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    Kol Drake
    Grokking Wind


    Wind is sometimes called “the mother of weather” because of its critical role in the formation and experience of weather. It has so many important connections with our lives (breathing is important!) that wind grokking is an extremely useful skill. One of the most powerful forms of wind is the hurricane, which is a circular wind pattern with speeds of more than 74 miles per hour at the outside edge of the hurricane proper. Hurricanes can be seen by satellite and their path tracked, but they are very unpredictable in their direction.

    *** Personal Tale ***
    I used wind since I was in high school. I pushed clouds around. Later I would use it to move storms to bypass my area… most times it worked pretty well. Back in the 90s and early 00s, I did something pretty stupid… with the best of intentions. I have family living near the coast of southern Texas -and- a good personal friend living on the west coast of Florida. I tried hard to protect my Florida friend — working to make hurricanes ‘shift’ so their area would not be hit. I got one phone call telling me how the storm was on a collision course right toward their house and it ‘jumped’ 30 miles further north. That one probably nudged my ego way too close to the Dark Side or ‘puffed chest-ed-ness’. When Katrina was wandering all over the Gulf, I was trying hard to protect my Floridian friend… but then it was heading right for my Texas relatives. I kept ‘nudging’ until I went ‘oh krap’ because it was finally moving ‘away’ but ‘away’ was right into New Orleans. Dumb move. I swore off messing with hurricanes after that. Nature has a way of slapping the ‘stupid’ out of you in hard lessons.

    The above lesson was about working ‘with’ Nature instead of trying to control it. Appropriateness.
    When you grok a hurricane you can feel a kind of magnetic attraction toward a human population center and sometimes it takes a definite effort of will to move away from it. You do not need to be concerned about interfering with “destiny”. If there is a positive purpose for the hurricane — or for any event — it will take place regardless of what you do. You may delay it, but you won’t prevent it unless your Jedi work involves an even better solution for carrying out the event’s purpose. In most cases you simply won’t be aware until after the fact that there was anything to work on.

    Tornadoes are a lot like hurricanes. Full of great destructive potential, they occur naturally in certain areas at certain times of the year, yet they are also highly responsive to human thought and emotion. Like fires, tornadoes have a knack for skipping over or around some places and apparently seeking out others that were presumed safe. The experience of grokking a tornado can be thrilling, but the excitement of destruction can seem like such fun that it may be difficult to remember you are intending to guide the tornado AWAY from a place. I get plenty of tornadoes here in the Mid-South and they can pop up in an instant and be gone before anyone realizes it… either pinpoint destruction or a miles long swath. They are hard to ‘grab’… sometimes it’s better to just work on making the conditions less ‘tornado friendly’. I will say, we got the ‘weather warning’ once and, like an idiot, instead of getting to secure shelter, I just stood at the back window and watched the wall of tornado skirt the edge of the back yard, topple a couple of decades old pines into the yard and then just move off northward to take out a few houses and tear up some local woods. I may wish to be a Jedi but common sense sometimes escapes me.

    Grokking can be used to raise a wind, to diminish a wind, or to turn a wind. It can also be used to have a wind affect another element. Remember, ‘things’ are seldom one element… they are typically a mix of wind and fire and stone and water. You can pick which ones that work ‘best’ for you when working to interact with the thing’s pattern.

    Practice — Grokking Wind

    You can start out by practicing in the area where you live, grokking the wind to feel how it moves, and changing its movement and direction. You can tell by how the clouds are acting/reacting to your changes. Don’t try to make a wind from out of the west ‘shift’ 180 degrees to come out of the east — but you can nudge that westerly wind to slowly shift to the north or south. Get a feel for the pattern of the wind… see how you can merge and change from ‘being’ that pattern.

    Pay attention to the news and grok for healing and harmony for the areas highlighted. Always check for appropriate-ness of action. (and don’t stand next to a tornado like some idiots I know…. )

    Grok the wind to learn lightness, freedom, and playfulness, as well as for the feeling of influencing the movement of other beings. ( heh… ever hear the expression ‘fair weather friends’ or politicians who ‘change their minds as the wind blows’?)

    Kol Drake
    Grokking Plants


    Supposedly, there are Masters in India who can ‘grok’ plants so they flower and fruit all in one day.

    One way to work with plants is to grok them, know what their state, condition, or needs are, then ungrok and take care of them. If you grok a plant and discover it’s thirsty, you can then ungrok and give it some water. Or you can, as the plant, extend your roots to find water or call forth the spirit water to come and help you. For other needs you can spread your leaves to get more sun, move your sap to give more life to different parts of your plant Body, and give forth new shoots to expand yourself.

    I will admit, I am not great with plants. I am beyond ‘purple thumbs’ to maybe ‘purple body’. I try hard to get potted house plants to do their thing and they last a bit then die. The only things I’ve been able to keep alive are ivy and cactii… and that was by ignoring them. My efforts saving outdoor stuff has been pretty hit or miss too. I am still learning and I am not ‘grok-worthy’ for most of the stuff outside. One lives and four die… maybe I should stick to concrete lawn sculptures.

    Nursery people know that plants can get stressed by both too much change and lack of change in the envirornment, as well as by poisons and toxins, and that such stress leads to sickness and the attraction of insects and fungus. In grokking a plant, then, the best thing is sometimes just to help it relax. But if you want it to grow more, assuming it’s relatively unstressed to begin with, the best thing is to get it excited. Excitement stirs up energy, which stirs up activity, which stirs up the pattern of Nature. Nature responds appropriately.

    Good to remember when working with any of the elements / grok ‘objects’ touched on.

    There is plenty of research documenting how plants are influenced by human thoughts and emotions. ln some ways, plants might be the barometers of the folks around it. (not sure what that says about me being the ‘plant killer’… )

    Practice — Grokking Plants

    Grok the plants around your home to learn how they think, feel, and experience life. If you want to go farther, plant some seeds or seedlings and grok them as they grow, adding your own intent for them to grow faster or larger. Grok plants you know that may need help, such as trees suffering from blight.

    Grok plants also to learn about cycles of life and death, light and darkness, growth and reproduction, lunar and solar seasons, energy use, and transformation. (Remember how we have that lesson about hugging a tree elsewhere at the IJRS?)

    Try grokking herbs and plant-based remedies for their healing qualities rather than taking them into your body as an experiment.

    Kol Drake
    Grokking Animals


    There are animals and then there are beloved pets. Even in ancient cultures, animals were treated (for the most part) as teachers and guides for how to live harmoniously with the Spirit and Nature. Of course, being ‘oh so wise’ in the Western World, we tend to think, “well, duh, of course we can learn a lot about Nature by observing the behavior of animals.” This is beyond how the monks watched the tiger or the praying mantis to ‘get’ a specific style of fighting or survival.

    In many cultures, there is a tale about ‘the time long before’ when humans and animals could talk to each other and what happen to make that go away. These days, plenty of pet owners have accounts of intuitive rapport between humans and
    animals, mostly with dogs and horses, so the ‘talent’ may not be as ‘forgotten’ as we suppose. But most of this rapport has to do with love, friendship. and mutual assistance, and maybe learning on the part of the animal from the human.

    I could probably grab plenty of ‘dog, cat and horse’ stories telling how they saved a person from some event — burning houses, dialing 9-1-1 when the ‘master’ falls / is deathly ill, etc. It helps fill local newspaper space. Bet each of you with pets can come up with some ‘rapport’ stories of some kind. I know my ex just told me one not long ago. My daughter got a kitten and had it about a year or so before she zoomed off to be in the military… and leaving the cat with her mom. This cat kind of lives under my daughter’s bed… only sneaking out for food, toiletry, and prowling… most times when the cat figures no one is watching as it slides down the hallways and into rooms. It has never been a ‘jump in your lap’ kind of cat. So, my ex was in a bad auto accident and comes back from the hospital with 3 broken ribs, a safety air bag ‘punch to the face’ and a broken arm… and finally settles down for her first night back in her own bed. The ‘don’t mess with me’ cat immediately comes into the room and jumps on the bed and sacks out next to her ribs and arm. Kitty healing in action!

    The way to grok animals and learn from them is to be aware of and imitate their behavior in an open, receptive way. Being aware means more than just looking at them — it includes using all of your inner as well as outer senses. And imitating their behavior means more than just copying their movements. It also means practicing their sounds, moods, attitudes, and characteristics. (not unlike those ancient shamans who ‘shape shifted’ into animals!)

    Every thing an animal does has a purpose, and every purpose has to do with the present moment. Animals don’t dwell on the past or the future. If a dog performs a task that was taught in the past, it is always in response to a stimulus in the present. When a squirrel stores nuts, it isn’t planning for the future, it is responding appropriately to signals in the present environment that indicate it’s time to store nuts. Until you have grokked animals enough to share their experience of life, you really don’t know what the present moment is. l’m not saying that reflecting on the past or planning for the future is bad. I’m saying that experiencing the present is good. Very good. Nothing is more NOW than a pet telling you, “Feed me!”

    Practice — Grokking Animals


    Grok an animal just for the experience, using a pet, animals at the zoo or around your home, or the Power Animals as patterns. (heh… want to understand your Power Animal / Guide? This is the way to do that to the uber degree!)

    Grok a sick or stressed animal and use the energy techniques you know to ease ‘your’ pain and heal ‘yourself’ as the

    Grok an animal to learn more about life and living or for special characteristics that the animal has.

    Kol Drake
    Grokking People


    I am not endorsing taking over bodies at random (or on purpose)! Maybe this will deepen a relationship or help you help someone.

    Grokking a human is perhaps the most difficult because ‘they’ are so much like us. You might think it would be easier but the hard part is not carrying our own patterns into the grok. Remember when I wrote about ‘quiet connections’ in WWTF #2? This is more of that — not overlaying your vibes/patterns/energies on top of someone else… trying to re-write who they are. As with animals and all else, you need to be open, receptive, and unconditional. heck, the more closed, rejecting and ‘conditional’ we are with ourselves can make it even tougher to grok anyone else.

    Grokking humans can also lead to unusual insights. A wife might grok husband to ‘better understand him’. She begins
    speaking and walking and thinking like him, and as she does he might begin to open up and develop a more and more friendly attitude toward her. Happily ever after? Or, perhaps, at the same time, she begins to realize that she actually does not like him. Humans and human relationships can be like delicate artworks made of glass… it doesn’t take much to shatter the illusion of beauty with some sharp shards of reality.

    Grokking humans for healing it is both easier than other elements and more difficult. It is easier because we are more familiar with the human body, but more difficult because of the fear of sickness. When you are grokking a human who is sick you have to be able to feel what that human is feeling without identifying yourself (that 1 percent) with it. If you do identify you may mimic some of the same pattern when you ungrok and feel it in your own body as your own feeling.

    You can change that by telling your Self firmly, “Stop that this instant! That’s not mine! Change back to normal now!” And then be sure to relax. If for any reason that doesn’t work, use one of your healing skills on yourself. Set your pattern ‘right’ again.

    Heck, you could even ‘grok’ yourself!
    Use the healing skills on yourself, acting as the person you are grokking. So you talk to your Self, grok yourself, dream and change your body’s dream, or do anything else you have learned.

    One of the greatest things about grokking a human is that the grokee doesn’t have to be alive. Or even human.
    When you grok, you are merging with an energy pattern, not the Physical Being. Well, the energy patterns of humans no longer alive, those of accomplished men and women and spiritual masters of the past, still exist for you to grok and learn from. All you have to do is put your conscious attention them and let your essence of Self do the grokking. By “not even human”, I mean that the energy patterns of fictional characters also exist for you to grok. Odin, Thor, Superman and Wonder Woman are out there waiting for you. (what? The ‘chaos mages’ of the 90s did this all the time with wickedly good results… although “for fun” they also did a lot with Cthulu because they were H.P. Lovecraft fans. Still… what works works.) Who wouldn’t want some quality chat time with Gandalf or Yoda or Qui Gon Jinn or Da Vinci or Lincoln? If I recall, one or two ‘First Ladies’ spent time calling on past ‘First Ladies’ for advice and guidance.

    Practice — Grokking People

    Grok someone who is well and who expresses some quality or characteristic you would like to have, and in deep grok tell your Self Essence to remember the pattern.

    With your mind create a spirit form of an ideal Master Teacher who has abundant love, abundant power, and abundant skill, and then grok that being to learn that pattern.

    Kol Drake
    In Conclusion

    I suppose some might say, “heck, one post is really the ‘how to’ and the rest is just a bunch of ‘try this’.” Correct. Whether you are doing the ‘basic’ connections OR working on grokking — DOING is the important thing. Repeated doing / practice. Only when you EXPERIENCE the ‘real deal’ will you start to understand the mystery (and fun) of ‘simple’ links or full merging. Of course, if you are full out grokking things and people, you KNOW rather than ‘have a good grasp’. With all the IJRS courses and practices — it is to get you to KNOW rather than grasp… else, how can you ever teach it to future padawans?

    This is one of those times where I have to say, “practice is the ONLY way you are going to get to this level of grokking”. The more you grok the more skillful you become at it. The more often you grok a pattern you want to learn the better you will learn it.

    Patterns, Connections, and Practice… may the Force be with you during all your practices and endeavors!


    Hope I get in all the proper source credit —


    Robert Heinlein — Stranger in a Strange Land (Remembering Tomorrow) (1961)

    Serge Kahili King — Urban Shaman (1990)

    Scott Cunningham — Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic (1983)

    Studio Ghibli / Hayao Miyazaki — My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

    Kol Drake

    Addendum(s) —

    It is nice to know I am not the only one who plays with ideas and methodologies. Here is a webpage entry about Grokking Food!

    >> My Life: Grokking Food << And, just to make certain the text never disappears –>

    Monday, March 14, 2005
    Grokking Food

    by Jacob

    In my Sociology class, I recently had to do what Dr. Helford calls a Zen Experiment. The basics of the experiment is to study my dinner for five minutes before eating. When I eat, not to use any type of utensils, and to be experiencing the process. Then I had to go to the bathroom and study the toilet for ten minutes. Finally, after that ten minutes, I dump some of my food in the toilet… look at it… then flush. I had to also turn in a report for this. This Zen Experiment was called Grokking Food. “Do you grok me,” is the wordless question that our food is asking silently asking by just existing. If you anything like me, at first you might not know what grok means. It originally came from Robert Heinlein’s book Strangers in a Strange Land. The author used the word grok to literally mean “to drink” in the Martian language. Within the book, a character describes it this way:

    Grok means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed — to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience. It means almost everything that we mean by religion, philosophy, and science — and it means as little to us (because we are from Earth) as color means to a blind man.

    Grokking is the act of trying to understand and identify with something or someone. During the course of the Grokking Food Zen experiment, I did not come to any major revelations, only some interesting thoughts.

    When I received the Grokking Food assignment, I showed it to some of my friends and we had a good laugh about how weird it was. Prior to cooking the food that would be used for the experiment, I put a good amount of thought into what I would use. I did not want to eat something that would be too gross to eat with my fingers. Top Roman seemed to be a good choice, and something that I eat quite often. My Top RominTo the basic Creamy Chicken Top Roman I added butter, an egg, and cut-up hunks of meat. I have known for a while that Top Roman is unhealthy, but I have never taken much time to stare or think a lot about it. Looking at the bowl of food, made me start to loose my appetite. I even started thinking about the digestive process. I noticed that the noodles looked suspiciously like the small intestines. Coating the edges of the bowl and the outskirts of the noodles was a greasy yellow liquid, which sloshed around slightly when I picked up the bowl for a closer inspection. On the meat and noodles were small black specks, most likely seasoning. I took a little bit of time and focused past the noodles, looking at them as if they were some sort of hidden picture. All I saw was a blurred and formless blob. My mind kept returning to thoughts of preservatives and chemicals known to be within my dinner. After the five minutes of observation time, I squished the bowl in-between my hands, and tipped it back. The noodles were incorporative, and stuck to the walls of the bowl. For a second, I had freighting of my dipping my bear hands into the bowl, and shoving handfuls of the sludge into my mouth. The very idea of that was horrendous; I wanted no part in it. I maneuvered my face into the small confines of the bowl. The thought of removing my mouth with stings of Roman dangling from my beard popped into my head. I tipped the bowl back again, and tried to suck another mouthful of food in. Interestingly it was more of a chore to be accomplished to eat the food, then a satisfying meal. Normally I enjoy eating, and try to savor the food, but with this I just wanted to get it over with. I also found myself eating at a much faster pace then normal.

    The next segment of the experiment was to go the bathroom and study the toilet. Looking at the toilet, I started thinking about how long ago it’s last cleaning was. It took everything within me to not go and quickly grab some cleaning supplies and clean the toilet as a part of my observations. Thinking on this note, got me to realize how neglected the toilet is. The toilet is just a product for utility. The toilet is only thought of when needed, and then quickly left by the wayside. After the ten minutes was on my timer, I dumped the bowl of excess food into the toilet. Inside the toilet bowl, the food just floated and half sunk. Food like this is an utterly disgusting sight. After looking at the food, and the swirling cloud floating in the water, I pushed the handle down and flushed the toilet.

    Grokking my food, is in a sense the closest that I have had come to my food. Eating is something that takes a lot of preparation and time everyday, but is rarely thought about. Really, the utility of just eating food, even if we enjoy it, is similar to the utility of using the toilet. It is something that I under normal circumstances do not want to think about. My mom has told me about the importance of being mindful in daily life, but rarely do I actually implement it. It is difficult to really concentrate on what is going on, and not just be on autopilot or thinking about a million other topics. Mindfulness is experience life as it happens, in the moment. It also seems there are two different “digestion processes” that we use frequently. First, is the process eating and deposing of food physically. Second, is the ingestion of our waste into the toilet and it’s digestion into various pipes and other avenues under our cities until it is it find its way our of our system. So the question must be, do you ever grok your food?


    This is actually a neat experiment for becoming ‘more aware’ of your actions — selecting your meal, preparing your meal, ingesting your meal, and eliminating your meal.

    In a slightly different slant, this made me remember my picto-graphic thread about contemplating a bowl of chicken soup!

    Forum > General Category > Spirituality, Religion and Philosophy > Food for Thought >> Food for Thought << Amazing how one can spend time grokking food, or things, or … the imagination is limitless.


    I found it!


    Thank you!


    Has anyone tried “grokking” a computer? I did it on Friday and I would to compare, notes. Not really sure what happened.

    Kol Drake

    I am not certain that I’ve ever gone ‘that deep’ into a computer per se.

    That said, way back in the late 90s and early 00s, there were times when I could ‘just’ sit in front of a terminal and just lay my fingers on the keyboard… waiting to type responses to someone in a graphics chat simulator (before Second Life was a ‘thing’…) and oft times, had a super solid empathic connection… where I KNEW how they were feeling and thinking without either of us typing a single word.

    That’s more long range empathy or ?telepathy? rather than me merging with my computer and experiencing data flow…

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