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    Kol Drake

    I’ll say this right up front —

    I had a long winded, typed up ‘thing’ which covered long histories, definitions, and more before getting to ‘the good stuff’. Thinking on it AND considering what I’ve been told — that no one wants lectures, they just want to dive in and play — then maybe later they might want to know more… so, you are getting a little from column A and a little from column B (and maybe some of C even though I haven’t figured out what C is yet).

    Consider this “WWTF #2A — The Next Level Using Connections” sort of.

    Kol Drake
    A Definition
    (Live with it)

    Robert A. Heinlein was a writer known mostly for his science fiction stories who coined the word grok in his 1961 novel, Stranger in a Strange Land. The main character, Valentine Michael Smith, was raised by Martians, and around page 14 Heinlein first mentions the word in a casual way as he writes about Smith’s grokking that he was not as his nestling brothers,” referring to the moment on Mars when Smith used a special kind of talent to realize that he was not a Martian.

    It did not take long for grok to be incorporated into the modern dictionary –

    In a modern dictionary, grok – “to understand something intuitively or by empathy” and “to empathize or communicate sympathetically; to establish a rapport.”

    That is one way to consider the word / action, but that is only a part of the meaning as written by Heinlein. One clue to the full meaning is given around page 105, where Smith comments on a woman’s ability to swim by saying, “The water groks Dorcas. lt cherishes (her).” Smith chooses his words very carefully, and cherish means “to protect and care for someone lovingly.” In the rest of the chapter, Heinlein, through dialogue, makes it clear that the concept of grokking includes to know something from the inside – much more than just in the sense of empathy – and, while in that state of knowing, to be able to influence what you are grokking. In addition, “grokking in fullness” means to become one with something.

    So, we are going to learn to take ‘connections’ to the next level by learning to grok…

    Kol Drake
    Droids, Mind Melds, and Starving Actors

    What the heck does any of that have to DO with Jedi and ‘stuff’ connected with the Force and this thing called grokking?

    In my opinion, the skill of grokking is something a Jedi should become familiar with. One could argue that it is very close to the “Old” Obi Wan Kenobi hand wave, “These are not the droids you are looking for.” He had to make a connection and ‘link’ with the Stormtrooper and be able to mentally convince the guy he was mistaken with one hand wave and sentence! Perhaps it is also a little something like when Mr. Spock would ‘mind meld’ with another being. It was more than ‘just’ contact telepathy. Spock was almost intertwining his nervous system and energies with the ‘target’; where they started speaking the same words at the same moment; experienced the same emotions, etc.

    For modern times, a close approximation of grokking might be found in the technique of Method Acting, based on the teachings of Lee Strasberg and Konstantin Stanislavski. An article, quoted widely on the Webs, says

    “Method Acting combines a careful consideration of the psychological motives of the character, and some sort of personal identification with and possibly the reproduction of the character’s emotional state in a realistic way.”

    Not unlike ‘slipping on a skin’ of a character.

    For example: There was a review about a play in which Zero Mostel was supposed to turn into a rhinoceros and charge across the stage without using a costume. The reviewer said that it was not Zero Mostel acting the part of a rhinoceros charging across the stage, it was a rhinoceros charging across the stage. In a play called The Metamorphosis Mikhail Baryshnikov did an excellent job of portraying a beetle. Heck, I bet just about everyone has seen snippets of a prima ballerina ‘being a swan’ for Swan Lake.

    People can mimic just about anything, with greater or lesser skill. It is probably the secret to our incredible learning capacity, and it is so natural that many people do not even realize they are doing it! I suppose this spirals together with some of the other techniques noted in the WWTF series – of how one can form a connection / bond with someone ‘just’ by mimic-ing their body language and speaking cadence. Or ‘fitting in’ by suddenly picking up that Southern twang around the local boot scooters.

    Of course, it is one thing to mimic unconsciously, or for the purpose of learning how to do something that someone else can do, or for the purpose of blending in with your social or physical environment. It is another whole barrel of fish to do it for the purpose of influencing others and gaining “powers”.

    Then again, if you accept the idea that everything is connected through the Force; that energy flows where attention goes, then of course the behavior of a person can influence the environment. The only constraining factor becomes the degree of belief, connection, and energy. I hope the many IJRS courses and the WWTF series of threads are means of trying to show Jedi how to get that belief, connection and energy.

    Kol Drake
    Patterns & Grokking

    I am not outlining how to properly wave your hand. Or training you for method acting. Instead you are going to learn how to grok. Going beyond basic establishing ‘links’ / ‘force bonds’ / ‘threads’ between you and your ‘target’ and learning some cool things you can do.

    Grokking as described by Heinlein requires the ability to Know, Merge with, and Influence a pattern. Again, sounds very much like what was done to that Stormtrooper!

    Patterns pop up everywhere –

    ° People who sew are familiar with clothing patterns.
    ° Meteorologists are familiar with weather patterns.
    ° Psychologists are familiar with behavioral patterns.
    ° Geologists are familiar with rock patterns.
    ° Civil engineers are familiar with stress patterns.
    ° City managers are familiar with traffic patterns.
    ° Mathematicians are familiar with fractal patterns.
    ° Naturalist are familiar with ‘the patterns of Nature’.

    – and on and on.

    The more familiar we are with patterns, the more we “incorporate” them (bring them into our body) and that incorporation allows us, not only to use the pattern at will, but also to work with it in creative ways and even to use our knowledge of the pattern to influence something else that uses that pattern.

    Since we are working with the Force, we know that patterns are formed by energy interacting with energy. We can say, the whole universe consists of patterns and energy, patterns of energy, and energized patterns. It is because of this underlying field and flow of which we are a part that we can merge and modify.

    We merge with the “inner pattern” of something – the pattern that gives rise to its existence, not merely the pattern that it expresses in its behavior. (We could get into a whole lecture series on The Matrix and how ‘all is an illusion’ as noted by the Buddhists – getting beyond the illusion to ‘see’ a things true expression/pattern, etc.) And we are not ‘merging’ 100% – to do so would mean losing yourself ‘in’ the other. You do NOT want to spend the rest of your life thinking you are a crow or poodle or potted plant… or your cousin from Hoboken!

    Kol Drake

    So, this is going to be more than ‘just’ making a link or connection. With the simple stuff from #2 – Connections AND daily practice, I have had a few folks tell me how they got pretty good at making ‘light’ connections and could skim the surface thoughts of people on elevators or those passing by at the mall. As long as their targets were not hyper intensively focused on a task or thought, they were able to pick up stuff.

    Grokking is a much deeper level of connecting. Past the surface level to those deeper layers of thoughts and emotions. This also allows the practicing Jedi to connect for the purposes of healing — not just the external but the internal. Again, I nag — practice practice practice. ‘Trying this once’ (or once a week) and I doubt you will grok grokking.


    I suppose you could say there are four levels of grokking a pattern —

    1. Copying-unconsciously adopting patterns in your environment

    2. Imitating-consciously adopting patterns in your environment for personal safety and development

    3. Role-playing-consciously adopting patterns in your environment or in your mind for influencing other people

    4. Becoming-consciously adopting patterns in your environment or in your mind to change what you are (as a mystic might do)

    For now, let us look at something between #3 and #4. Ideally, one wants to adopt the pattern of a thing (or person) so well that one can think of one’s self as being that thing and have such resonance with it that changing one’s behavior will change the target’s behavior. At the same time, we want to remember our original pattern so we can return to it at will. That is grokking in a nutshell.

    Again, this is that word from a book in which the hero has the ability to merge with the pattern of something – know it from the inside – and change it from the inside by directed intent. Grokking implies the ability to remember your original pattern and your purpose in grokking. You do not want to lose your Self in a total merge. That is why one should always keep a portion “back”. Back meaning – retaining at least 1 or 2 percent (an arbitrary number) of your own self-awareness no matter how deeply you grok.

    After all, the purpose in grokking is to bring about healing and harmony. If you were to grok a sick tree 100 percent, you would simply feel like you were the tree and forget to do any healing! You would not turn into a tree – most of the time you would just snap back into your original self awareness without having accomplished anything, or you might fall asleep and wake up later. (Okay, some teeny bit of time drooling might happen but what’s a little drool while exploring the greater awareness?)

    A complete change of pattern requires consciously applied skill of a level that most humans will find very hard reaching. It *can* happen but IT TAKES PRACTICE.

    Did I mention practice?

    Kol Drake

    Down to Brass Tacks

    The process of grokking is very simple —

    1. Close your eyes.
    2. Energize.
    3. Enter a spirit body.
    4. Merge with the grokee.
    5. Check for appropriateness of action.
    6. Change your behavior.
    7. Ungrok by re-merging with your spirit body and returning to your physical body.

    Easy Peasy, right?

    The break down of the steps –>

    It is suggested closing your eyes to diminish distractions from your immediate environment at first. As you get the hang of things, you can learn to grok with your eyes open – maybe even add a ‘hand wave’ even later.

    Energizing can be done by pulling in the Force and deep breathing.

    “Entering a spirit body” is like entering a dream body, but the spirit body is more like a borderless ball of pure light or energy that you create with your imagination. You are kind of doing this at a near astral / aura level instead of forcing your physical self or your typical ‘thought jabs’ at anyone. To “enter a spirit body” – you just imagine that you have a formless energy body rather than a physical one. As usual, feeling is more important than seeing. Using the spirit body makes it easier to go in and out of the grok (connection) at will.

    Merging is done by imagining that your spirit body is merging with the spiritual, mental, emotional, and/or physical pattern of the grokee. Let’s face it – doing this means you are going to be committed to actionthis is no half arsed ‘skim the surface’ contact. Again. feeling being the most important sensation because you want to imagine what it feels like to be what you are grokking.

    This is the most important part, since its success depends on a kind of unconditional love. The degree of merging is limited by any negative attitudes you may have toward what you are grokking. The more fear, anger, or criticism you have toward it, the more separation and the less grokking – which means less influence of the target / grokee. While merged you check for appropriateness of action by feeling whether it is right to go ahead and make a change. This has nothing to do with fear that it might be wrong. When the grok is good it is a simple knowing that it is right or not right to do something. (Fine. Maybe you do not give a wompa’s backside about how ‘right’ it might feel merging with a Stormtrooper but… extraordinary times sometimes require extraordinary actions.)

    When you have merged to the greatest degree possible while still retaining a bit of self-awareness, you change your behavior “as the grokee” – in a means conforming to your healing intent. Most of the time this would be in your imagination, but some people are able to involve their physical body in the change without losing the sense of being the grokee. This comes with practice and practical experience on how much or little your physical body comes into play.

    Last step — separate from the grokee by imagining yourself back in your spirit body, and then back
    into your physical body. Take a few seconds to get ‘settled back in’ and take deep breaths to shake things off.

    Kol Drake

    Now, all that above was ‘how to do it.’

    While grokking someone, you should be able to ‘feel’ / sense / intuit where there may be issues — say a stressed bone or messed up muscle or whatever. Part of ‘the changes’ you can institute is to send the message to have the grokee’s body start the healing process at the specific spot. Maybe even focus their energy to help heal a crack or fix an internal issue. Then you pull back… maybe do an aura session later to have the ‘outside’ working with the ‘inside’ to give any healing a double whammy.

    Next, we see that grokking can work with the elements and more: fire, water, earth/rock & wind as well as plants, animals, and people.

    Computers use electronics made from silicon which is from sand and sand is earth/rock. Lots of things are composed of one or more of the elements so, the more you grok the more skillful you become at it, and the more often you grok a pattern you want to learn the better you will learn it.

    Kol Drake

    Grokking Water


    I suppose with California in the middle of it’s fourth year of drought, most would think this is the one they would want — how to grok water for rain, but it can be grokked for many other reasons as well. Figure there can be some pretty nasty storms at sea one might wish to smooth out. Or to aid plants to grow. Or to help folks when they drink ‘grokked’ water — for health, etc.

    *** Note ***
    This is not about ‘controlling Nature’ or the nature of water. Nature can only be influenced to do what it might do anyway; it cannot be controlled. In any activity of Nature there are ongoing courses of action, potential courses of action, and improbable courses of action. Jedi should strive to work with ongoing and potential courses of action, leaving improbable courses of action (because the ‘improbable’ requires more energy than the potential results are typically worth.) Plus, working ‘within the system of Nature’ is more likely to get good results than trying to warp the heck out of natural Nature.

    And, I am not saying one lone Jedi can stand in their yard and make it rain over the entire state of California. Instead, the Jedi might work to get clouds to form and rain to generate in their general area. (and not ‘just’ over their house either) Making clouds (tiny rain droplets which form around dust particles) which get big enough to fall as rain is ‘the way of Nature’. Working With Nature (and the Force) works sooooo much better than trying to make the improbable probable.

    When the potential energies are right, a Jedi grokking can perform what seem to be miracles, but which are only a wise use of available resources and natural patterns. Rain can be brought to drought-stricken areas or moved away from flooded areas, wave patterns can be altered, oil slicks can be dissipated, and pollution can be neutralized or precipitated out. The possibilities are wide open, but some changes will require a lot of shamans acting in concert.

    Practice — Grokking Water

    Remember the ‘easy peasy’ steps given before? Same deal. Grok water by becoming the spirit of water, and then the specific
    water you want to influence. For a drought, what works well is to become the spirit of water in the drought area and call water to you, becoming that water as it gathers until you are heavy and thick enough to rain.

    You can also grok for the purpose of learning what water has to teach you about flowing and adapting.

    Kol Drake
    Grokking Stone


    I suppose stone might be hard for some. (sorry — bad puns happen) Grokking something ‘as solid’ as rock might seems tough because — well, it’s ‘just a rock’! The mistake many make is that in their minds they are often trying to merge their physical bodies with it rather their spirits, and that, of course, feels suffocating and rigid if not impossible.

    Elsewhere in the IJRS posts, we have talked about stone being alive and that its form is only an energy pattern. The intent is not to move your body into the stone, but to have your energy body take on the energy pattern of the stone. This seems to work much better. Like the rockman says, “… all your gotta do is open your mind along with your eyes…”

    As we like to point out over and over — everything is connected.
    Nature does its own thing whether humans are around or not, but when humans are around they are always part of what Nature is doing. The interchange comes from the energy of human emotions. Human emotions, positive or negative, do not cause natural phenomena, but they can trigger them or delay them, amplify or diminish them, and attract or repulse them. If a human being is affected, a human being is involved.

    Because of this relationship, when a Jedi is changing a natural event, he (or she) is also changing the human emotions involved in the event. This kind of indirect healing is often easier to do and more effective than trying to work with human beings themselves, especially in a grouping like a village, city, or region.

    As Jedi, we might work to ease the pressure in unstable areas before a quake, and we can ease the pressure after a quake to diminish the effects of aftershocks. To do this with grokking, we enter the spirit of stone, merge with the bedrock under a specific location, and gently relax and stretch and calm ourselves down. Volcanic eruptions can be worked with in a similar way. In merging with molten lava you can either change the direction of its flow or slow down, cool off, and solidify.

    As an element, “stone” includes any material that we consider solid and inanimate — such as metal, plastic, cut wood, and glass— even when put together as a machine. By grokking and changing the pattern to one that feels harmonious you can have many good healing results with motors and computers. (heh… right up there with placing ‘healing hands’ on the dashboard of a car so it starts and runs smoothly… really, a little ‘holy energy’ got my ex 250+ miles with a wonky car once.)

    Practice — Grokking Stone

    Grok some of the physically unstable areas of the world like Nepal, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico City, Cairo, and Teheran and ease the pressure under them.

    Grok an object (perhaps a sculpture), a tool, or a machine and heal it or learn from it.
    (I once read of a metal smith that did this when they made their swords… grokking the metal blade so the blade was ‘infused’ with the energy of ‘cutting well’ — basically, charging it with a purpose. mmmm perhaps this is how ‘charmed’ (or cursed swords) came about?)

    Grokking stone can also teach your own Self the nature of strength and stability, and help you learn more about geology and crystals.

    Kol Drake
    Grokking Fire


    Nature has its own reasons for having fires. It can be to replenish the soil with the nutrients in ash, to germinate seeds that need the fire’s heat before they can sprout, or to thin out old vegetation so that new plants may live. Guess we could go back to the California drought. 4+ years with no rain makes for some nasty conditions for wild fires to spread at alarming speed — endangering wildlife and human life.

    Fires are very responsive to human thought and emotion which means that calming down a fire will tend to calm down the thoughts and emotions that feed it. Grokking is a powerful method to do that.

    Jedi may have to practice until we have gotten over any fear of fire. Some people have a good rapport with fire the first time they try to grok it. Usually they feel excitement, tingling and high energy. When a group of such people is working together the temperature of the room will actually rise. The challenge these natural “fire workers” have is to keep enough separation so that they can do some healing work. Often they are enjoying the experience of being fire so much they don’t want to calm down.

    As a guide during your first grokking of fire, you might consider stand still, calm down, and get ‘smaller and smaller’ — becoming an ember and then ‘just’ warmth. Usually this works fine. Sometimes, someone will “humanize” the fire too much and think that
    this process is killing the fire or going against its wishes. Remember, fire is not human and remains itself no matter what its size or form. Fire is just ‘happy’ to be and doesn’t feel diminished by change.

    People who have the most difficulty are those who have had unpleasant encounters with fire and when they begin a fire grok it stimulates the memories of those experiences, which can produce enough fear and anger to abort the grok. One solution is to change the reaction to those experiences; another is to strongly distinguish the present fire from any other fire; and still another is to practice until the fear and anger no longer occur.

    Practice — Grokking Fire

    Candle staring is better than staring at an active volcano to start out. :P

    Grok a fire that you see or hear about in the news. Feel that it is all right to change it. As the fire, decide to stop your progress, decide to calm down, to get smaller and smaller, to become embers, to become warmth, and to feel good as warmth. Bless the spirit of fire and come out of the grok.

    Grok any fire and feel its energy, movement, light, and warmth. With your 1 percent of self-awareness tell your Self to remember this pattern, then ungrok.

    At other times practice evoking those qualities when you want them. (which can come in handy during those long winter months just past!)

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