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    Kol Drake

    One of those kinds of ‘coincidence’ weeks.

    Beral was speaking about ‘where to go in a major event’; the Internets has this 90+ year old guy making his latest ‘end of the world’ prediction (his last two did not work out); the History Channel on cable ran a ‘what if a flu epidemic’ hit & what the emergency response action would be for a small nuke going off on the US capitol; watching  dude who does ‘bizarre foods’ do a three day ‘survive on the shore’ gig.

    Did make me think of what Beral asked… where could one go.
    Seems it would depend on the ‘event’.  A nuke is local to some extent.  Get past a mile radius from ground zero and you can ‘escape’ with minimal damage as long as you are not blind from the flash or heat damage.  Stay away from the wind blown ‘fall out’ (starts about 20 minutes after the blast) and you can minimize radiation particulate exposure.

    Their ‘staged flu epidemic’ was a tougher one since it would be nation if not world wide.  Their ‘subject family’ had the father being an EMT… so the first thing he grabbed was additional meds when the hospital was locked down. (Figure, in a major city hospital they MIGHT have 400 beds.  In a city of several hundred thousand, if not a million or more (greater New York area), any hospital would be full to overflowing early on)   The ‘subject family’ stayed in their home until power failed (around week two); their food supply was down to crumbs and cans of green beans; and the local looters were closing in.  IMO, they waited way too long.  They should have gotten out of the city in the first week… though that is also tough when the panic is going on and most roads would be highly congested if not shutdown.

    The one other factor shown that was of interest was that… even if you made it out of the ‘big city’, most little towns would be rallying their people and hanging on to their own water and food and pretty much turning folks away ‘at the gates’… so, running to somewhere else needs to be a place you are known, have invested time and energy into… or you have your own fortified castle (or cave) to run to… or you might get the bum’s rush at the city limits.

    Anyway, it made me think and consider some ‘things’ one should have ‘in case of emergency’.
    I mean, the folks around New Orleans lasted about 4 days before they were out of most foods and wide spread looting began.  Unless you have an old style 50s bomb shelter to fall back on (stockpiled food, buried water tank and well, and air purifiers) you have to ‘make do’… or get out of town.  That means, food, clothes, medical supplies, tons of water and water purification means, fire making (matches, fire and flints), shovels, maybe a saw or at least a good machete or hatchet.  

    While weapons are worth considering… consider if you are willing to kill with it… and have the strength to keep it in a pinch.. since most times, no one is ‘used to’ giving a single stroke ‘killing blow’.  Do not want the bad guy to grab your light saber and turn it back on you.  They had guns in the scenerio shown.. handgun for the ‘family’ and the bad guys had rifles, shotguns, etc.  Guns are good… until the ammo runs out.  I wondered if bow and arrows or crossbow might be smarter…. quieter at least.  Crossbow is pretty much a point and shoot deal.  And, unless they get busted, you can re-use the bolts.  

    And, again, I would point folks to a nice little ‘basic survival guide’ which is steam punky based but has some very down to earth, simple plans/actions to take for ‘basic survival’ (shelter, food, water, fire, protection and more).  Looking back over at it, it covers as much if not more then the History Channel ‘survival family’ episode.. so worth a look through.   

    Would also recommend poking about and getting at least one good military or ‘Idiots’ guide to surviving’ and pack it with all your stuff.  That and some maps… and maybe a decent compass.  (and a magnifying glass… good for reading and for lighting fires on sunny days).

    (( I’ll have to see how I can get the pdf into our library…  Jax? ))


    Library is currently setup where I just copy/paste into an article rather than upload a file directly.  To mix pages isn’t easily doable.  I’ll look into it to see if there’s something I can do.

    As for the topic, this is one reason why I don’t like living in Houston.  There’s one direction completely cut off due to the ocean which means a large population has to run in just two or three directions.  If we were to evacuate for the long term we’d have to make our way all the way to Wisconsin where all of my family lives.  And that’s a challenge in an Apocalyptic event.  I like Calgary more because there’s so much wilderness, even if it is just as far to get back to Wisconsin.  There’s just more room for the population to spread out if necessary. 

    You brought up many of my own concerns with staying behind.  It’s why I eventually plan to get a place with land, a year round garden, and privacy.  But even if a person is self sufficient they need to defend it or manage it for those who come for help. 

    I really don’t believe we’re going to have a worldwide apocalyptic event (no matter what some con man says).  There will be people who experience something quite challenging though.  My advice is if you feel concerned about it, either move or prepare.  I’m going to partially prepare but know that we’re leaving here within 2 years.  Then we’ll prepare there. 


    That’s right – it’s the Rapture…  Must be running late?

    Here in Michigan we have a town named “Hell” – no kidding – and in “Hell” there is a water dam – and there is a bar called the “Dam Sight” cafe.

    Lots of people are partying at the Dam Sight in Hell today.  ::)

    Wish I didn’t have to work so late…


    Drats…I wasn’t taken up. :(  I feel like a bonafide sinner.  :'(



    The closest I came to the end of the world was one of the parties here on the Base… one little fella was riding a scooter and fell off, scraped his ankle, started screeching like it was indeed the end of the world. I grabbed a band-aid from the truck and it was put on him…lol End of world avoided.

    Kol Drake

    After the band-aid on his boo boo, did he go into rapture?  :P


    LOL @ Kol.  Our end of the world party went very well, and our VOCE concert today went extremely well too.  I am happy, even if old whats-his-name DID call off the Rapture…

    Kol Drake

    Until we can figure out how to post pdf files, here is the link to the Steampunk ‘Survival Guide’…


    go down teh page and look for A Steampunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse: Second Edition
    You can download the pdf file and read at your leisure.

    This second addition comes 4 years after the first and has added some great ideas in nearly every section. Of note, the vertical hydroponic farming… something Jax and others were speaking on just a year or so ago!

    Beral Khan

    In as much as I have been working toward gathering information and a list of things to buy for both 72 hour emergencies and perhaps ones that are much longer, it never occurred to me that some of my steam punk brethren had compiled such a good amalgamation of information.

    I am reading through it  now and am, so far, impressed with the layout, style and content.


    If this year is any indication, it seems like tornadoes are more dangerous than anything else we could be faced with. 

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