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    For anyone who a) has a Wii and b) wants to workout in their home but would like it to be a bit more fun, the Wii Fit is pretty decent.  I’ve been using this, not as consistently as I should, for a few weeks now since it came out.  Here are some thoughts.

    1.  The balance work is truly amazing.  Seeing a real time, very sensitive dot which shows your center of balance is incredibly helpful.  My posture and balance is improving greatly even over a short period of time.  I’m starting to challenge myself by not watching the dot to see how well I can monitor it myself by just paying attention to my body, which is quite interesting.  It’s also nice to see how it improves over time, even as I struggle with some areas.

    2.  There’s this great balance activity that is simply meditation while sitting on the balance board.  It’s so sensitive that it feels you shift tiny amounts when you think you’re perfectly still.  My only complaint is it maxes out at 3 minutes.  But I tell you, 3 minutes of that level of focus is really great!  I love ending my workouts with it, and my own meditation and focus is improving from it.

    So, anyone else who gets to play this, jump on it.  :-)


    A friend of mine has one too and it’s a lot of fun but I’ll stick with my DDR dancepad which is also a great workout and fun.


    I believe it. However, it’s a completely different workout, and won’t do much for your balance and strength.  Darn good for coordination and aerobic strength though!

    Chris-Tien Jinn

    I had a great time playing with the Wii Fit while at a conference….actually started to get fairly good at the skiing runs although my yoga balance was still pretty bad.  It is still hard to find them here, but I have a line on a potential source. 

    I do DDR with my daughter every day.  Different, but fun, and it helps me develop better eye-foot coordination. 

    In training, it is helpful to have a diverse set of activities to reduce the possibility of injury – so play and participate in whatever you can!


    I have Wii Fit, it’s fun! :) My favorite activities are the hula hoop, and the penguin balance game. I also like doing the jackknives and the cobra. I think the hula hoop activity  helped me actually hula hoop because I never used to be able to before.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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