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    Kol Drake

    I know many folks — being empathic and all — are probably looking for more blankets to hide under with all the mind numbing krap that seems to bombard us daily from news, social media, etc. We are not quite at the ‘going to hell in a handbasket’ just yet. Jason Miller has a nice response to the question I asked in the Subject Line.

    >> Whats Going On With The State Of The World? – Questions Answered << Jason, would you be willing to share any insights on the bigger picture of WTF is happening in the world?

    I got this question via facebook over the weekend during the coup in Turkey. That coup of course came in between two attacks on police here in America, which is in response to American Police shooting more unarmed black people. All the while a racist reality star has taken the nomination of a major party. while the Candidate for the other party is widely considered to be somewhere between untrustworthy and criminal*. Britain is leaving the EU, Terrorist attacks in Europe are amping up, the economy sucks everywhere, and….. well the world feels like it is going to Hades in a hand basket.

    So what is going on?

    Here is my answer: Nothing.

    Nothing is going on. Shit is happening as it tends to do. There are no spiritual powers converging upon us. There is no apocalypse level event we need to prepare for. Reality is not coming undone because David Bowie died.

    I kinda feel like people who were born in the 80’s or 90’s have been experiencing an unusually calm period of human history and perhaps that is starting to be upset a bit, but really not much. Humans suffer from a terrible condition known as human nature. We fight, we ignore things, we act selfishly, we do heinous and crazy things. This has not changed.

    What has changed is the media and our hearing about every last thing that happens everywhere. We are inundated by it. It was not always this way. Really important global stuff made the evening news and newspaper, as well as the important local stuff. If a child was abducted four states away, you wouldn’t hear about it unless you lived near there. In some ways this is good and in some ways this is bad.

    Now people are largely ignorant of important local issues like politics, or zoning, or even just the police blotter, but are absolutely slammed with whatever the most disturbing (ratings) news is from anywhere on the globe. It all feels like it is happening to you and your neighborhood, and it feels like a constant barrage of horror, when in fact, its just how things are.

    There was a coup in Turkey. It failed. But even if it didn’t, stuff happens. There have been over 30 changes to the map since the Animaniacs sang “Nations of the World.”

    The news is reporting a War on Police, but in fact Police fatalities are at a 20 year low.

    Despite a Harvard study that has some holes in it, many people agree that Blacks are being targeted by police in America at an increasing rate. I am not so sure that its happening more than it ever did. Instead I tend to think that the proliferation of video cameras on both citizens and police are allowing up to bring attention to a problem that has always been there, but been denied.

    Trump is the logical conclusion to the GOP strategy of gaining votes through making people feel that their way of life is under seige. I still meet people who believe Obama is a Muslim Terrorist despite the fact that he has been in control of the most powerful military on the planet and not done a damn thing that you would expect a terrorist to do. You cannot spend 15 years telling people that their way of life is threatened and that extremists have overthrown the constitution without them eventually electing an extreme candidate that matches the rhetoric.

    Clinton is likewise the logical choice of a DNC that is absolutely dominated by insider politics and an obsession with the halcyon days of the last Clinton administration.

    At this moment in human history there are virtually no large nations at war with one another. Yes, there are civil wars in Syria, South Sudan, and Libya, disputes in the China sea, unrest in Iraq, and a host of terrorist actions, but compared to many other periods of even recent history we are in a pretty peaceful time.

    In Western countries women and LGBT peoples are making unprecedented strides in human rights. There is still much to do but things are moving in the right direction. You can even see recent racial unrest as a reaction to the strides made.

    The environment is one area where we are perhaps screwed good and proper, but we are WELL past conserving our way out of this mess. I hold out hope for climate control technology to arise and have faith that as it becomes profitable and necessary – solutions will emerge.

    I keep in mind that there are 7.4 Billion people on the planet right now, so the horrors of any given day are far outweighed by the people that just lived a normal day.

    Speaking of population, 20 years ago the great fears were about overpopulation. Now it seems the fertility rate is declining dramatically and world population is expected to decrease. This solves some problems, but of course creates others. Funny how that happens isn’t it?

    I am not saying the world is peachy. There are incredible amounts of suffering and oppression, and a need to fight the good fight.

    What I am saying is that this is how it has always been, and in many ways the feeling that things are worse, is just a feeling. An illusion cast by those that profit from spreading fear and paranoia – either for ratings, or money, or votes.

    My advice is to seek out the news that is important to keep you informed then shut it off.
    Decide what you are going to do in any given week towards helping the situations you know of, then do that and get on with enjoying your life.
    Do some magic to make it better.

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    Definitely what he said at the very last. Turn off the krap and start generating positive-ness around you. Positively energize yourself; your home; your neighborhood; your job place. Each Jedi ‘Force pond ripple’ of positive energy goes outward and meets and merges with the ripples of others. Soon, the positive peaks are higher and the pond is awash with better energy.

    Don’t let the bastards get you down. :meditate


    As we had this incident this last weekend in Munich and soon after in some other place around here in South Germany, as my father, my brother and I met for a nice evening on Friday, this whole thing, obviously became topic. Once again my father said, and I do feel that it hits the same note as the post, that these days news spread around the world very quickly and therefore making everyone very concerned and even fearful where in the past things like that, speaking of quick information spreading, didn’t happen and therefore people weren’t that scared and more concerned about things going on in their direct neighbourhood. The best example for that is my wife. The incident in Munich happened on Friday night and when my wife got up on Saturday morning in Japan – keep in mind that they are now seven hours ahead of Germany – this incident already not only made in their news but had been the headline with, obviously, all the information or better said lack of it.

    So, what I want to say is, yes, we are at the border of a time, energy change concerning the teachings of my Feng Shui School but that doesn’t mean that everything is going down to hell, as it had been put in the post, but that things will happen quicker, faster as the new energetic area we enter into is of this more aggressive, fast type of energy. But that doesn’t mean that everything is going to be bad more important is that we, if we not already do so, start to live a more conscious life in which we are aware of what is going on around us. Around us! Not all around the world.
    Being aware and living consciously, I do strongly believe in this, is what finally will help to change the things we do have a direct influence onto and with doing so we can be those ripples in the pond of which Kol Drake wrote.
    So, as it is said in the serenity prayer: “Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”


    This is a very helpful article. It expressed things i know but couldn’t put so well. :-)

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    My husband and I had a conversation on these very points the other night as we were walking through our neighborhood. I was raised in a very doom-and-gloom, the world’s going to Hell sort of family and environment, but I’ve also had a keen interest in history for most of my life. I remember thinking to myself growing up, but are things REALLY worse or more corrupt than they have been in the past? I compared what I knew of the world at the moment to what I knew of the world at various points in the past and concluded that they weren’t. There have been a lot of violence, corruption, and natural disasters throughout the millennia.

    I think, as the article said, that we’re inundated with the worst possible spin on the worst possible stories all day long because that’s what attracts eyeballs and garners clicks and generates ad revenue. Twenty years ago the knife attack in Japan, as appalling and tragic as it is, would have been a two-inch news item on page three of the local newspaper for most of America. People would have read it, shaken their heads, said “How dreadful,” and then gone on to talk about the prize-winning pumpkin or middle school track team or whatever local headlines had the cover page.


    That, what You, Kai Sabu, wrote, is so very true. Sometimes I’m wondering or better said the feeling I do get from all this “catchy” news, is that it should, somehow, distract people from the real local problems and the inability of our politicians and rulers to solve them. It is, obviously, much easier to show all the things which are going on all around the world, especially these days with all our modern day technique and options, than to deal with what lies, literally, on the door step.
    But that is, on the other hand, where I do feel that we can make a difference by dealing with those things and act as a positive example of how we still can find peace and even fulfillment within the area we are living in.

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