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    Kol Drake

    This installment of ‘Working with the Force’ is about Connections.

    In ancient times, we had the Fates who weaved our ‘life threads’ into the Tapestry of the Universe.  I like to speak of something akin to a spider’s web… where each strand is ‘us’ and the many threads we touch and connect with along our life journey.  Webs in mind, this piece is on Connections…. Or what some might term ‘making links’.

    Stryse mentioned calling connections or links “Force-bonds”… in keeping with the Force/Jedi flavor of things around here.   ;D   While I like the term ‘bond’ might be a tad too… hmm… constrictive a thought nudge?  Perhaps Force strand or Force tendril… which evokes a more delicate ‘form’ to be working with.  We are making connections… not trying to tie them up (not yet at least.)

    On a daily basis, folks make ‘connections’ to each other all the time, either consciously or unconsciously..  You might be surprised at how many ‘strings’ you might be dragging around at any given time.  It is why it is recommended you do a cleansing practice and/or take time to clear the charkas/aura, etc.  Most ‘threads’ are harmless. There are some which can drain you of your energy/vitality and totally skrew with your emotional and physical health.

    Working with the Force; healing folks and yourself; sensing and using those Jedi Mind Tricks – it is all fundamentally about connections – those lines, strings, threads, ropes, cables of conscious and unconscious ‘connections’ between you and everything else.

    Connections carry energy to heal a person; they let energetic structures influence physical objects.  (Never fear… there will be another section addressing ‘structures’… play along for now.) Connections make energetic ‘stuff’ work.

    Working directly with the Force (versus letting the unconscious have all the fun) begins with the conscious control of connections.  It never really stops being about connections.  Improving creating, sensing, and using connections improves everything else you will learn and do.  Learning all you can about connections and how they can be used will greatly improve your ability to wisely utilize the Force.

    Kol Drake

    Think of a signature as … hmm… kind of like the ‘vibe’ something has.  It is a flavor and a type and something you can learn to know and pick out.  Each person has a specific ‘song’ they sing which you can learn to ‘feel’.  Cram a bunch of your own energy into a rock or a piece of jewelry. You are forcing your own vibration / song / signature onto the object. Learn how to sense these ‘vibes’ and you can play the ‘I know which one energized this’ game with a room full of your pals. Perhaps this is where the concept of psychometry came from.

    This *IS* the Connection article though… so let’s look at that aspect of it before getting into ‘making connections sing to our vibes’.

    Connections are like a thread —  connecting you to an object or person AND you will get certain ‘signals’ along it which can transmit info BACK to you.  I say thread… some are a bit overzealous and only toss beams as thick as a leg;  some as thick as a finger; those with training learn how to make something as thin as a spider’s strand.  Big and energetic tends to get you noticed (more on that later) – fine and finesse has it’s advantages. I am a long time comic geek and I like to use Spider-Man’s webs.  He can spin/shoot a single thin strand or weave a bundle of lines to make a nice cable for swinging… or holding up heavy stuff. 


    To make this very basic —
    You relax and ‘intend’ the concept of tossing / throwing / shooting a ‘spider web line’ from yourself to an object or person. (You can also ‘do’ this attachment by ‘just’ touching a person as they pass by — very ninja!) Once you make this ‘connection’, you can use it to send energy / vibes TO the object / person or get signals from the object / person BACK to you.

    A connection ‘links’ you to something or someone.

    A beginner will ‘shoot’ a line to someone. Being a beginner, that line/connection is full of ‘beginner energy signature’ (the song that is YOU). The person you ‘connect’ to will notice something… because it is not THEIR own energy vibe/’song’. They will turn and look around trying to figure out who did something.

    Once you get ‘beyond’ beginner, you can learn to make connections which are ‘neutral’ signature wise. Basically, a line with no ‘song’. You intentionally make it a ‘dead line’. Sometimes a ‘deadline’ can pass through shields which are looking specifically for ‘not me/mine’ energies coming at a person.

    Then again, if you KNOW that person and their signature, you can make YOUR connection vibrate/’sing’ with THEIR energy vibe/’song’. They will not notice it because it is singing their song. Nice way to ‘snoop’ on someone’s thoughts spy-like.

    To mix imagery and toss out a non Star Wars image, think of the Matrix.  Recall near the end when Neo rises from the dead and ‘sees’ the “real world of the Matrix”… the underlying code.


    Now a wall is a wall BUT, it might be a different material or color or…whatever and each variance changes the intrinsic ‘code’ or energy matix/structure – which changes the signature of how that particular wall (or rock or person) is “experienced” for want of a better term.    So, you end up with a ‘connection’ which carries a ‘signature’ (energy / vibration / ‘song’.) For now we are keeping it – KISS – simple, but be aware, some folks (and things) can have multiple layers / levels of signatures… and only practice will get you to *those* kinds of levels of complexity. Jedi (and Ogres) are like onions — we are made of many layers. Our auras; our bodies; our essence; our minds. (Written about in Energy Medicine by Donna Eden.)

    Connections to energetic or magickal structures go through a different space. Physical distance doesn’t really matter.
    This is no different than some forms of ‘magic/magick’ work or uber quantum energy stuff. ‘Physical’ and ‘Matter’ are not barriers to many things in this Universe. (Yes, I speak of ‘magick’ – as noted in the first posts, I (we) are still coming up with terminology which makes sense and oddly enough, those who started out working with psionics and body energies and the Force find they start bumping into ‘things’ which tend to fall into the magickal category.  Do not let this mess you up or think this is all ‘dark and ebil heebeejeebee stuff.  It just happens to be the way our Universe works… or at least how it seems to work so far.)

    Quiet Connections
    At first, you will make connections by sending energy to a target. Your first goal will be to make a connection reliable enough that people notice it.

    As you improve, you will aim to make your connections less noticeable. Quieter. More precise.
    Quieter connections more closely match the signatures of whatever you’re connecting to.
    Quieter connections let smaller-scale threads move freely, so each thread can adjust to the target’s signature independently.

    Quieter connections don’t carry energy.  By not forcing energy along the connection, it won’t alter the target as you look around.

    As noted in the post, concepts thanks to Mike @ Magick of Thought

    Kol Drake


    Consciously controlling connections is the best way to start with direct Force ‘links’/connections.

    For the most part, think of this as consciously shooting spidey threads at things.  Making lines ‘connect’ you to objects, other people, whatever.  All part of visualizing to get your brain use to ‘doing’ and therefore make new neural pathways (even connections!) which more easily work with the Force.

    Now, these exercises come from a 90-minute workshop Mike taught at the Occult Bookstore in Chicago a while back.  The workshop was on controlling your emotions by controlling the brain’s energy signature. (a future installment I hope…)

    For now, this is about making a quiet connection: a connection without energy flowing through it. They’re used to sense the energy signature and structure of people, systems and whatever else you connect to.  

    Step 1: Build Energy in Your Body
    Do an energy meditation.
    Use which ever one you are comfortable with.  Google one (there are plenty out there).

    Step 2: Move Energy Through Touch

    Touch your leg, or touch a partner. Visualize the energy moving from your chest or chakras down your arm, into your hand, and into whatever you are touching. Do not make this hyper technical or convoluted. The details do not matter as much as the mind ‘visualizing’ and working on focusing on how it feels more then ‘how it is supposed to work’.

    Step 3: Move Your Hand Away, Sustain the Energy

    Breaking contact forces you to create a connection to send the energy through. You have to, or you can not send the energy. Your unconscious knows this. So when your conscious mind says “keep sending the energy,” your unconscious will make a connection.

    Move your hand away less than an inch. Just to where there is no physical contact. You should still feel the energy flowing through your hand like normal. Practice this until it is comfortable.

    Slowly move your hand further away. At 2-3 inches, the ‘physical connection’ will drop, and the energy flow will stop. That is OK. It is supposed to happen. (Remember — a physical connection is a connection to physical objects. It goes through physical space, so distance matters.)

    Try again. Focus on forcing the energy through your hand into your target. Imagine a path between them. The flowing energy will help sustain the ENERGETIC connection. Practice this until you can comfortably sustain the connection and keep the energy flowing. You should notice a change in the connection when your hand moves about 3 inches away, where the connection changes from a physical connection to a purely energetic connection. Recognizing this change will help you later. (Energetic connections are stable over long distances.)

    Step 4: Quiet Your Connection
    When you force energy through a connection, you only feel your own energy and the target’s resistance to it. But there is a lot more to see and seeing it will help you learn direct Force  energy manipulation. The key is quieting your connection, so it’ i stable but is not carrying energy.

    (Okay, we do not see Force energy (or most do not typically see it.  Not visually. Information moreso flows directly into our thoughts. The closest sense is feel. But most say “see” out of habit.)

    Quieting your energy is easy.
    Just visualize the energy not flowing down your arm anymore. Keep it in your chest.

    Maintaining the connection is ‘the next trick.’
    The ‘trick’ is to keep your awareness in the connection while the energy stops. Just focus your mind on the connection. Visualize the connection staying up while the energy flowing along it stops.

    Mike said, this was the hardest exercise for beginners in the Chicago workshop. They were not sure they were maintaining the connection, and could not tell the difference between the connection and the energy flowing along it. If that is where you are; do not worry. Just work the exercises.
    For now, go by feel.

    When Mike makes a connection and moves his hand away, he feels a tingling on both his hand and his leg (or where ever he touched to make the connection). It is a mental pressure — not a push like a rubber band, but a strong desire to bring his hand to his leg. It is similar to the feeling of someone staring at you.* (Not the creepiness, but the tingle.)

    Father – son story.     I took my son to a high school football game so he could see his sister direct the marching band at half time.  It happened to be homecoming for the school we were visiting.  I told him of how you can ‘shoot a spider man line’ to someone and even though they have their back to you, they will turn around when you send energy along the ‘web’.  He sort of gave me that typical teen ‘you are whacked, Dad’ look but I got him to pick out a girl from the homecoming crowd to ‘shoot a line’ to.   In less then five seconds, the girl turned around and looked right at my son with a ‘… I know someone is looking at me…’ look….. which TOTALLY freaked out my son.  Secret ‘dad satisfaction’ moment for me.  

    Making a Quiet Connection
    Once you get the feel of making a connection. And then how to ‘quiet it down’, you can try making a quiet connection. Use whatever visualization you use for staying aware of a connection. Start with touch, then move your hand away, sustaining the connection as you go.

    I remember that I had a hard time understanding how to quiet my connections. I could not measure whether or not I was doing it correctly, so I used an exercise suggested by an e-pal in Florida to practice quieter connections. I went to the mall, sat on a bench and connected to people as they approached. I would do this without directly looking at them. At first, my connections were filled with too much energy. Most of the of the passersby would immediately turn and look at me or in my direction.   Similar to what happened with my son in the story  above.

    Anyway, I then made a conscious effort to visualize a smaller diameter, softer connection.  More ‘thin spidey thread’ connections – thwapping with no energy transmitted.   As my connections became quieter, fewer people noticed them. After practicing for about 45 minutes, I was able to make quieter connections consistently. I recall that this exercise made me extremely tired and I had to go home and nap.

    By the way, getting tired after a new exercise is a good sign. It means the exercise is causing your brain, and the energetic structures that connect to it, to set up new areas and pathways. It’s exhausting, but it’s how to get better.

    Happy Practicing!

    Thoth Skyywalker

    [glow=red,2,300]Grade A! love this!! I love how though I’m new I’m not completely lost by stuff like this because my experimentation with :meditate, and  my realization that the Force it was indeed :yoda, is what brought me here…
    great stuff; I can’t wait to read your formal publications on this…[/glow]

    Hotep :fight

    Kol Drake

    Many thanks.

    Though this is Force/energy related, it is not necessarily ‘Star Wars canon’ as far as being strictly how some (or most) of the Jedi lovin’ community might think.  Some want the Force to just ‘Be’… and not delve too deeply into the how or why or what makes it tick.  Personally, I can take most on F/faith but.. I want to know more then ‘wave the hand in a slight semi circle’ … these are not the droids you are looking for.

    Although I am into a frenetic ‘write it all down’ phase, it is always cool to read posts where other folks are on the same track.. or have explored and found out this is not so ‘out there’ after all.  Confirmation is nice.

    As for ‘formal publication’…. this is probably as formal as it’s gonna get.
    If the teachers / instructors decide to work up modules on this.. it’s cool. 

    Not all of this is strictly ‘entry level beginners stuff’…. especially if you are not ‘into’ energy work and all things “not baseball and apple pie… I like not knowing I live in the Matrix” kind of mind set.  So, I suspect — over time — it will all get touched on…. not necessarily in the posted ‘terminology’ or with the same attitude  :P but.. that’s me and not whomever will be presenting… and that’s okay too.

    Thoth Skyywalker

    [glow=red,2,300]lol True.. I feel what you mean as far as keepin’ it simple and not wanting to know you are in the matrix..but on the contrary,I def. agree w/the aspect of wanting to know more than just “waving your hand in a slight semi-circle” … lmao besides that, I find/have found that just knowing more about the Force( detail wise & property wise) the nature of it in general, especially from a logical or technical standpoint  makes it easier to grasp as a concept i.e. belief and understanding; and almost immediately produces results as far as feeling the flows of energy or whatever experiment I may be on… It’s akin to say when Peter Pan was teachin’ Wendy and the boys how to fly and he was explaining it and as they began to grasp the concept firmly, they began to rise! I first noticed this when I thought of a scene in Star wars when Anakin was telling Sideous “I know there are things they aren’t telling me about the Force”.. It just struck a chord because I’m like ‘okay so just knowing obviously helps w/the power’..Lo & behold it’s def. true( of course knowledge is power; or rather the implementation of said knowledge). After reading about 6-7 entries of Force info. I printed out from our library(IJRS), I went out to try some stuff and was shocked at the results and at the realization that it(my theory of knowledge/logical concept connections) holds true..So yea I’m sold..A firm believer that the more (comfortable understanding and logical/technical) knowledge one has of the Force, the easier it will be to use  :yoda[/glow]

    Kol Drake

    So, what are connections ‘good for’?

    Previously, I posted of making connections and learning to make ‘quiet’ connections (connections without energy flowing through them).  You make quiet connections so you can feel/see/understand what you are connected to more clearly.  

    What follows is a what to check if you are doing it ‘right’ AND a method which will aid in testing yourself and others for ‘healthy tissue’ versus ‘injured tissues’ for healing purposes.

    For this one, you will need a partner for this exercise.   It will help if your partner is also practicing meditation and Force work, or at least does energy meditations.  If they don’t do any, just say you want to feel the energy signature of various emotions. It’s more approachable that way.

    Step 1: Connect

    Connect to your partner’s head. If you know them well, placing your palm on their temple is ideal.  Alternatley, make contact where the shoulder meets the neck.  Maintain contact through the whole exercise, at least the first time.

    Make a quiet connection, and relax.  Have your partner do an energy meditation, move the energy to their head.  Let their energy enter your hand, then move it up your arm into your head.  Use the visualizations you normally use to move energy.  Do this until it becomes comfortable.  Practice for about 5 minutes with several partners if you have the time and people to work with.

    Step 2: Sense Emotions

    Here is where you will ‘see’ if you are doing it ‘right’.
    Have your partner recall a memory that triggers an emotion.  A specific time they were cheated, or something recent that made them happy.  The goal is to enter that emotional state.  A specific memory works better than thinking “I’m happy.”

    While they focus on that memory, have them build energy in their head.  Bring it up your arm and into your head. Notice how the energy feels in your body, and how you feel absorbing it.  Have them tell you the emotion, so you can learn the name for that feeling.

    Have them pick a very different emotion, and a memory to go with it.  Make the new emotion very different.  Go from angry to happy.  Don’t go from angry to frustrated, or happy to excited, since those are too similar.  Repeat the exercise with this new emotion.

    The difference between emotions can be so obvious that novices who had only done energy meditations became sure they were using connections right.  It took about 10 minutes of practice for everyone to become comfortable with this.

    Step 3: Test It

    Close your eyes (so you don’t just see their facial expression as they remember the event).  Have them pick either emotion and build the energy.  Tell them what emotion they picked.


    In the ‘things to try’ department, the book “Mind Games” by Jean Houston has several group practices used to expand the senses and mental horizons.  One was to impart energy of ‘happiness’ into a rock.    

    The next step is to have one person do ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ and let others determine (1) which emotion it is and (2) who’s energy it is from.  Learning to sense emotion and energy signatures goes a long way toward building those mental and Force ‘muscles’ which will make all this second nature after a while.

    Semi personal story. Get good enough at making ‘quiet connections’ and you can sit at a mall and ‘touch’ (connect) with folks as they walk by. (NO TOUCHING) One student’s skills got good enough that they could grab surface thoughts. If someone was highly focused, they could not ‘break in’ but for those drifting from store to store… getting a sense of their thoughts got pretty easy.

    Later, he also worked in an area where he rode an elevator alot. He could tell how many and what genders would be waiting at each stop.

    Sensing ‘vibes’ is a fun way to stretch your energy sensing skills — and like the elevator ‘game’ — could be used to sense a room before you enter. Pretty handy if you are going full ninja in a situation!

    Kol Drake

    More of a general wrap up of concepts then anything I suppose —

    A signature is different for each person/area.
    It  is basically like an ‘energy fingerprint’ of the person.  This can be found in objects a specific person may use or words they have typed due to the intent they use toward those things. The signature, being personal, is what you will link to, thus creating your connection to them.

    A connection is the ‘way’ to extend your energy to that person or thing. 
    A particularly good way to start is using visualizations of a chain (or wire or cable or spidey web) of energy coming from you; using a focus such as a picture of that object, or the person/places name and focus on the feeling of yourself moving out to that point or extending there.  Get proficient and you can ‘make the connection’ by duplicating the desired signature you are attempting to link to.  Again, this connection can be made over most any distance on the planet, as energy is not limited by the physical.

    Once your connection has been made, your intent may be expressed.
    You should focus your mind on what you are looking for or what you are looking at.  As though you were looking around the room normally or perhaps an object.  This is also similar to some telepathic techniques, in which you are “scanning” the object at hand for particular color or shape.

    It’s at this point where, if you don’t get a good mental visual or are just unsure, you ask questions of your subconscious. Ask yourself in the back of your mind a simple question ( “What color is it?” or “Is it blue”, etc). What you feel is correct will be the answer, or if you are simply answered with a yes or no. Each person is different in this respect and what shall be returned from the subconscious or how is determined only by that person.  The Force works as as it will.  :P

    Once you are all done, it is important to remember to close the connection, either by imagining cutting it, or otherwise breaking the ‘thread’.  Connections left open can bring in unwanted things from the target such as feelings or letting the ‘target’ siphon off some of your own energy.  So unless you are prepared for what is to come from the other end, close the connection.

    All that said, what does being able to ‘do’ this stuff mean?
    Telepathic communication; empathic connections; healing methods; ; making shields; manipulating reality to a degree… and more as time and practice practice practice goes.  Working with the Force allows one to ‘see’ the greater reality of physical and energetic existence…. and to ‘do’ some things which can benefit yourself and others around you.  Gotta love those ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’.    :obiwan

    Again, many thanks to Mike and our teachers (Steve, Rob, et all) for the concepts and exercises.

    Stryse mentioned calling connections or links “Force-bonds”… in keeping with the Force/Jedi flavor of things around here.   ;D   While I like the term ‘bond’ might be a tad too… hmm… constrictive a thought nudge?  Perhaps Force strand or Force tendril… which evokes a more delicate ‘form’ to be working with.  We are making connections… not trying to tie them up (not yet at least.   :P )

    We came blame Bastila and the Knights of the Old Republic series of games for coining the term.  :)

    Though this is Force/energy related, it is not necessarily ‘Star Wars canon’ as far as being strictly how some (or most) of the Jedi lovin’ community might think.   Some want the Force to just ‘Be’… and not delve too deeply into the how or why or what makes it tick.  Personally, I can take most on F/faith but.. I want to know more then ‘wave the hand in a slight semi circle’ … these are not the droids you are looking for.

    Maybe I’ll post something on using the Force to effect Compulsions of the type that ObiWan was using there.  After I finish my turning-to-article-sized post on entity creation.     

    Very nice stuff you’re putting up though.  I rather enjoy reading this kind of stuff and having it already be in a Jedi-flavor.   

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