don’t do any of the things the easy-to-use systems do. They require you to know how to find them, to connect properly, and to handle the communication.  They often give you more control over what they do. Advanced systems let you make other systems, organize a group of spirits, and request more detailed information about events than easy-to-use systems can supply.   Heck, if you advance far enough, you can learn to ‘hack’ systems – basically learning to tap into an existing system to either piggyback on its function and energy or to siphon off energy to use in some other function.

    Kol Drake

    Consciously Connecting to a System

    Mages unconsciously connect to systems all the time for ritual magick, psychic queries, etc. Unconscious connections work great for using the system in an ordinary way.  But the ordinary way is limited. Systems expect users to come in as a novice and gradually build to an adept. Systems deny certain functionality to all users except the ones that made them. In more advanced form and function, one can ‘hack’ a system to get at those functions.

    Even without hacking, most systems will teach you how to use them: “What are all the commands you understand” and “Requesting usage instructions.”   The first step is making a conscious connection.

    Systems That Connect To You
    This is a procedure which works by assuming ( I know the whole ‘never assume’ thing but…)

    It is assumed you have been practicing how to meditate, build energy within yourself, and done the practices to ‘make’ connections and to sense ‘changes’ along those connections.  The next step is to trigger a system to connect to you, then trace the connection back to the system.  In this case, we will use a very established system used my magick and healers – the Enochian and Reiki systems — because the spirits that control those systems are relatively friendly.

    First, get an Enochian symbol or a Reiki symbol. Google is your friend here.
    Those who are more into ‘magick’ can use the first; those who are more ‘energy oriented’ can use the latter.  Pick the one you will be most comfortable with.

    Meditate on the symbol.  You should feel the system connect to you.  It may feel like a spirit’s connection or just a shift in your energy.

    We want to use our own connection to the system, not the system’s connection to us. It gives us more control and lets us access systems that aren’t tied to symbols.   To find the system’s connection to you, focus on the point in your body where you feel the connection or shift in energy.  Many feel it in their head (most folks are very ‘head oriented’).  

    Connect to this point, and look for anything with an unusual signature (that is, a signature that is NOT yours).

    Trace that unusual signature back to the system (away from you).  This is all part of focus and intent.  Energy follows your focus so you are mentally backtracking along this connection.  Some connections change signature between their source and target, making them difficult to trace.  But when an easy-to-use system connects to you, it usually uses one signature throughout, making it easy to trace (why we started with the ‘user friendly ones’).

    Trace to the system. Most systems have protection where the connection meets the system. You’ll know you have reached the system when you hit that wall and can’t easily trace further.

    Once you are done, visualize your connection withdrawing from the system and its connection withdrawing from you.  As long as you’ve picked a friendly system like Enochian or Reiki, it should disconnect easily.

    Learning to tap these systems – especially the Reiki system – helps to improve your healing techniques and abilites… as you will be more conscious (in control) during the healing process.

    Systems That Don’t Connect To You
    Most psychic systems don’t connect to you. There are no symbols to focus on, so you need to find someone who already uses the system.

    First, connect to the person and learn their signature, particularly the energetic signatures in their head.  Then, have them do a psychic query (do not talk about systems, they won’t usually be aware of them). You should notice a shift in the signature in their head. Connect to the source of that shift or the point of maximal shift and trace to the system, just like you did with the system that connected to you.

    Kol Drake

    To me, a system is this energetic ‘form/thing’ which has been made (or grown) over time into something almost like — well, some might see it as a computer running a program.  Of course, one works with what one is most comfortable with so….

    Energetic ‘computer’ running ‘intent programs’ or whatever… they ‘do’ work.  Some ‘systems’ work pretty generically; some rather specifically.  Some are connected to ‘angels and Gods/Goddesses from various cultures’.  I mean, you typically would not call on Odin (the Odin energetic structure/system) for basic healing.  Odin was never known as a kindly, healing kind of guy.

    Be it a figure from an ancient culture or more modern day ‘constructs’, they *do* work and *do* work with energy.


    Wow! This has giving me stuff to think about.

    Kol Drake

    I expect — with all the practices you have worked with — you kind of see where this was going.


    Actually, at the moment, the only thing I can see is the end of my nose and falling leaves. Really bad week, month, and year, sigh. I am still trying tho. AND, I have joy stones and protection stones up. Love working with stones and plants.

    Kol Drake

    I understand. Life has been ‘interesting’ for a stretch now for myself as well.

    * * *

    I was thinking over this lesson and trying to come up with some easily understandable manner of working with a system / construct. Let’s see how this goes…

    So, we are going to construct a system. Or write a spell, if you will. Or still, a more accurate way to state it is “We are going to construct a machine that recognizes, harnesses, focuses, and projects available energy to achieve a desired effect. Our intent will direct the machine, and our willpower will power it.”

    In a perfect world, consider a charismatic leader of a nation, corporation or a platoon. It comes down to the willpower of one man to command, organize, guide, and direct the available energy and resources at hand to achieve the desired outcome. Only here we are dealing with subtle energies at a foundational level of our reality. Here we will be attempting to manipulate the energetic fields which make up our physical reality. To influence and nudge it. Molding the Force while the Force molds us.

    (( Imagine what you could accomplish if you have an entire group of charismatic leaders. In fact, consider a coven of witches. It is the syncing up of many vibrating systems which begin to resonate and then oscillate within a single focused intent. Or, consider a congregation all worshipping and praying for a specific goal… for a couple of examples. ))

    How do we go about ‘building’ a system / construct?


    Kol Drake

    Define Intent

    This is the utmost foundation of any action as it is the path the energy will take once it is released to do its work.
    Think of it as your business plan.

    Still, this is not as easy as one may think as humans rarely know what they want. Most people think they do, but those same people have extreme challenges even identifying the root of most problems as they relate to challenges in their life.

    As we get older and more experienced in his life we are able to read a person’s intent in their facial features, expressions, and the life they have created for themselves. This is because they eventually end up outwardly manifesting their internal frequencies. It is inevitable. Humans are reality generators.

    Again, the intent or goal of the ritual needs to be clearly defined and imprinted within one’s mind before they begin as this is the basis of all creation and the source from which everything will derive. If your aim is not true to its target it matters not how clean your rifle is or with what skill one squeezes the trigger.

    * * *


    Time is one of the four dimensions wherein your ritual will take place. The other three are latitude, longitude, and elevation (these are covered in the next section.) Although time can be thought of as an arrow traveling forward, we are beginning to realize that it is ALSO a record wherein one can pick up the needle and move to a different location.

    Most every aspect of time has to deal with the position of Earth and the other planets, so you will see it is the influence of the planets or their vibrational qualities which are being harnessed. ( I confess, I seldom check the phases of the moon or alignment of the planets or seasonal ‘peaks’ — but that’s me.)


    I am a fan of Carlos Castaneda’s books which speak on energy and other ‘things’. One of those ‘things’ was power spots.

    Power Spots – Locations are chosen for their electromagnetic fields. It is well known that ancient Native American sites, as well as European Pagan sites, were chosen and utilized for the natural energy which they emit. So much so that when the Christians conquered they built their churches right on top of these ancient holy sites. And when the Muslims conquered the Christians they scraped the churches and built mosques.

    It is the location which is the energetic generator. All one needs to do is construct a machine over top of it to harness and direct that energy. We call these churches, And once a week they are filled with people who concentrate mental/spiritual energy upon a mutually agreed-upon path. Hawaii and Sedona are two locations which stand out among the strongest.

    CERN is located on the very ground the temple of Apollo once stood, the locals believe the location is the gateway to the underworld.

    I also researched into ley lines. Basically lines of force / energy which one can detect/find very easily. Finding where two or more ley lines meet/cross, you have a very nice Power Spot.

    HEART (Action and Body of the Ritual/System)

    Catalyst: 1. A substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change. 2. A person or thing that participates in an event.

    Here is where most people begin to worry about ‘spooky stuff’. Catalysts make up the objects used in a ritual. Candles, crystals, and chalices for example. But any experienced energy user knows that nearly any and everything can be used as a catalyst so long as it resonates with the intent and it properly charged. Catalysts do not possess power in and of itself but will contribute to the overall goal through its vibration.

    Popular catalysts include: candle and fire, color, chord strings and knots, divination, spirits, image/ dolls, incense and air magic, herbs and botany, cooking, numbers, oils and resins, planets (extremely powerful), stones/crystals/minerals, sympathetic magic (the law of attraction), water magic, weather magick.

    The catalyst an energy user chooses to use in a ritual depends on the goal. If one were conducting a love spell he would use the color red, red candles, orange blossoms and or rose for instance. The planet Venus would be invoked, and the element of water would be utilized. All of these catalysts resonate with the frequency of the emotion we identify as love.


    As the energy user executes the ‘ritual’ drawing on personal willpower and desire these catalysts form a natural resonance with the intended goal at which point the energy user has created a system. He/She has organized the vibrational frequency, with his intention and taken the steps to manifest in this physical dimension.

    After the ritual, the energy user will backup or reinforce the ritual with actions in the physical world. If it was a love spell he will go out with friends to meet people, exercise and workout to make himself as attractive and healthy as possible, and most importantly dedicate the time required to achieve the goal. All the while, the ritual that was performed days or weeks ago is still resonating and carrying this intention forward.

    Follow Up

    As we have already noted, every successful ritual/construction REQUIRES follow-up. Once the initial execution has been performed and the ball gets rolling the follow-up becomes a matter of stoking the fire and directing the energy. When the initial execution was successful this can be quite an enjoyable and satisfying leg of the ritual however of the physical manifestation you’re attempting to create runs against the grain of current reality then this leg of the ritual is nothing but work.

    * * *

    After all that, I still think ‘making a structure’ is not explained as easily as it should be.
    This should be as KISS as — have a plan, invest it with energy, release it to do it’s work.
    Gotta work on that.


    If I read this correctly, the system is similiar to the images/symbols people use in magic, wicca, ect. Example, the Hebrew Letters or the Tree of Life, images that almost everyone knows about, and thus they have built up power over the years.

    Kol Drake

    Pretty much.
    Or, the ‘special sigils’ (symbols) used at the various levels of Reiki… to enhance or improve or seal.
    Or tapping into a mandala for focus or ‘portal’ or any other function assigned to one.
    Or they can be a giant lumpy blob of energy programmed to ‘do’ something and just waits for someone to tap into it for help.
    Or some mystical diety that has been prayed at for 2,000+ years that has some pretty loosey goosey parameters on how it has to act/react?

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