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    Hmm…where did everyone go?  :D  Perhaps some light chatter will wake people up.  How is everyone’s summer?  Do you have a fun project, perhaps some summer school?

    I’ll start.  My summer revolves around my thesis.  This is my final semester of graduate school. (thank god!)  That means I’m in the middle of writing my master’s thesis, which is a summary of the past 2 years of research.  It is far more difficult than I imagined.  However, I now have about 30 pages completed and have a majority of the hard stuff completed.  Now it’s a matter of keeping my thoughts organized, or perhaps organizing them for the first time.  lol  I have to have it completed, signed by the two people on my committee, and in the hands of the office of graduate studies before August 12th in order to graduate.  So that is why I am not quite as interactive as I would otherwise be.  But watch out come August!  hahaha

    I am also in the middle of the scariest job hunt of my life, as I only have a part time job currently which only pays half of what we need to live where we do.  So another chunk of time is taken up by job hunting. 

    And finally, of course, is training.  I’ve been working intensively on many different issues which is also keeping me very focused on my training rather than everyone else’s.  I believe that also has an end of sorts in site.  The learning never ends of course, but I’m reaching an important point.  I believe you’ll know when I get there. 

    Ok, who’s next?  :yoda


    Summer…  I am not good with a lot of heat (or air conditioning blowing) but don’t you love it?  I NEVER have the airconditioner on in the car/store van.  I crank every window and let the air blow my hair dry in the morning, and crank the tunes and open the windows and just feel the warmth.  I love how heavy the land and trees get with growth and life.  I love seeing everyone outside, the kids out of school, people being bare, busy, and unconcerned.

    I am reading, “The Gospel of Star Wars”, which has been interesting.  I’ve noticed all the boards are a little quiet too…  The 4th of July Holiday is always a busy time…lots of weddings this 7/7/07 too.

    I am redoing my house (I love working with my hands and learning those skills).  Mid-Century modern.  Fun…  But mostly just hanging-out, work of course, and enjoying the season.

    Training is great with Chris as a mentor – and Jax too because she is always everywhere…LOL!
    Rieki Classes, Blue Group classes, Astal Projection…  Really been more meaningful and given me insight I had not expected.

    ….meandering away…into summer…LOL

    -Asta Sophi


    Sounds like fun.  Personally I hate the heat.  My body doesn’t function well in it, and it tends to sap my body of energy.  I’m built for the colder climate and I much prefer that.  So for me, the weather of summer can’t leave soon enough.  It was nice to have a few weeks of rain to keep things cooler here.  I got spoiled!  But we definitely need to dry out a bit, flooding isn’t very fun for those affected. 

    I’ve always found the summer months to be best for training because I don’t have a lot of school work to focus on.  Then again I also didn’t go on vacations or anything, so there wasn’t much to disrupt my training.  :-)


    Well, I’m emphatically NOT warm, its been cold and wet in Adelaide. I tried to store as much warmth as I could while in the US but, alas, I think it ran out on the trip home somewhere.

    I’m not usually one for light chat on the boards…too much to do. At present, I am undertaking a final push to get my last assignment for my Remedial diploma completed. I can get insurance and stuff after this and actually start working in the industry.

    I am also working on the next newsletter for the JRC, undergoing JRC Chapter Liason application procedures, trying to do some curriculum work here, and do my own training at home.

    Leisure time tends to be spent playing World of Warcraft or with my kids.

    I can’t wait till summer.



    I’m also built for cooler temps, that’s why I love northern Maine..lol.

    I just got back from our family cottage down on the coast.  We went down to NY for a week for my sisters high school graduation then brought two of my sisters back with us for a few days then met my mother and other sister at our cottage where we stayed for just under two weeks.  Very nice and relaxing.

    Otherwise I am teaching a few private trumpet lessons, keeping my trumpet chops in shape for whenever I am able to sneak back to NY to do my Masters Recital, and just getting ready for the upcoming school year.

    Other then that, I’m just enjoying the great cool weather in a gorgeous part of the country!!

    As far as online, just working on the usual projects. Almost ready to go with the Jedi Online Library which is good…finally..lol.  I’m also getting ready to begin work on the website for the school district I work for, as I was hired at the end of the school year to create and run the districts website, the current one is not pretty..lol.


    Well, I just got a new bike for my birthday. My mom and step-mom wanted me to have a quicker way to get three miles down to my new job. Curse my 14 year old age and lack of money to buy a decent electric scooter. Anyway, I was hanging out with some friends and my brother and we all brought our bikes. We stopped off at Taco Bell, one of our 4 hang out spots. We usually go either there then a park, or a REAL Mexican restaraunt and then a different park. Getting off topic again. We rode out of the parking lot and back into the next one to get some ice cream. I was peddling pretty fast and out of nowhere one of the pedals stripped out of its place, causing all my weight to fall to the black pavement. I didn’t get hurt to bad, but I was stuck layin’ in bed the rest of the day playing Kingdom Hearts II because my hip hurt pretty bad. Well, anyway we got the bike replaced and all is good…aside from the ugly scrape on my elbow that doesn’t seem to be healing properly.


    That doesn’t sound like much fun!  If you lived near me I would tell you to use a product called melagel, made by Melaleuca.  It heals the stubborn stuff quite well.  Unfortunately, you can’t buy it in stores.  Your parents may be willing to buy some at melaleuca.com however.  It just costs more when you aren’t a member.

    At least you came out without broken bones and head injuries!  :-) 


    Yeah, I wasn’t very far off the ground so I couldn’t have broken more than a wrist if it had been bad. It seems to be healing up a little now, thanks though. I will check out the site sometime.


    And somehow I managed to completely miss Inari and Xhaiden’s responses.  I must have been tired!  lol

    I think that, as adults and Jedi teachers we tend to take on a lot.  That leaves us without a lot of time for the day to day chats unless we’re chatting over instant messenger.  Personally, I realized I have 2 weeks to have a full first draft of my thesis done, and 3 weeks to have a final draft which has to go to the second person on my committee.  Then I have a few days to revise what he mentions and then submit.  I’m quickly running out of time.  Therefore I’m also a bit quiet.  I’m also quiet because I am no longer ignoring my own training.  I’m consciously working on the astral projection course and spiritual development with my new teacher.  All of that takes a lot of time.  But, I’ll do my best to still be available for people who need to talk and to discuss things on here.  Unfortunately I don’t have the time to come up with new stuff to post.  But I’m pretty good at responding :-)  So as always, don’t be afraid to start new topics.  :yoda

    Magdelene Nashira

    Well, this summer I finally came to the end of the longest job hunt in my life only to find I’m in the most challenging career situation in my life.  Because of muscle problems on my feet, standing for 8 hours or longer every day is very painfull.  Then it began to hurt my back also and yesterday and today I stayed home sick because I woke up with back pain and naseau yesterday and my feet swelling had still not gone down.  They usually swell up about 3 times their size at work and then I go home and stay off them as much as possible and do all the healing prayer possible and usually they are ok by the next time I go to work.  But this is causing me to have a lot of problems at work because I can’t think straight to do my job and have had bad overages.  So I don’t know.  I am beginning to think that maybe I should join Jax in the job hunt situation no matter how bad I hate to go through that again, because I really don’t think I’ve found the best answer (or even a workable answer) for me. 

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